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2005 Oct 12
Security: should I be concerned?
...on my mind regarding security issues. The first is that when I downloaded the CentOS 4.1 ISO images, I could not get the sums to match even using different downloads from different mirrors. I decided that that I was doing something wrong and decided to trust the images. So far no regrets. But I am concerned that I get it right the next time. I thought I had read everything carefully and I also had a small amount of experience with them in the past. Decided eventually maybe they just hadn't been updated (this was about a month or so ago, IIRC?). Can one post the command used to gen the numbers s...
2010 Feb 27
[LLVMdev] another experimental patch for bug 2606
Hey all, Attached you will find an experimental patch which allows me to play with a derived JIT class. With this patch I've alleviated my concerns with forcing cross module behavior for all users of JIT. However this introduces some new semantics, and kind of circumvents the EngineBuilder API. More important though, I have not addressed any concern about using stub functions in eager compilation mode. I don't yet understand this concern...
2012 Sep 20
append_features(mod) of this module to mod if this module has not already been added to mod or one of its ancestors. See also Module#include. What if this module is included in a class, will append_features of this module still be called, passing in the class as mod? This is in particular reference to ActiveRecord::Concern, which has its own implementation of append_features overriding ruby''s. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group, send email to rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFF+G/Ez6ZCGd0@publi...
2012 Sep 28
Overriding class_attribute writers and order of super/extend C.M./included block eval in ActiveSupport::Concern
I have: module MySpike extend ActiveSupport::Concern included do class_attribute :foobar, instance_writer: true end end But, I want to be able to override the class attribute writer and/or instance writer method to do something when the attribute is set via self.foobar = true before or after calling super to set the attribute. Unfortu...
2013 Jun 08
ActiveSupport::Concern support Module#prepend?
I''ve monkey patched this behavior into a gem and I was wondering if core would be interested in a PR to add Module#prepend support to ActiveSupport#Concern. I''ll add tests of course. The code is here: My monkey patch work for what I''m trying to do but I suspect a better implementation would actually ha...
2012 Dec 01
Why does 'extend ActiveSupport::Concern' cause `undefined method 'recycle!'`?
Working on Rails Engine. I want to make the controllers customizable whereever the Rails Engine is used. Therefore, I was trying to use `extend ActiveSupport::Concern` on the Engine controller class and include it in MyRailsApp. # code in my rails engine moduel MyEngine class SomeController extend ActiveSupport::Concern def engine_some_method end end end # code in my rails app where engine is i...
2013 Jun 25
Casting gem usage in Rails 4/Ruby 2 vs. Rails 4 push for concern usage/Rails delegation
Just read about the Casting gem: What are the Rails core team''s opinions about using Casting vs. ActiveSupport::Concern usage, Rails delegation, etc.? -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Core" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to To post to this grou...
2016 May 06
Resuming the discussion of establishing an LLVM code of conduct
...because of sharing a satirical news. I think it's fair to say everyone involved in this discussion would find that a ridiculous conclusion. I personally am not too worried by the current wording, but are there particular changes which would set your mind at ease? Several folks have raised concerns about the section which reads "In addition, violations of this code outside these spaces may affect a person's ability to participate within them." Is that the one that gives you pause? Or is there more? Pointing to specific pieces of wording would be really helpful here. FYI...
2019 Mar 14
Scalable Vector Types in IR - Next Steps?
> On Mar 14, 2019, at 5:45 AM, Graham Hunter via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at> wrote: > > We would like to be able to reach consensus on an approach around the end > of EuroLLVM this year so that we can begin a full implementation. EuroLLVM will be a very good occasion to hear all the opinions and reach consensus on the approach. @Graham, maybe you should set up a
2016 Nov 10
X86 backend code ownership
Thanks for the support Nadav, Zvi, Chandler, Renato, and anyone else I missed. Quetin, to maybe address your concerns. My focus lately has been fixing inconsistency in instruction selection behavior between the older AVX instruction encodings and the new AVX512 encodings. I've also been trying to fix cases where concepts haven't been extended to wider vectors yet. For instance, the instcombine handling of...
2006 Oct 26
Dual Opteron or Dual Xeon?
I am about to lease another server to be a backup web/mail server with a replicated mysql database. The current live server is a dual Xeon 2.8Ghz. Would I do better to get another Xeon server or an Opteron based server? My concerns are compatibility of the database and the SSL certificate currently running on the Xeon machine. Are these concerns unfounded? TIA Mike
2006 Sep 08
kbcached tuning on CentOS 4
...ize) kbcached will be flushed. I had been chasing a potential memory leak until "sar -r", had revealed that all the "mysteriously used" memory was actually being taken up by the kernel data cache. It is chewing up all unused memory on the system slowly over time, which is a concern. Various sources have pointed me towards making modification in the /proc/sys/vm file-system although kernel documentation on the files within doesn't seem to really fit what I'm trying to do. Any way to set the kbcached buffer to be flushed either at a specified time inter...
2016 Nov 10
X86 backend code ownership
Hi,  I'd like to continue the discussion on the X86 backend ownership that started here [1].  I think that Craig Topper would be a great code owner. Several people replied to the email with +1s. Quentin had some concerns. Let's continue the discussion. -Nadav [1] - -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2018 Sep 26
OptBisect implementation for new pass manager
I'm concerned about codegen. If Codegen is not yet ready for the new PM, should the new PM really become default? I would at least like to see a plan of how Codegen is going to migrate before the new PM becomes default. Codegen pass pipelines have been wonky ever since I started working with LLVM and it wou...
2009 Aug 23
[LLVMdev] Basic question concerning phi nodes and SSA variable labelling.
I have a basic question concerning how LLVM assigns labels to the LHS of an SSA assignment. My impression from the interface is you can pick a string which becomes the label for the result. However if you multiple labels which share the same name in a function a number gets added to the end of the label (is this correct?). In c...
2017 Sep 04
questions concerning dovecot
hello all had some basic questions 1) what is the logic behind the numbering of files in the conf.d folder ... is this to define the sequence of execution of the config files ? 2) Concerning global scripts, is the default.sieve, before i understand that they get executed when the user does not have his private sieve script. are sieve_before, sieve_after and sieve_global_path all globalscripts ? thanks rajesh
2006 Nov 08
noarch concerns? dangers?
...vrs an rpm with noarch I was just looking at and downloaded these two from dag perl-Archive-Tar-1.30-1.el4.rf.noarch.rpm perl-IO-Zlib-1.04-1.2.el4.rf.noarch.rpm they are the latest and are not assigned to an architecture there are older rpms of the same that are assigned an arch like i386 what concerns should I be aware of if any when considering installing these? Or should I just choose an older one with i386 etc architecture in mind? Unit to install on is production internet mail and web server etc Thanks and kind regards! - rh -- Robert - Abba Communications Computer & Internet S...
2003 Oct 27
CVS File README.mysql concern..
...ropriate, make it available via a separate package which will only be usable when Asterisk is used completely within GPL (i.e. not in conjunction with G.729, OpenH.323, etc)." Does this mean that if G.729 licences are installed and used then the MySQL functions can't be used?? This is concerning.. later
2009 Jul 30
Concerned 3 im clients were installed as dependencies.
Worried, ran yum -y update expecting to get the bind update but am concerned as to why the following instant messaging packages were installed as dependencies. All of the following are instant messaging related except cyrus-sasl. Jul 30 17:00:49 Installed: cyrus-sasl-md5-2.1.22-4.i386 Jul 30 17:00:49 Installed: meanwhile-1.0.2-5.el5.i386 Jul 30 17:00:50 Installed: libsi...
1998 Aug 21
Named Overlow Concern
...erable. In running the program mscan which was kindly left on my system I get this. VULN: linux box vulnerable to named overflow. VULN: redhat linux box running imapd. This is after upgrading to the versions as below. bind-4_9_7-0 Should I be concerned. G. Brown