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2007 May 14
lmer function
Does anyone know if the lmer function of lme4 works fine for unbalanced designs? I have the examination results of 1000 pupils on three subjects, one score every term. So, I have three scores for English (one for every term), three scores for maths etc. However, not everybody was examined in maths, not everybody was examined in English etc, but everybody was in effect examined on four subjects. I
2009 Jan 22
Is it possible for R to import a SigmaPlot file?
I recently received a Sigmaplot file (*.jnb) from a customer and would like to know if I can input it to a data frame and then manipulate the data in R.    I did a search on Google and on RSeek (, but did not get any good hits.  Thank for any feedback and insight you can provide.   P.S. Love the flexibility of R and would love to keep using it.   Just wanting to know if this is
2008 Nov 28
AIC function and Step function
I would like to figure out the equations for calculating "AIC" in both "step() function" and "AIC () function". They are different. Then I just type "step" in the R console, and found the "AIC" used in "step() function" is "extractAIC". I went to the R help, and found: "The criterion used is AIC = - 2*log L + k *
2007 Mar 21
problem with RCurl install on Unix
I am having trouble getting an install of RCurl to work properly on a Unix server. The steps I have taken are: 1. installed cUrl from source without difficulty 2. installed RCurl from source using the command ~/R_HOME/R-devel/bin/R CMD INSTALL -l ~/R_HOME/R-devel/library ~/RCurl_0.8-0.tar.gz I received no errors during this install 3. when I go back to R and
2007 Mar 21
problem with RCurl install on Unix
I am having trouble getting an install of RCurl to work properly on a Unix server. The steps I have taken are: 1. installed cUrl from source without difficulty 2. installed RCurl from source using the command ~/R_HOME/R-devel/bin/R CMD INSTALL -l ~/R_HOME/R-devel/library ~/RCurl_0.8-0.tar.gz I received no errors during this install 3. when I go back to R and
2011 Aug 23
Bug or feature? sum(c(a, b, c)) != (a + b + c)
Greetings all, I'm porting an algorithm from MATLAB to R, and noticed some minor discrepancies in small decimal values using rowSums and colSums which are exacerbated after heavy iteration and log space transformation. This was rather perplexing as both programs claimed and appeared to use the IEEE 754 standard for floating point arithmetic (confirmed with manual basic operations).
2009 Jan 14
coercing a list into matrix
Dear list, I have a list of number sequences. Each number sequence has different numbers of elements. Is there a quick way (other than to iterate through the entire list) way to coerce list to matrix with NAs filling in the short sequences? An example of what I mean is this: A <- list(c(3,2,3),c(6,5)) I'd like to get A so that it is 3 2 3 6 5 NA Best, Ken
2009 Mar 30
what is R equivalent of Fortran DOUBLE PRECISION ?
I noticed taht R cannot understand certain Fortran real constant formats. For instance: c14 <- as.double( 7.785205408500864D-02) Error: unexpected symbol in " c14 <- as.double( 7.785205408500864D" The above "D" is used in Fortran language to indicate the memory starage mode. That is for instructing Fortran compiler to store such a REAL constant in DOUBLE
2011 Apr 08
Fast version of Fisher's Exact Test
Is anyone aware of a fast way of doing fisher's exact test for a series of 2 x 2 tables in R? The fisher.test is really slow if n1=1000 and n2 = 1000. -- Thanks, Jim. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2007 Oct 25
Deparsing part of a list argument
Here's a simple example of the type of function I'm trying to write, where the first argument is a list of functions: myfun <- function(funlist, vec){ tmp <- lapply(funlist, function(x), args = list(vec))) names(tmp) <- names(funlist) tmp } > myfun(list("Summation" = sum, prod, "Absolute value" = abs), c(1, 4, 6, 7)) $Summation [1]
2008 Sep 03
lattice command equivalent to points
Hello, This is my first post to R-help so forgive me if I'm committing a fatal error somehow.  Feel free to let me know.   My question is this:  I would like to add a triangle to represent the mean in a box plot generated with the bwplot command.   How do I do this?  I am able to do this using the boxplot and points command but points does not work with bwplot.    If you run the following code
2007 Apr 17
Extracting approximate Wald test (Chisq) from coxph(..frailty)
Dear List, How do I extract the approximate Wald test for the frailty (in the following example 17.89 value)? What about the P-values, other Chisq, DF, se(coef) and se2? How can they be extracted? ######################################################> kfitm1 Call: coxph(formula = Surv(time, status) ~ age + sex + disease + frailty(id, dist = "gauss"), data = kidney)
2008 Aug 01
source a script file straight from a subversion repository
Hi useRs I'm trying to figure out how to source an R script file straight from a subversion repository, without having to put a copy of the script into the local working directory. Has anyone done this? Something such as source(file = paste("svn://",
2008 Jul 26
64-bit R on Mac OS X 10.4.5
Hello I have a Mac OS X 10.4.5. I am trying to build a 64-bit R by following the directions on this page: r_arch=x86_64 \ CC="gcc -arch x86_64 -std=gnu99" \ CXX="g++ -arch x86_64" \ OBJC="gcc -arch x86_64" \ F77="gfortran -arch x86_64" \ FC="gfortran -arch x86_64"
2010 Dec 02
Tukey Test, lme, error: less than two groups
Dear R-group, I am trying desperately to get this Tukey test working. Its my first time here so I hope my question is not too stupid, but I couldn't find anything helpful in the help or in the forum. I am analysing a dataset of treated grasses. I want to find out, if the grasses from different Provenances react differently. In the aov test I found a significance for the combination Treatment
2009 Apr 01
回复: R-help Digest, Vol 73, Issue 32
...lp > PLEASE do read the posting guide > > and provide commented, minimal, self-contained, > reproducible code. ------------------------------ Message: 87 Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 19:45:03 -0700 From: Steven McKinney <> Subject: Re: [R] what is R equivalent of Fortran DOUBLE PRECISION ? To: <>, <> Cc: "John C.  Nash" <> Message-ID:     <0BE438149FF2254DB4199E2682C8DFEB0328A683@crcmail1.BCCRC.CA> Content-Type: text/plai...
2006 Apr 03
about arguments in "bclust"
Hi All, Just want to make sure, in function "bclust", do the following argument only have one option? argument "dist.method" has one option "Euclidian"; argument "hclust.method" has one option "average"; argument "base.method" has one option "kmeans". Thank you! [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Mar 17
(no subject)
Hi there, I notice that some of the clustering methods in R are not appropriate to deal with large data set. Here is the list I make to see which are appropriate or which are not appropriate for large dataset. Could you please take a look and check if it is right or not? I need this information to decide which methods I should choose. Thank you! P.S.: List: Appropriate for large
2006 Mar 20
plot and validation in clustering
Hi there, I use function "kmeans" and "clara" to cluster one flow cytometry dataset. By using function "plot", the clusters got from "clara" can be graphed, while "kmeans" not. How can I get the plot of the clusters of "kmeans"? And, I hope to compare the two methods "kmeans" and "clara", or in other word, I
2008 May 02
adjusting plot vs font size in a plot
Hello: I am using plot() in rpart, making a decision tree plot. I use plot() first, then text() followed, but I think due to the figure vs. text size, the bottom of the text always gets cut off. I can only "see" the text of the bottom of the tree if I make the font size REALLY small. I think is shouldn't be a specific rpart question, but rather a general plotting technique