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2006 Mar 28
Your RoR 1.1 Adoption Prediction?
What is the likelyhood that major inexpensive webhosts like godaddy, bluehost, etc. will upgrade to RoR 1.1? Is this going to be like PHP 5 where it has to percolate for a year or more before it becomes widly available? Your thoughts? Along the same lines... is it possible to adopt some of the new improved Ajax / javascript capabilities without actually upgrading the ruby installation?
2018 Mar 20
Struggling to compute marginal effects !
In that case, I can't work out why the first model fails but not the second. I would start looking at "Data" to see what it contains. if: object2 <- polr(Inc ~ Training ,Data,Hess = T,method = "logistic" ) works, the problem may be with the "Adopt" variable. Jim On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 10:55 AM, Willy Byamungu <wmulimbi at> wrote: >
2008 Sep 24
How can I comment out whole chunks of code?
Hello, I know this has been discussed, but I haven''t found an answer in the archives. Basically, I''d like to be able to comment out chunks of code (which may or may not be syntactically correct) without having to put the # symbol in front of each line (and, if possible, without having to adopt a new text editor). My current R setup (XP) is very simple. I always have three
2011 Jun 09
nls Error Message - Singular Gradient Matrix
I''ve been trying to run some analysis using the nls function in R but keep coming up with an error message which I don''t understand how to fix. The message follows here: Error in nls(formula = f.p, data =, start = list(S = 1, a = -0.1, : singular gradient In addition: Warning messages: 1: In min(x) : no non-missing arguments to min; returning Inf 2: In max(x) : no
2009 Jul 10
error: optim(rho, n2ll.rho, method = method, control = control, beta = parm$beta, : initial value in ''vmmin'' is not finite
I am trying to use the lnam autocorrelation model from the SNA package. I have it running for smaller adjacency matrices (<1,500) it works just fine but when my matrices are bigger 4000+. I get the error: > lnam1_01.adj<- lnam(data01$adopt,x01,ec2001.csr) Error in optim(rho, n2ll.rho, method = method, control = control, beta = parm$beta, : initial value in ''vmmin''
2008 Mar 16
GFXBoot & PXELinux
I understand the reasoning behind not integrating the dirty gfxboot patch into isolinux and pxelinux, but with many of the major distributions implementing gfxboot, it would be nice for a seamless boot interface across syslinux, isolinux and pxelinux so that the same menu file, look and feel, can be used to boot from the hard drive, USB thumb drive, floppy, or PXE. With isolinux being the primary
2008 Nov 30
What you think about Ruby Jobs?
Hello everyone, I''m from Brazil, and I''m looking forward to lean a new language to work with. Ruby is my choice! :-D What is the salary average for Ruby programmers? (rookie, normal, expert) Ho pays the best salary? (country) I plan to work outside Brazil... Which country is adopting best the Ruby technology? Here in Brazil, the things is a little slow... The servers are
2008 Jan 14
[PATCH] virtio_rng: adopt driver to newest virtio code
Rusty, This patch changes the virtio_rng to a callback without a return value. Signed-off-by: Christian Borntraeger <> --- drivers/char/hw_random/virtio-rng.c | 5 ++--- 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-) Index: kvm/drivers/char/hw_random/virtio-rng.c =================================================================== ---
2018 Apr 19
Gluster's proposal to adopt GPL cure enforcement
Hi all, Following the lines of Red Hat's announcement for commitment for better open-source model, along with many other companies (lead by Facebook/Google/IBM) [1], Gluster project is also proposing to have the COMMITMENT statement in its project. While we discuss about the same here, a RFC patch is submitted to review. [2] [1] -
2006 Jul 25
Creating records in two models in a RESTful way.
Hey everyone, I have a philosophical question here. Say I have a website that uses two models for accounts: Person and Company. Normally I would just have /accounts/new for user signup. However, the RESTful way to do it is to have /people and /companies. Unfortunately, this doesn''t account for a situation where you''d have a one-page signup form. I
2011 Apr 23
TC: Simple and complex configs interplay
...the explanation in tcpri but can''t figure it out clearly. What would be a typical, concerte example of this interaction ? - Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fulfilling the Lean Software Promise Lean software platforms are now widely adopted and the benefits have been demonstrated beyond question. Learn why your peers are replacing JEE containers with lightweight application servers - and what you can gain from the move.
2018 Mar 29
[RFC] Markdown for documentation
There's been some desire recently to start writing documentation in Markdown instead of reStructuredText. I put up a [patch]( for that, but we should figure out a policy on how we want our documentation written first. The desire to use Markdown comes mostly from it being simpler, and having much wider adoption. It does lack some of the feature
2000 Apr 13
Vorbis support in BladeEnc
...Vorbis a popular format for compressed audio and have been thinking of how I could contribute to your effort. As most of you probably know, judging from BladeEnc still being a strongly ISO-based encoder, my knowledge in audio compression is quite limited. What I on the other hand have is a widely adopted program for audio compression with a large following of users from all platforms. I believe I could give Vorbis a push towards achieving mainstream adoption by including Vorbis support in BladeEnc, try to persuade the frontend developers to support this format as well and write some about it on my...
2004 Apr 03
Security branch lifetime changes
Hi Folks, I have extended the lifetime of the RELENG_4_8 security branch, and of security branches in general: ----- Forwarded message from Jacques Vidrine <> ----- Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 07:23:54 -0800 (PST) From: Jacques Vidrine <> To:,, Subject: cvs commit:
2013 Sep 10
dovecot and PFS
Hi Is there known advices on how to favor PFS with dovecot? In Apache, I use the following directives, with cause all modern browsers to adopt 256 bit PFS ciphers, while keeping backward compatibility with older browsers and avoiding BEAST attack: SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 SSLHonorCipherOrder On SSLCipherSuite ECDHE@STRENGTH:ECDH@STRENGTH:DH@STRENGTH:HIGH:-SSLv3-SHA1:-TLSv10
2013 Jul 01
attribute blocks for definition lists
Hello, As I am using markdown to write documentation, I am often tempted to make links to terms in definition lists. Since this is not possible for now (at least in php markdown extra), I was wondering if this could be a common addition in major implementation supporting definition lists. the syntax would be term {#id} : definition This syntax tries to follows current convention and
2010 Jun 12
XCP Xen Cloud Control System schedule
Greetings all! At the end of this next week, I''ll be releasing VM import and export support for XCCS as well as a significant chunk of networking support, including a few goodies to work with XCP''s openvswitch (XCCS 0.3.2). As well, load balancer 0.4.1 will be available. 0.4.1 considers CPU load as well as memory load in balancing the cloud. Multitenant support and
2009 May 24
Mapstraction Sandbox & V2 push
Greetings from the day of rest after a week of Where. It was a great time out here - and there is a lot of interest in the community around Mapstraction. The new Sandbox ( made surprisingly quick rounds and lots of kudos. It will be a great place to demo Mapstraction and encourage developers. We had a very good discussion about Mapstraction at WhereCamp.
2011 Apr 06
Deploying puppet with puppet, best practices
Our shop is newly adopting puppet. Our number of nodes is growing and my installation method is thus far manual and tedious. This will change when/if we migrate to Puppet Enterprise. My question is what''s a best practice for managing puppet installations on client nodes? Is it possible to separate out the client portion of the install from the server or is that now fully
2018 May 02
I am leaving llvm
...The community change I cannot take is how the social injustice > movement has permeated it. When I joined llvm no one asked or cared > about my religion or political view. We all seemed committed to just > writing a good compiler framework. > > Somewhat recently a code of conduct was adopted. It says that the > community tries to welcome people of all "political belief". Except > those whose political belief mean that they don't agree with the code > of conduct. Since agreement is required to take part in the > conferences, I am no longer able to attend. >...