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2011 Jan 24
how to get loglik parameter from splm package?
splm package is a r implemention of spatial panel data models. and the loglik paremeter is most important infomation for splm methods. but i found the loglik always been null ,it's craze to get right estimation in splm with null loglik. Any one knows the splm package and can get the right loglik ? please help me. thanks -- View this message in context: Sent from the R...
2010 Jul 05
Dovecot git mirror
...9;imapx' back end to support QRESYNC, and was going to look at NOTIFY next. Then I realised I may have to look at implementing it on the server side first. Before I can even contemplate that, though, I had to mirror it into git. I've always resisted the one-version-control-system-per-child craze, and these days if I'm even contemplating a project which is using some other version control system, I'll start by importing it into a git repo. Thus: git:// git:// git://...
2003 Nov 05
A real-life production scenario
Since it's all the craze, I might as well post our current Asterisk usage. :-) EQUIPMENT: - Beefyish box (dual Xeon 2.4GHz, gig of RAM, more-than-adequate disk space, etc) in a 1U chassis. - A second, slightly less beefyish box of specs I don't have handy right now, also in a 1U. - 2xTE410P CONNECTIONS: -...
2006 Jul 01
help me understand rest
I am having a heck of a time understanding the new rest craze in rails. what I think I understand so far: 1 rest is about the way we use http to access information on the internet. 2 http was created with nouns and verbs in mind, but the only verbs that are supported in browsers and server software today are ''post'' and ''get'...
2003 Aug 12
...crisy mends estimation corrigible > pleasantness examination teared terminology exclusion boats alfred > scoops exegesis tensed telecommunicate bonus hotbed theirs tattooed > hot hotelman exposes horrid scheme evens > > [1][ra.gif] > pompon expectancy householders crazes middles hypodermics hysterectomy > sawfly pouted mealy bonanza alvin bond bonder melted poked evicts crow > hospitalizing bellini aitken testability hostesses boundless > microcomputer bombards illuminate boiler brass boggled melts > accomplishes asher screen exemplar creep...
2016 Sep 26
An 'orrible question: Outlook 365 under wine on CentOS?
On 09/26/2016 01:28 PM, m.roth at wrote: > John Jasen wrote: >> The only linux-based client that, if I recall, can speak native MS mail >> protocols, was Evolution. >> >> I don't know if it still does. >> > Yeah... and this is O365. > > Stupid question: if I check out evolution... will it munge my thunderbid > email inbox or
2006 Jun 05
Ideas for Rails Shirt Graphics
I''ve had a couple ideas for Ruby on Rails shirt graphics for a little while now: 1. "Fuck You" superimposed over, oh, probably a Ruby gem. Or Rails of some sort. 2. "Ruby on Rails" superimposed over rails of cocaine. Maybe also with a graphic of a crazed looking coder. Anybody got graphics? Or can make them? Heh! Joe -- Posted via
2007 Jun 27
North American voice BRI - Informal survey
Hi, folks: I remain intrigued by the gap in BRI implementation between North America and Europe, and I wanted to get feedback from the list members on the matter. I'm seriously considering making the leap in our office. In Europe, the idea that an office that does not have enough lines to justify PRI would use analog lines is perceived as technologically backwards, and yet that's what
2006 Jul 26
Pupppet Ruby DSL
I constantly get told I should just create a DSL in Ruby, instead of having a separate, custom language. This has, unsurprisingly, come up multiple times here at OSCON. So, I decided I''d see if I could hack something up and see how it looked. This is the first thing I could come up with in terms of the basic functionality: #!/usr/bin/ruby class Base file
2006 May 21
[OT] Interoperability - Was "We''re adding Rails development features to the S" use it as a > > development plataform... since Linux, in my opinion, is a OS made by > > hackers > > to hackers :D > > That is the main reason I don''t use it anymore. > > I don''t have the time or patients to try to figure how or why some > "crazed" developer decided to do what what they did. > > In other words, because it''s an OS by hackers, there is no consistency > to the OS, to the programs you install, to how you install programs, > funky configuration files with little or no help on it''s purpose, etc....
2006 May 20
We''re adding Rails development features to the Steel IDE
...and we need your feedback! As some of you may know, we have recently released the first public beta of a Ruby IDE called ''Steel'' for Visual Studio. Beta 0.5 has colour coding, code collapsing and various editing features (bracket matching, commenting, syntax error location etc.) plus a docked interactive console. At the end of this month we will release v 0.6 which has
2002 Jul 02
Newsletter & Rigatoni Salad Recipe
2006 May 02
[ADV] Second Edition of Agile Web Development with Rails
ANNOUNCING AGILE WEB DEVELOPMENT WITH RAILS, SECOND EDITION =========================================================== Rails has changed a lot since we announced the first edition of the book a year ago. DHH says that the 1.1 release "boasts more than 500 fixes, tweaks, and features from more than 100