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2017 Apr 20
log incoming calls without answering
Il 20/04/2017 17:32, kevin.larsen at ha scritto: > > This gets kinda Rube Golberg-ish, but convert the incoming analog line > to sip, route it through asterisk and have asterisk do its thing > before converting it back to analog to send to the phone. Only problem > is you get a lot of extra hardware involved in the mix to make it > work. It will be a lot of expense and trouble, so you need to make >...
2006 Jan 30
DID over analog?
I've some DID's that I'm using for in-bound faxing, but I'm having some trouble with getting that working perfectly on my T1. So I'm thinking of pointing them to an analog line. Will the DID's simply come in over the analog, presumably sending the DID digits via DTMF? Or is that not something that'll work? Thanks, -Ken
2017 Apr 20
log incoming calls without answering
Hi, I've some analogic lines and I'm asked if it's possible to program an asterisk for "checking" the inbound calls without answering them, doing something like this: analog line 1 -----+---------- asterisk | \______ analog phone when a call enter, asterisk sens...
2009 May 26
Maximum cable length for analog phone from FXS port
Hello. I am looking for details of the maximum allowed/usable/effective wire/cable length of the connection from a FXS port of Digium analog cards to the analog telephone handset. To clarify my intention, I need to have an analog telephone connection to my asterisk box that is 3000 meters (3km) away at least. If you have any details of ATA boxes or other similar devices that I could use to do this, I'd appreciate your input. It...
2007 Jan 05
how to transfer calls when analog phone has no transfer button
When you have a bunch of analog phones that you want to connect to asterisk, but those analog phones have no transfer button, what are the options to allow the phones to transfer a call? -- ------------------------------------------------------------ Erick Perez Panama Sistemas Integradores de Telefonia IP y Soluciones Para Cen...
2008 Feb 13
Analog DID
Does anyone have any suggestions for connecting analog DID trunks? I have some small locations that will have 2 analog DID trunks each, the only solution that I can see will work will be using a channel bank and T1 card, but it will be close to $1500 to terminate these DID trunks. Was hoping someone had some experience using an ATA or TDM card and an...
2006 Jan 24
ZAP - Can't pickup calls on Analog Trunk
We have 4 analog line and 2 analog trunks. On the trunks we have all the DIDs coming into the current phone system. Trying to get everything moved over to Asterisk but having issues picking up the calls on the analog trunk. We can receive calls on the plain analog lines and we can call out on all analog lines an...
2003 Nov 24
Ring power on Analog adapters
Hello, I have a big old Fax machine that will only pick up a ring at 24volts and 20mA(minimum) ring[according to the technical specs manual]. None of my SIP -> Analog phone adapters supply this: Cisco - 50 volts SIPURA - 70 volts Handytone - who knows, but it doesn't work can anyone tell me if there are any analog adapters or channel banks that can send a 24V 20mA ring signal? Also, does anyone know what voltage the Digium analog PCI cards send out for ri...
2003 Mar 31
Serious problem with z-plex 10
Hello I have serious problem with zhone z-plex 10 the device sometimes get red alarm on some channel and then the device suddenly shutdown. I try to unplugged the power chord and plug again, but the device still didn't up. I have to wait for long time to get this device up again. How can i fix this problem, so i can get this device immediately? Eris Riswanto
2005 Jul 27
Polycom gain settings
Hi All, I have some Polycom IP300's and I'm interested in increasing the max volume for the headset (not handset), I'm wondering if anyone has experience adjusting these values: <gains voice.gain.rx.analog.handset="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.headset="0" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis="3" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.obs="-12" voice.gain.rx.analog.chassis.IP300="-6" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer="3" voice.gain.rx.analog.ringer.IP300="-6" v...
2005 Sep 07
How to connect many analog lines to Asterisk?
Hello! If I have more than a hundred analog telephones (analog lines) that need to be connected to Asterisk PBX, what kind of hardware do I need, and where can I buy it? Thanks in advance!
2006 May 25
Volume configuration on Polycom Soundpoint 501phone
Could not find your post for 4 months ago. -------------- Original message -------------- From: "Anton Krall" <> > Yes, check a post that I made about 4 months ago, I posted the cofig for > setting the speaker, handset and ring volumes .. > > |-----Original Message----- > |From: >
2006 Nov 13
Recording outbound analog calls with X100P
List members, Is it possible to record outbound analog calls using an X100P? I was asked if I knew how to record all calls for a shop with 4 analog phones transparently to the end users. I thought Asterisk was a good fit for this and I envisioned using either Digium TDM400Ps or Sangoma A200s with 4 FXO and 4 FXS modules. The FXO modules would be...
2005 Feb 20
Digium TDM400P has RJ45 interface, how to connect to analog phone RJ11?
<div><BR>Hello,</div> <div> I bought a TDM400P, and intended to use it with my analog phone, which is RJ11 ofcourse. So, the question now, how do I plug in my RJ11 phone to the TDM400P card, which has an RJ45 interface? Also, since it's an 11B card, I also intend to bring in an analog line into the RJ45, so i am still left with the same do I go from the RJ11 stan...
2005 Mar 19
ANI & DNIS sent to analog FXs Port Possible
Good Day list, Need assistance determining the best place to read up on whether Asterisk can help me out. I have a situation where I need to do the following <PRI from Telco> ------- <Analog Channel Bank>------------<Proprietary Box> | | | | | | <PRI Port 1 of Digium Quad T1> <PRI Port 2 of Digium Quad T1> | | | | | | ---------><Asterisk Box with Quad T1>------------------ | | | -----------------------------...
2009 Jan 21
No Ring on Analog Phone using Rhino Channel Bank in China
I am testing analog phone and fax machine plugged into Rhino Channel Bank which is connected to TE412P card. This site is in China. I am running RHEL 5, Asterisk, Zaptel 1.4.11 and libpri 1.4.4 I ran into a problem which is analog phone can hear dial tone and can make outgoing calls. Another phone (ether...
2003 Nov 17
VOIP phonesets vs. cheap Analog touch-tone sets with Asterisk
...'ve been asked an interesting question, and I'm too ignorant to answer it authoritatively (yet). Can anyone help me? Question: If I'm going to implement a somewhat small (10-80) phone system, and I have a choice of using VOIP phoneset (like SNOM or Grandstream or Cisco, etc), vs. cheap analog touch-tone phones, exactly what features will I kiss goodbye if I use the cheap analogs? In other words, what features will a (more expensive) VOIP phoneset provide, that the analog won't? I know already that asterisk will give me these features with just plain analog phones (&zaptel card...
2012 Jun 18
TDM410 PTSN line setup with 1 analog phone
...rrent asterisk asterisk-addons 1.6.24 asterisk-sounds 1.2.1 dahdi-linux-complete 2.6.1+2.6.1 libpri 1.4.12 and asterisk-gui 2.1.0.rc1 (not trying to use the gui, want to do everything by hand) with a TDM410 with 2FXO and 2FXS. I have my POTS (PTNS) line plugged into port 1 (FXO) and a analog phone connected to port 3 (FXS). I compiled asterisk with asterisk samples so I realize that may have messed me up. This is all running on Ubuntu Server 12.04. I have been googling/researching reading the book, etc. Everything I find is for SIP softphones etc. I just want to start by...
2006 Mar 10
Analog Desktop Phone
I am looking for a good analog desktop phone to use with asterisk and my sipura ATAs. I know I want Caller ID, MWI, a few programmable buttons (for asterisk features), and no external power supply (so my users can dial 911 through the SPA-3000 when the power is out). I spent some time looking at the phones at Fry's today,...
2005 May 18
Small office setup with Asterisk @home, IAX and analog termination
I'm setting up a small office with about 8 SIP phones. Incoming and outgoing lines will be through IAX. We would also like to use an analog line for 911. Is the TDM01B a good option for this kind of configuration? Are there gotchas I'm missing? Finally, we would like to be able to use analog fax machines in the office. Would it make more sense to purchase the TDM400 card with 1 FXO and 1 FXS port and use the FXS for the analog...