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2006 Aug 12
Software Upgrade, Read this message
2009 Dec 23
Where did this value in a form come from?
Newb here. I have a form and a value that is being displayed ... and I have no idea where the value came from. I have done a <%= debugger; '''' %> in the form and, indeed, the debugger stops at the statement. I have tried to trace through the code to see where the value came from ... and I gave up. So ... what in Rails initializes the fields of a form? -- Posted via
2007 Apr 06
Getting a dynamically generated elements dimensions
Ive posted this before, but unfortunately I still have yet to resolve it after numerous attempts... Here is the overview: populate a container element with some new html using Element.update and then retrieve the new dimensions of the containig element. Here is a bit of code snippet that I would think should work.. but doesn''t: ==== start snippet ==== <style> .bigBox {
1999 Jul 14
How to cite
I am updating my lab manual in Spanish. How should I cite your supplements to Venables and Ripley 1997 and the scripts. Thank you very much Peter B. -- Peter B. Mandeville mandevip at Jefe del Depto. de Inform?tica y Bioestad?stica rpe1531 at Facultad de Medicine Tel: 48 26-23-45 ext. 232
1998 Jul 16
R-beta: cite R -- how?
I want to cite R for an article. What is the right thing to do? Shall I include "Notes on R" or is there a better way? -- mailto:koloska at -- -- right now the web page is in german only but this will change as time goes by ;-)
2012 Feb 15
R citation for the 2012
Dear Reasearchers, I am writing a report and i need (and wish) cite R. somebody know the citation of R for the 2012? or the more actual? thanks in advance Gianni [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
1999 Oct 14
:Citing R
Hi, What is the correct form for currently citing R and R libraries in published articles? I haven't been able to find this in R FAQ. The only thing I can come up with so far is, R Development Core Team. 1999. R : A language and environment. Should the version of R be included? i.e. Linux, windows? Thanks Peter --------------------------...
2003 May 13
1) variable influence in PCR/PLS models 2) how to cite CRAN packages
Dear list members, I would like to ask two questions, although the second one must have been answered a thousand times. 1) is there a simple way to estimate the influence of individual variables in PCR and PLS models? What I have in mind is a way to rank the variables according to their influence, using some numerical value of a statistic. 2) what is the proper way to cite a CRAN package? How
2008 Sep 23
Extension registration
Hi all, I have the below extension defined under sip.conf: [2203] type=friend username=2203 secret=123456 host= mailbox=2203 context=intern canreinvite=yes dtmfmode=rfc2833 When trying to register from a softphone installed on a PC behind a nat with IP=, I got 503 FOrbidden...Does anyone have any idea about what could be the issue? Regards -------------- next part
2006 Apr 11
ext3 filesystem corruption
Hi - We have had 3 rather major occurances of ext3 filesystem corruption lately, i.e. so bad we couldn't event mount, and fsck didn't help. I am looking for pointers, that could help us investigate the root cause. In general... We are running RedHat WS 3 Update 6, 2.4.21-40.2.ELsmp or 2.4.21-37.ELsmp We have a small SAN system that looks like this
2010 Nov 10
prcomp function
Hello, I have a short question about the prcomp function. First I cite the associated help page (help(prcomp)): "Value: ... SDEV the standard deviations of the principal components (i.e., the square roots of the eigenvalues of the covariance/correlation matrix, though the calculation is actually done with the singular values of the data matrix). ROTATION the matrix of variable loadings
1999 Oct 25
Citing R
I know that this general question has been asked before, but I have encountered a picky reviewer. In the 'standard' reference for R: R. Gentleman and R. Ihaka (1997). "The R language", In Proceedings of the 28th Symposium on the Interface, L. Billard and N. Fisher Eds. The Interface Foundation of North America. is there a geographical location for the publisher and perhaps
2009 Jul 20
No subject
supposed to be able to give you much help with such little info anyway), I can only guess that since you are using the ''s'' extension, you are in a macro ? If so, try scrolling down the wiki page to the example using ''[macro-inbound]''.<br> <br> Rob<br> <br> Jonas Kellens wrote: <blockquote cite="mid:4C17C4A1.8020404 at
2013 Oct 06
Como citar R?
>> Buen día! >> Hemos enviado un trabajo a publicar y los evaluadores nos indican corregir la cita de R. Realmente no entiendo que quieren. Marcaron lo siguiente: >> >> R [A1] Development Core Team. 2009. R[A2] : A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. ISBN 3-900051-07-0, URL
2017 Aug 14
weight in lm pile of tomes that I had not reshelved and can confirm that the formula is almost (but not quite) the same as appears in print. JK&M give a formula (p 127) with no derivation or citation: E[S] = sigma*( 2/n )^(1/2)*Gamma(n/2)/Gamma[ (n-1)/2 ] Whereas the Wikipedia page citing a 1968 TAS article gives: E[S] = sigma*( 2/(n-1) )^(1/2)*Gamma(n/2)/Gamma[ (n-1)/2 ] I looked up the Bloch note online: And it does not have the formula. It was a not...
2005 Aug 30
How to set starting values for lmer?
Dear All, Can anyone give me some hints about how to set starting values for a lmer model? For complicated models like this, good starting values can help the numerical computation and make the model converge faster. Thanks! Shige [[alternative HTML version deleted]] ______________________________________________ mailing list
2018 Mar 06
Emiting linkage names for Types to Debuginfo (C++ RTTI support in GDB/LLDB)
On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 9:20 AM, Roman Popov <ripopov at> wrote: > I wonder if abi::__cxa_demangle guarantees unambigous names? >>> >> >> No, it does not. >> > > Interesting. Can you give an example of type where it fails? > I can't construct one out of thin air, but i believe someone cited one to you on the gdb mailing list. It's
2010 Jul 06
Could not find createData function
Hi, I am using "*Maanova* package" to do anova. I have created *datafile* with probeID as the first column, which is a tab limited text file and also created *designfile*. I have created *readma object* which is named as abf1. >From that readma object, i have to create data object by using *createData*function and also i hav to create model object by using *makemodel* function,
2007 Jul 12
No subject
</font> <ul class="D"> <li class="D_off">Two Available PCI Express x8 Slots</li> <li class="D_on">Two Available PCI Express x8 Low Profile Slots</li> <li class="D_off">One Available 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X slot</li> </ul> The list has already answered what goes in what slot so I
2009 Jul 29
I am getting a blank page, no errors, just a blank page. I have 2 files... reports/city_taxes_print.erb reports/_city_taxes_print.erb and my method is city_taxes_print and after getting variables from the controller, my erb file which is fairly basic... <% # City of Scottsdale @taxauthids = [ "32", "40" ] @report_title = "Scottsdale Sales Tax Detail