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2016 Mar 11
Centos and automatic update on server
Hi list, I know that there are automatic update with yum-cron but never tried. In my experiences I never did automatic backup because if update was broken my installation will be broken and I wait some time before apply update. Today seems to be that automatic update are used more than before. What do you think about automatic update? I...
2018 Dec 11
Automatic GPU Code Generation
Hello, I need to ask, like automatic compiler vectorization, can GPU ISA be generated automatically, by skipping the CUDA programming? For instance if i just write C code there can be 2 possibilities, semi and full automatic. In case of semi, we can write #pragma directives to say this should be run on gpu. hence can the compiler ge...
2018 Dec 11
Automatic GPU Code Generation
Thank You.. I am asking to generate directly PTX code automatically or by directives without involvement of CUDA. This way, I am talking about avoiding source to source compiler approach where c code is converted automatically into CUDA, instead I am saying directly to convert C code to PTX assembly. On Tue, Dec 11, 2018 at 12:19 PM Madhur Amilkanthwar <m...
2012 Jan 17
anyone doing automatic yum updates via yum-updatesd on production servers?
I've read that it's not recommended to automatically apply updates via yum-updated on production servers, but I keep encountering servers that have this enabled. Are any of you doing automatic yum updates on production servers in CentOS 5 via yum-updatesd? Have you experienced any negative side effects? The only thing I can think of is if say...
2005 Dec 12
I am using gconftool to set a number of parameters up automatically... However, the one parameter I cannot find is under root you should be able to set the "automatic login" on first boot up. This found under "Applications", "System settings", "Login screen", then automatic login. Can someone point me to that setting...
2011 Apr 05
Understanding yum automatic upgrades
Hello, Sorry if this is somewhat naive, but I'm a little confused as to what the criteria is for that which will get upgraded automatically by yum and what will not. I see in our logwatch messages from time to time that yum upgraded a bunch of stuff, but I also notice that yum will not upgrade other packages at all (easy example is clamav, but there are others). Can someone explain or point me to where I can read about t...
2012 Apr 02
[LLVMdev] GSoC 2012 Proposal: Automatic GPGPU code generation for llvm
Hi all, I am a phd student from Huazhong University of Sci&Tech, China. The following is my GSoC 2012 proposal. Comments are welcome! *Title: Automatic GPGPU Code Generation for LLVM* *Abstract* Very often, manually developing an GPGPU application is a time-consuming, complex, error-prone and iterative process. In this project, I propose to build an automatic GPGPU code generation framework for LLVM, based on two successful LLVM (sub-)projects...
2012 Mar 01
Booting virtual machines automatically
Hello, I am managing several virtual machines (a predefined set) with virsh, and I would like to make sure that all VMs are booted when the host reboots. What is the recommended approach for this? Thanks, Daniel Gonzalez
2009 Jun 23
[LLVMdev] LLVM Automatic Pool Allocation
My name is Michael Frerichs and I am a part of a research team led by Dr. Krishna Kavi at the University of North Texas. Our current work focuses on optimizing dynamic memory for multiprocessor systems. We are interested in the LLVM infrastructure and the Automatic Pool Allocation technique. We believe this tool could be useful to our research and wondered if we could utilize your implementations of the Automatic Pool Allocation tool for multiprocessing applications. Thank you, Michael Frerichs
2011 Dec 01
[LLVMdev] Benchmarking for automatic parallelization project
Hi all, I am looking appropriate Benchmarking for the assessment of automatic parallelization project. What Benchmarking do you suggest me? regards neda -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <>
2009 Apr 21
gdm login as root automatically
Hi all, I was wondering if someone knows how to "automatically" login as root with gdm and gnome. I have been doing some searching, and havent been able to find a method. I dont want to login automatically all the time - its just part of install setup. 1) kickstart install 2) post section do somethings 3) setup so on reboot auto login as root 4)...
2010 Nov 24
The nls2 function automatically prints the object!
Good morning gentlemen! When I use the function nls2, and store it in an object, that object is automatically printed, without the summary or to draw the object. For example. model <- nls2 (...) Number of iterations to convergence: ... Achieved convergence tolerance: ... Nonlinear regression model model: ... ~ ... Date: NULL The B k ... ... ... residual sum-of-squares: ... Number of...
2007 Jun 18
SIP Termination with automatic debit
Can anyone recommend any wholesale SIP termination providers that will automatically charge a credit card? Most seem to want upfront payment and a credit balance but that sucks when you have to watch it like a hawk to make sure the balance never hits zero. I'm looking for a provider that can automatically charge a credit card. Douglas. -------------- next part ---...
2001 Jul 18
Automatically detect win32 binaries?
Can I somehow configure Linux so that it automatically detects win32 binaries and executes them using Wine? Thanks, David
2014 Sep 29
Re: time setting after suspend/resume
...p but I can get neither ntp or chrony to sync after >> resume without manually setting the time close to correct first. >> >> Searching has gotten me to the point where I can manually set the time >> using qemu-guest-agent but I cant figure out how to get libvirt to >> automaticly trigger this on resume. I am finding information saying it >> works but not how, or that its still work in progress and not >> implemented yet (but patches exist). Can someone either say "its not >> working yet" or explain what I am missing please? >> > &...
2011 Aug 04
Automatic creation of binary logistic models
Dear All, Suppose that you are trying to create a binary logistic model by trying different combinations of predictors. Has R got an automatic way of doing this, i.e., is there some way of automatically generating different tentative models and checking their corresponding AIC value? If so, could you please direct me to an example? Thanks in advance, Paul
2005 Jun 04
Automatic callback feature *66
Does anyone have a quick-n-dirty context to implement *66 automatic callbacks? I have a few people who like to have no call waiting on their phone (can you really blame them?) It would be nice to have something like *66, and also like 'Camp On', but instead of waiting something like 30 seconds, monitor the channel until it becomes available, then immedi...
2006 May 29
override automatic update of updated_on column concerned with for this question are the "updated_on" column and the "views" column. the views column increases everytime a user visits a certain page. like this: @object.update_attributes(:views => @object.views + 1) the problem is that when a user visits the page, it AUTOMATICALLY updates the "update_on" column with the current time. i don''t want this to happen. how can i rewrite this so it DOES NOT update the "update_on" column and only the "views" column? thanks eli
2012 May 24
[LLVMdev] use AVX automatically if present
I wonder why AVX is not used automatically if available at the host machine. In contrast to that, SSE41 instructions (like pmulld) are automatically used if the host machine supports SSE41. E.g. $ cat avx.ll define void @_fun1(<8 x float>*, <8 x float>*) { _L1: %x = load <8 x float>* %0 %y = load <8 x f...
2007 Jun 26
MySQL Where conditions automatic formatting
Hi, I''m having a problem with the automatic formatting of my mysql query. My code is this: Tablename.find(:all, :conditions => {:id => list}) Where list is a list of id''s (8,9,10) The problem is that the query is automatically formatted to this: SELECT * FROM Tablename WHERE (id in (''8,7,9'')) I need t...