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2003 Oct 31
Which ADSI phones to buy?
I just need to buy 5-6 ADSI Phones. I wondering which of these models to choose - aastra 390 - I don't know is this an ADSI phone at all. Is there versions with and without ADSI - aastra 350 - I'm sure that it have ADSI. If there is some other good working model, it will be great, if someone points me. Thanks
2003 Sep 03
I am working with the telantek.adsi file, and I was wondering how I would create a softkey for Transfer. I tried making a key definition and using SENDDTMF "#", but that didn't work. Is there another way I could do this? Also, does anybody have any ADSI scripts for use with Asterisk that they would like to share? Th...
2003 Aug 27
ADSI Programs
I just received an unlocked ADSI phone and I am playing with the ADSI script. I was wondering how I can include Voicemail functions (Check new messages, Delete message) into the soft buttons. I checked in app_voicemail.c and it looks like these functions have already been programmed. Is there a voicemail.adsi script somewhere?...
2004 Jul 29
Aastra 480e phone ADSI config
There isn't much documentation on adsi, but I called NETXUSA (the vendor of my 480e) and they helped me along. My experience: 1. I really had no experience with ADSI so I had (probably still have) some misconceptions on how the configuration is loaded onto the phone. 2. I set the following in my /etc/asterisk/asterisk....
2004 Sep 19
Setting time on ADSI phones from Asterisk
Hi, Would anyone know of a way to set the time automatically on an ADSI capable phone from *? The phone in question is a Aastra 480e. While I am at it, does anyone have any helpful docs on the ADSI script programming? I have managed to do basic functions by modifying the asterisk.adsi file using stuff gleaned from the app_adsiprog.c file, but docs would be really hel...
2003 Dec 30
Programming an unlocked ADSI phone?
...mpson Commercial Sales Engineer (806) 722-2227 -----Original Message----- From: Darren Nickerson [] Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 10:09 PM To: Subject: Re: [Asterisk-Users] Programming an unlocked ADSI phone? Update. As I mentioned in my first post (below), I had managed to get the phone to accept a download from asterisk, but it still said PLEASE PROGRAM ME after the download was completed. After further investigation it does appear I downloaded SOMETHING to the phone, because if I select the...
2003 Apr 28
adsi phones
Can anyone recommend some phone sets that are adsi compliant and work well with asterisk?
2003 Sep 10
ADSI Programming
Hello Everyone, About a month ago, someone put a question to the list about which ADSI spec to purchase from Telcordia. I looked in the archives, and it appears that this question was never answered, so I'll put it to the list in a slightly different manner: Do I need to purchase the Telcordia specs in order to learn how to write my own ADSI scripts? If so, which one? I foun...
2003 Nov 20
Is there any way to program a soft key in ADSI to put a caller on hold. Then able to retreive that caller. Example - Softkey Hold Softkey Retreive Call Softkey End Call -gcc
2003 Nov 03
ADSI - PowerTouch 350
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with PowerTouch 350 & ADSI. I am able to configure the phone with ADSI.. Which is pretty cool in it self. But I have a question regarding the Service feature. I have to choose the service button and choose the Asterisk PBX ADSI. But let's say I make a call it does not default back to this. I have to go back into Serv...
2004 Mar 28
Programming an unlocked ADSI Astra 390 phone?
Greetings, I have just purchased several Astra 390 phones ready for asterisk. I have placed a line with adsi=yes in the Zapata.conf file just before channel => 13 I have also added an extension exten => 6199,1,ADSIProg(asterisk.adsi) exten => 6199,2,Hangup in the extensions.conf file. When I try to program the phone I get the following: Asterisk CVS-03/28/04-12:02:10, Copyright...
2003 May 29
aastra pt480 and adsi
Ok, so I figured out my problem with my pt480s. But, now I have a few more. 1. When I dial into the voicemailmain or voicemailmain2 application, the phone and * start talking adsi, but then the phone tells me "programming download canceled, services is full.", but my services list isn't full, only "Asterisk PBX" occupies slot 2, slots 1, 3 and 4 are available. Any ideas? I have tried erasing all the services programmed in, and reloading them with ADS...
2003 Apr 23
ADSI Analogue phones
I'm trying to work out whether I want an ADSI phone or not, and in fact, whether it is ... useful/works with Asterisk. I have decided that for the cost/performance of the various IP based phones, I am not interested, I seem to get significantly better quality from a plain analogue phone using the TDM40B card. Is it beneficial to get...
2005 Oct 04
ADSI -- is it dead? Worth bothering with?
Since Colin Anderson -- in a previous thread -- asked the question about whether ADSI was dead, I thought it was worth discussing. We've been using Nortel Vista 350s in our office up until now. The phones are from Telus, I don't know if there's any way to unlock them. It would appear Telus hasn't done much in the way of updating software for these phones; or if they...
2003 Mar 02
Found: inexpensive ADSI phone
I know I heard people looking for inexpensive ADSI phones a while back. Can't vouch for these guys, but this looks like a reasonable deal for what perhaps are new phones. No experience with ADSI, myself, but thought I'd pass it along. These folks also carry the Nortel analog units that do intercom and 2-line, as has been discussed i...
2005 Aug 31
Howto disable adsi in app_voicemail.c so I can noload *adsi*.so
Hi all, I've been told that part of best practices is to noload all modules that you don't use. Adsi being one of them (are there actually people using adsi & asterisk?) I noloaded it in /etc/asterisk/modules.conf: noload => noload => When I start * (this is cvs head of today by the way) I get: []Aug 31 17:25:49 WARNING[4961]: lo...
2005 Mar 14
Problem Compiling Spandsp
...g all in src make[1]: Entering directory `/export/usr/src/spandsp-0.0.2/src' make all-am make[2]: Entering directory `/export/usr/src/spandsp-0.0.2/src' if /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=compile gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -I -g -O2 -MT adsi.lo -MD -MP -MF ".deps/adsi.Tpo" -c -o adsi.lo adsi.c; \ then mv -f ".deps/adsi.Tpo" ".deps/adsi.Plo"; else rm -f ".deps/adsi.Tpo"; exit 1; fi mkdir .libs gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -I -g -O2 -MT adsi.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/adsi.Tpo -c...
2003 Apr 11
Fwd: Setting up ADSI
I sent this yesterday from my wrong email account. yeah, Thank you. I screwed up by only looking at adsi.conf, and not asterisk.adsi. Once I saw that, things started falling into place. Are you able to pass arguments to the phone so that for every call there is unique data on the screen. I see that works for caller id with $Call1p and $Call1s, but what If I obtain an OrderID from my customer. Can...
2003 Apr 16
The Joys of ADSI
Hey Everybody, You may remember be as the one that was generally running in circles trying to get ADSI phones to work? Well, five phones later, I've got a phone and a code that works to program it. I have been discouraged from just posting it to an e-mail forum, but I have been encouraged to get it embedded in the program. Is this possible? How should it be done? Next, after getting it work...
2009 Feb 23
Voicemail and ADSI
Anyone using this feature of asterisk's voicemail? I'd never heard of ADSI, and saw it as I was perusing the voicemail source this morning. Is it some kind of visual way of managing voicemail on your phone's display, or does it require a terminal of some kind? Thanks! j