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2017 Dec 26
identifying convergence or non-convergence of mixed-effects regression model in lme4 from model output$t.val = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$coefficients[,4]) #t-values ?$p.val = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$coefficients[,5]) #p-values ? #extract AIC, BIC, logLik, deviance df.resid ?$AIC = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$AIC[1]) ?$BIC = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$AICtab[2][1]) ?$logLik = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$AICtab[3][1]) ?$deviance = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$AICtab[4][1]) ?$df.resid = as.numeric(summary(lmer.mod)$AICtab[5][1]) ? #add number of datapoints ?$N = as.numeric(summary($devcomp$dims[1])...
2012 Feb 13
R's AIC values differ from published values
...t ) Cand.models[[3]] <- lm ( y ~ x1 + x2 + x1 * x2, data = cement ) Cand.models[[4]] <- lm ( y ~ x3 + x4 + x3 * x4, data = cement ) ## vector of model names Modnames <- paste("MODEL", 1:4, sep=" ") ## AICc aictab ( cand.set = Cand.models, modnames = Modnames ) However, the AICc value reported by Anderson (2008) is 32.41. The AICc value obtained using RSS value (i.e., calculating AICc "manually" from the output of linear regression) is 32.41. Thanks for any help. David New R user, min...
2006 Jul 04
lmer print outs without T
Hi, I have been having a tedious issue with lmer models with lots of factors and lots of levels. In order to get the basic information at the beginning of the print out I also have to generate these enormous tables as well. Is there a method command to leave off all of the effects and correlations? Or, do I have to go to string commands?
2012 Nov 08
Comparing nonlinear, non-nested models
Dear R users, Could somebody please help me to find a way of comparing nonlinear, non-nested models in R, where the number of parameters is not necessarily different? Here is a sample (growth rates, y, as a function of internal substrate concentration, x): x <- c(0.52, 1.21, 1.45, 1.64, 1.89, 2.14, 2.47, 3.20, 4.47, 5.31, 6.48) y <- c(0.00, 0.35, 0.41, 0.49, 0.58, 0.61, 0.71, 0.83, 0.98,
2010 Jan 26
AIC for comparing GLM(M) with (GAM(M) > gamm.0<-gamm4(dv ~ s(hours24,fx=F,k=-1,bs=“cc“),method="ML",data=sdata, family=binomial) Fit indices using the commands as shown are: > logLik(gam.0)[1];deviance(gam.0);AIC(gam.0) > logLik(gamm.0$mer);deviance(gamm.0$mer);attributes(summary(gamm. 0$mer))$AICtab[1] gam.0: logLik=1149.6, deviance=2299.3, AIC=2316.0 gamm.0: logLik=1169.0, deviance=2338.0, AIC=2342.0 The differences between the two AIC values seem to be based on two factors. First, gam uses the effective degrees of freedom > sum(gam.0$edf) [1] 8.372517 whereas gamm4 uses the value 2....
2008 Dec 19
Akaike weight in R
Odette > Wondering how can I generate "Akaike weight" with R? I know the description, > but is there any function to generate by R on the web-site or R library? > I am using GLM or GLMM (family=binomial), so would be appreciated if you > help me. You could have a look at this.