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2005 Jan 21
[PATCH] strncat appends not enough, doesnt terminate correctly
The klibc strncat doesnt behave like described in the man page. It doesnt terminate the string if size < strlen(src). It doesnt make dst longer than size. This breaks scsi_id from udev/extras #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { unsigned char olh[42]; memset(olh, '...
2001 Sep 08
Hallo short question how is the Syntax for interactivity.patch ext3-dir-speedup.patch ? patch -p0 ext3-dir-speedup.patch doesnt work -- Frank
2002 Dec 27
Album List for wa2 saying it supports OGG when it really doesnt.
Just a quick email to say looks like someone needs help: the newest version of the plugin for wa2 says it supports OGG- it doesnt, it just automatically adds "OGG" to the list of file types to scan. If OGG were supported, then the plugin would correctly display the times for the albums. Which it doesnt (at least on my pc). Anywoo, just thought someone from here might be able to lend a hand making Album List support...
2001 Sep 25
guest account/config file/encrypt passwd problem have either one working just fine. I narrowed it down to encrypt passwords = (yes/no). I try to override the general user settings by a config file for my special guest user but it won't work. single smb.conf file used: smb.conf encrypt=yes encrypt=no user works doesnt guest doesnt works smb.conf and smb.conf.guest used: smb.conf encrypt=yes encrypt=no smb.conf.guest encrypt=yes encrypt=no encrypt=yes encrypt=no user works works doesnt doesnt guest...
2020 Sep 26
Using CentOS 7 to attempt recovery of failed disk
I have a disk that is flagging errors, attempting to rescue the data. I tried dd first - if gets about 117G of 320G disk and stops incrementing the save image any more. Now I'm trying ddrescue and it also stops about the same point Thoughts on how to continue past that point ? Thanks, Jerry
2017 Jan 16
^C doesnt work on ssh session
Hi , when i connect to sshd , the session doesnt allow me to issue ^C ^Z, it doesnt work. Please let me know if there are any settings to control it. telnet works fine. my settings, version: OpenSSH_6.6p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1h 5 Jun 2014 stty -a speed 38400 baud; rows 24; columns 80; line = 0; intr = ^C; quit = ^\; erase = ^?; kill = ^U; eof = ^D;...
2009 Aug 01
PXE + memdisk booting problems
Sorry for makeing a new post, but I already erased my old mails. In the following I describe my Server-Situation (Sorry for my bad english) * I have a eisfair server with version 1.6.1 (newest) * I have a ISC-DHCPD 3 Server running * I have a TFTP Server running * I have Samba installed
2009 Jul 03
Hi all, I have a 3G AM2 quad core CPU... x86_64 centos 5.3 When I am doing backing up to my external USB drive my system becomes sluggish. Clicking on a thunderbird compose takes some time to pop up the window. Typeing doesnt keep up etc... Is there something I can change so this backup doesnt slow my system down so much? I dont see HOW it can be taking so much CPU. top at times shows 0 idle or 11% idle from a USB backup. Thanks for any suggestions. Jerry
2007 Sep 11
samba doesnt change shadowLastChange
Hello I have a samba 3 working as a PDC with Ldap as a authentication backend. I have a such problem, when user in windows try to change password to samba by ctr+alt+delete, password is changing (password is also sync and it works fine ), but the ldap attribute shadowLastChange doesnt change. What is wrong? thanks in advance tim
2020 Sep 26
Using CentOS 7 to attempt recovery of failed disk
...try again to read something from them. Of course, if you've had, eg. a head crash, there's probably nothing there to read. On Sat, Sep 26, 2020 at 1:41 PM Jerry Geis <jerry.geis at> wrote: > Hello > > I did try the "dd conv=noerror ?" > The ddrescue - doesnt stop - it just doesnt "continue" past a certain > point. Somewhere around the 117G mark - it just doesnt go past that . > (same with dd, gets to 117G and just doesnt continue. > I have let the dd run all night - did not go past the 117G. > > Thanks for any suggestions. >...
2013 Jun 30
unix password sync doesnt work
Hi I am struggling with unix password sync. My samba works good but it cannot sync the password . My [global] look as follows:
2006 Mar 20
installing yum on RHEL 7.2
...e of our old servers, we need to upgrade to a newer version. I didnt want to deal with the deps, so i thought yum was the way to go. well, it cant find bacula, and i even downloaded the rpm from their website, and tried to get yum to install it that way "yum install bacula.rpm" and that doesnt work either, i get a: # yum install bacula-mysql-1.38.5-4.101mdk.i586.rpm Gathering package information from servers Getting headers from: CentOS-2 base Getting headers from: CentOS-2 updates Finding updated packages Downloading needed headers Cannot find a package matching bacula-mysql-1.38.5-4.1...
2012 Apr 24
[LLVMdev] unwind.h, header file doesnt exist ??
...ated. make: *** [/home/u-one/Downloads/llvm-3.0-ioc.install/bin/clang-ru/llvm/projects/compiler-rt/clang_linux/asan-i386/i386/SubDir.lib__asan/asan_linux.o] Error 1 Also when I tried, by searching google, using the following syntax, google doesnt find me about concerning file. unwind.h site: Regards ..
2009 Apr 16
fortress forever doesnt show up in games list
I can install other hl2 mods and they show up in my games list and run fine, however whenever I install fortress forever it doesn't show up. I've even tried the shortcut that installs from the setup. But when I run that it just says loading source sdk base and nothing happens. There is no useful terminal output either. This is on wine 1.1.19. Help would be very much appreciated.
2006 Mar 03
AR::Base.pluralize_table_names doesnt work with scaffold generator, right?
Hi! The script/generator scaffold for models doesnt respect (source in) this config/environment.rb setup, right? Because I can put in there ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names = false but when I run a command like ruby script/generate scaffold model Something then it throws an error saying that my database scheme doesnt have a Som...
2006 Nov 03
Dovecot-ldap doesnt reconnect if openldap restarts
Hi Guys I have recently migrated an existing courier install to dovecot + openldap and think dovecot is wonderfull. Great work! However, I am seeing that dovecot-ldap doesnt reconnect if openldap restarts. Is there an options I am missing or is this a know problem?As I am using dovecot for sasl with postfix and pop/imap this basically completely stops my mail sytem... Thanks in Advance -- Peter Nixon PGP Key: http:/...
2001 Mar 21
SSH doesnt let me login (fwd)
is this a PAM issue? [don't reply to me] -------------- next part -------------- An embedded message was scrubbed... From: Debojyoti Dutta <ddutta at> Subject: SSH doesnt let me login Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 22:55:02 -0800 Size: 1838 Url:
2008 Oct 06
application doesnt start at startup when run via WINE !
...s suspicious if there is something wrong with my MyService.exe application so I changed the MyService script start function as start() { wine notepad & } and the same thing happened!. While running service using service command it doesnt starts notepad while if I provide full path of the service script it then started notepad. What is the problem here. I then creaated another small application as native Linux which was small server started to accept clients. This application was successfully started both with service command and by...
2009 Aug 31
Wine doesnt like my videocard drivers. Please help!
...ia driver version 185.18.36 on ubuntu jaunty When i try to run games thru wine, i often get messeges about my videocard having to low memory or that i dont have direct3d, hardware 3d acceleration etc etc... I have installed many things thru winetricks such as DriectX 9, .NET, VB etc etc Still Wine doesnt get my videocard drivers... I even tried to install windows drivers from nvidia into wine, just for the sake of it. It didnt work Im new to linux and my ubuntu installation is not very old, max 1-2 weeks. Am i missing something here? Games like Warcraft III, Fable, Half-Life 2 works allmost... Exe...
2008 Mar 24
Doesnt show log on command prompt
I have latest version of mongrel installed. But when I run ''ruby script/server'' it starts the server and shows nothing else, like development log it used to show on my previous dev machine. Any idea? -- Posted via