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2006 Aug 07
Unit testing diffculty
ok, let me show you my "products" fixtures file: ram: id: 1 title: RAM description: ECC RAM Registered, 512MB image_url: images/test.jpg price: 29.95 date_available: 2005-01-25 00:00:00 busted_arsehole: id: 2 title: Busted Arsehole description: I have an arsehole, it is-e busted image_url: images/test.jpg price: 999.95
2008 Jun 10
Status of hardware performance counters in Xen
Hello everyone, I''m wondering what the current status of hardware performance counter usability in Xen is. I see some old posts describing the diffculties of virtualizing hardware counters within dom0 and the domUs, but not much else. Have they been implemented or are they in the process of being implemented? Or are there no future plans for implementation? Any help would be appreciated. My platform would be Xen with Solaris x86 as the dom0 (xV...
2011 Jan 19
looking for a package
I'm trying to update a workstation, and it wants to update mpeg2-utils. But that has a dependency of libmpeg2-0.5.1-3, for i386. epel doesn't have it, and I tried looking on, and I can only find a very few packages there. Anyone have an idea which of the regular repositories carries libmpeg2? mark
2013 May 21
New Xen boot infrastructure proposal
Hey guys, Here are my thoughts about current Xen boot infrastructure and some changes proposal. It is linked with EFI development but not only. Since the beginning Xen image and other needed stuff could be loaded into memory according to multiboot protocol. (e.g. implemented by GRUB). It means that current implementation of Xen takes info about current system config from multiboot_info_t