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2004 Apr 19
3Com PXE server
I posted this to the group last year, but the problem was not fixed so I will give it another try. I use 3Com''s PXE server to deploy the Fedora Core boot disk to my clients for an ftp install. I also have ghost boot disks, bios update disks, and a video bios repair disk all using the 3Com PXE server. The problem is when I try to boot a Linux kernel. With all versions of syslinux since
2003 Apr 08
PXE stack on a floppy
Hi, The link given in your page points to the site. This site talks only of Win2k and .Net server. There is no mention of GNU/Linux. Is it possible to use rbfg.exe to create a pxelinux bootable stack on a floppy. If so how ? Rom-O-Matic has a pxe loadable ROM image. Is there a way to use this to create a px...
2005 Nov 02
PXE boot woes
Hello list, I need to load windows automatically. I have Argon Technologies CMS (Client Management Systems). I have always had problems with this product because it uses the old MS DOS NET Client 3.0 with a LAN manager stack to copy the files from a Microsoft share. What I need is a Linux boot floppy that will remove partition 1 and re-create it then format as fat and then use TFTP to copy files f...
2004 Mar 29
Hang when booting from a CD ScanMail has blocked your mail due to a mail policy: Lottery Hoax
syslinux-bounces at Reason the mail was blocked: Lottery Hoax Scanned by ScanMail for Lotus Notes 2.6 with scanengine 6.860-1001 and patternfile lpt$vpn.840