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2007 Nov 14
IP range of Google Analytics server farm
Hi Centos Users I would like to allow outgoing traffic to Google Analytics servers (destination port 80). I wish to do a iptables rule. How to whitelist all Google Analytics servers? cheers Simon -- XMPP:
2008 Sep 05
Still confused on content blocks...
I''ve read the docs. Honestly. But, I still can''t get my site working with the latest gem. I''m confused over when and how I need to specify content blocks, and how these relate to the stuff in config.yaml. The specific problem is with my analytics file include, I get errors like this: An error has occurred: Error while processing </analytics.en.html>:
2008 Mar 15
new webgen plugin : google analytics
Hi all In order to add visit tracking to my webgen site, i''ve written a google analytics plugin which, given a google analytics key, automatically includes tre required javascripts. Requirements : in your page template, put {googleAnalytics: key: your_google_key} just before your <body> tag. And that''s all. The code is the following :
2012 Jan 13
analytical solution of partial differential equation
i am trying to solve a partial differential equation analytically(PDE) in R . i have found some functions that do the stuff numerically. But that will not meet my purpose. is there any function to solve PDE analytically. please help. -- View this message in context:
2013 Jan 15
readHTMLTable (XML package)
Hi, I am using XML::readHTMLTable and getting the below error. Does anyone know why? Does this function not work with https? I didn''t see anything in help about that. > library(XML) > wampage<-readHTMLTable('''',1) Error in htmlParse(doc) : File
2008 May 07
google analytics and swfdec
Hello! Thank You for great program! All flash movies forks fine for me, but i have some problem in google analytics web site. I''m using lastest swfdec and swfdec-mozilla from git, but flash movies does not work on google analytics web site (information statistics for my domain). Can You help me ? -- Vasiliy G Tolstov -------------- next part -------------- A
2013 Apr 15
Shorewall and OpenVSwitch on Debian
Hi, I have a machine with a Debian Stable installation that runs OpenVSwitch to connect a virtual machine on the same box. The machine is also running shorewall. The problem that I''m having is that shorewall try to run before openvswitch, this makes that shorewall fails because it can''t determine the IP of the virtual interface generated by openvswitch that start after
2008 May 09
[Bug 15895] New: Cannot see stats of Google Analytics Summary: Cannot see stats of Google Analytics Product: swfdec Version: 0.6.4 Platform: All OS/Version: Linux (All) Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: medium Component: library AssignedTo: swfdec at
2008 Sep 23
Predictive Analytics event Oct 24-25 (DC) and Nov 6-7 (SF)
Hi, I wanted to make sure you were all aware of these upcoming events. There is a seminar in Predictive Analytics on Oct. 24-25 in DC, and in San Francisco Nov 6-7. This is intensive training for managers, marketers, and IT people who need to make sense of customer data to predict buying behavior, profit, etc. Past attendees have given rave reviews. You can find more info at
2009 Jan 30
Analytics Training Institute launches course on R
Hi All, Now you can join for R course offered by G & K Analytics Training Institute Pvt Ltd. We also provide online training Program for those who are willing to take up this course. To know more about the courses offered visit You can also mail us your queries at Regards ATI Team [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Aug 04
Rails to web analytics integration
Anyone have experience (or plugins) available for pulling web analytics into the rails environment? Our marketing folks want to combine the page view data together with our registration/activity info, not too different than advocated here: of-your-web-app We''re using Apache
2009 Jun 19
R on Mobile Devices (Android)
> > Hell R-list, > > > > At the cost of sounding far-fetched and almost incredulous, I would > > like to know if any R user is remotely considering the use of R on > > Mobile devices, and Android in particular. > > First, rewrite R in Java. Good luck with that! > > > > > I
2012 Oct 16
Problems with xlsx and rjava
Hi, I keep getting the below error regarding rJava which is required by package xlsx (I have used it in the past to directly import data from Excel 2010). I was on R version 2.15.0 when I was getting this error this morning. So I upgraded to 2.15.1 but still the same problem. I tried unstalling and reinstalling xlsx and even rJava directly from the source as indicated here:
2011 Feb 10
Revolution Analytics reading SAS datasets
Has anyone heard whether Revolution Analytics is going to release this capability to the R community? Dan Daniel Nordlund Bothell, WA USA
2006 May 09
Google Analytics plugin
Hi, I decided to scratch an itch this afternoon and implement a wee plugin for doing Google Analytics stuff easily. I saw in the wiki that somebody had already implemented a plugin for it, but it has been unavailable the past couple of times I''ve tried and,well, I could do with the experience of playing around with plugins. You can find more information about it here:
2006 Aug 10
sn package - skew t - code for analytical expressions for first 4 moments
hello users of the SN package, i thought i post here some useful help on R code on the 4 moments for the skew t sampling gives seldom good results for skewness and kurtosis, so one really needs the analytical results, it took me some time to get it from the article Azzalini, A. & Capitanio, A. (2003), Distributions generated by perturbation of symmetry with emphasis on a multivariate
2010 Aug 01
ff objects and ordinary analytical functions.
Hi, Can the plenty of analytical functions provided by base R and contributed packages be called with ff objects as parameters directly, or do we have to write special version of the functions for ff objects? If it is the latter case, is there a list of functions which support ff objects already. Xiaobo.Gu [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2011 Feb 17
Predictive Analytics with R, PMML and ADAPA
This is a presenation from the R Users Group (Bay Area) Covers building predictive analytic models in R, exporting in PMML and using ADAPA for model deployment and execution. Introduction to the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) standard and how it helps to overcome memory and speed limitations of R and makes models available for operational deployment and integration via web services.
2017 Sep 18
Convert data into zoo object using Performance analytics package
Dear All, While i am trying convert data frame object to zoo object I am getting numeric(0) error in performance analytics package. The source code i am using from this website to learn r in finance: # create zoo objects from data.frame objects dates.sbux = as.yearmon(sbux.df$Date,
2009 Mar 30
Great discrepancy between Google Analytics and own counter
Got Google Analytics running on one of my websites. Google defines a pageview as the most occuring event. Every refresh, every link clicked to a different part of the page, even loading from cache is an additional pageview Now it should be known that GA is JS based, and will report directly to