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2018 Mar 15
Adjusting OHCL data via quantmod
Hello, I'm trying to do two things: -1. Ensure that I understand how quantmod adjust's OHLC data -2. Determine how I ought to adjust my data. My overarching-goal is to adjust my OHLC data appropriately to minimize the difference between my backtest returns, and the returns I would get if I was trading for real (which I'll be doing shortly). Background: -1. I'm using A...
2010 Aug 07
basic question about t-test with adjusted p value
I have read the R manual and help archives, sorry but I''m still stuck. How would I do a t-test with an adjusted p-value? Suppose that I use t.test ( ) , with the function argument alternative = "two.sided", and data such that degrees of freedom = 20. The function calculates a t-statistic of 2.086, and p-value =0.05 How do I then adjust the p-value? My thought is to do p.adjust (pt(2.086, d...
2013 Jul 20
BH correction with p.adjust
Dear List, I have been trying to use p.adjust() to do BH multiple test correction and have gotten some unexpected results. I thought that the equation for this was: pBH = p*n/i where p is the original p value, n is the number of tests and i is the rank of the p value. However when I try and recreate the corrected p from my most significa...
2017 Jul 13
How to make a figure plotting p-values by range of different adjustment values?
Hi Jim, Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but does this formula run different ajustment values for this function? logit(p = doc$value, adjust = 0.025) I'm looking to plot the p-values of different adjustment values. Thanks so much, Kirsten On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 8:49 PM, Jim Lemon <drjimlemon at> wrote: > Hi Kirsten, > Perhaps this will help: > > set.seed(3) > kmdf<-data.frame(group=rep(1:4,eac...
2017 Jul 13
How to make a figure plotting p-values by range of different adjustment values?
...4,each=20), prop=c(runif(20,0.25,1),runif(20,0.2,0.92), runif(20,0.15,0.84),runif(20,0.1,0.77))) km.glm<-glm(prop~group,kmdf,family=quasibinomial(link="logit")) summary(km.glm) pval<-0.00845 padjs<-NA npadj<-1 # assume you have five comparisons in this family for(method in p.adjust.methods) { padjs[npadj]<-p.adjust(pval,method=method,n=5) npadj<-npadj+1 } plot(padjs,xaxt="n",main="P plot",xlab="Method",ylab="adjusted p values") abline(h=0.05,col="lightgray") library(plotrix) staxlab(1,at=1:8,labels=p.adjust.methods) J...
2008 Nov 10
in R when I get negative adjusted R^2 using "lm", what might be the problem?
This is a linear regression of Y onto factors... If I take log of Y, and regress onto the factors, I got: Multiple R-squared: 0.4023, Adjusted R-squared: 0.2731 If I don''t take log of Y, and directly regress Y onto the factors, I got: Multiple R-squared: 0.1807, Adjusted R-squared: -0.001112 Is this negative adjusted R^2 a problem? What observation can I make here and what might be the problem? Thanks!
2017 Jul 12
How to make a figure plotting p-values by range of different adjustment values?
Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I'm trying to make a figure that plots p-values by a range of different adjustment values. (Using the **logit** function in package **car**) My Statistical analyses were conducted on probability estimates ranging from 0% to 100%. As it's not ideal to run linear models on percentages that are bounded between 0 and 1, these estimates were logit transformed. However, this...
2011 Mar 09
rms: getting adjusted R^2 from ols object
How can I extract the adjusted R^2 value from an ols object (using rms package)? library(rms) x <- rnorm(10) y <- x + rnorm(10) ols1 <- ols(y ~ x) Typing "ols1" displays adjusted R^2 among other things, but how can I assign it to a variable? I tried str(ols1) but couldn''t see where to go from ther...
2012 Nov 26
Plotting an adjusted kaplan-meier curve
Dear R-users I am trying to make an adjusted Kaplan-Meier curve (using the Survival package) but I am having difficulty with plotting it so that the plot only shows the curves for the adjusted results. My data come from a randomised controlled trial, and I would like the adjusted Kaplan-Meier curve to only show two curves for the adjust...
2011 Dec 28
Census ARIMA x-12 seasonal adjustment in R?
Hello, I am new to usin R - which is a great tool - and would like to know if R has a seasonal adjustment program for time series and/if it incorporates the Census Bureau''s ARIMA x-12 seasonal adjustment program in any way? Thanks so much! Tony [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Feb 22
Siegel-Tukey test for equal variability (code)
...niel Siegel-Tukey test Description: Non-parametric Siegel-Tukey test for equality in variability. The null hypothesis is that the variability of x is equal between two groups. A rejection of the null indicates that variability differs between the two groups. Usage: siegel.tukey(x,y,id.col=FALSE,adjust.median=FALSE,rnd=8, ...) Arguments: x: a vector of data y: Data of the second group (if id.col=FALSE) or group indicator (if id.col=TRUE). In the latter case, y MUST take 1 or 2 to indicate observations of group 1 and 2, respectively, and x must contain the data for both groups. id.col: I...
2011 Mar 04
linear model - lm (Adjusted R-squared)?
Hi, Sorry for the naive question, but what exactly does the ''Adjusted R-squared'' coefficient in the summary of linear model adjust for? Sample code: > x <- rnorm(15) > y <- rnorm(15) > lmr <- lm(y~x) > summary(lmr) Call: lm(formula = y ~ x) Residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max -1.7828 -0.7379 -0.4485 0.7563 2.1570...
2001 Aug 03
Text adjustment outside (0,1)
Funnily enough, it seems that adjustment of text in the verical direction is more flexible than in the horizontal. Horizontal adjustment parameters, seem to be set to the closest of 0 and 1 if they fall outside (0,1). Try e.g.: plot(0:1,0:1) for (a in seq(-5,5,0.5) ) text(0.5, 0.5, "Y", adj=c(0,a), cex=2, col="red&quot...
2003 Jan 22
RE: ssh channel window and adjustment
...mail to: 2) I think that you have some miss-understood: the client and server count the window independtly. It mean: concerning data sent from client to the server: the SERVER set it initial window size and whenever he ready to get more data he sent adjust. such data can be a user command which generate a lot of output in the other directotion. concerning data sent from server to the client the CLIENT set his initial window size and after he have place to process more data he send adjust to the server, so the server can proceed...
2011 Apr 03
kernel density plot
I am using the following commands for plotting kernel density for three kinds of crops density(s22$Net_income_Total.1, bw="nrd0",adjust=1, kernel=c("gaussian"))->t plot(t, xlim=c(-30000,40000), main="Net Income Distribution", axes=F, ylim=c(0,0.00035). xlab="Value in Rupees") par(new=T) density(s33$Net_income_Total.1, bw="nrd0",adjust=1, kernel=c("gaussian"))->u plot(u, xlim=c...
2012 Aug 26
One leg in a conference and adjusting stream volume of other leg
...d are able to speak/hear each other at the same time they''re listening to the stream. The tricky part: A caller may now press some digits on their their keypad, like 1, or 2, and this will have the effect that the volume of the stream is increasing or decreasing. BUT: When they adjust the volume of the stream, if effects only their stream, and not the volume of the stream of the other callers. In short: All callers at all times are *always* in the same conference, but each caller is able to increase or decrease the volume of "their" MP3 stream individually. If I...
2006 Jan 10
Obtaining the adjusted r-square given the regression coefficients
Hi people, I want to obtain the adjusted r-square given a set of coefficients (without the intercept), and I don''t know if there is a function that does it. Exist???????????????? I know that if you make a linear regression, you enter the dataset and have in "summary" the adjusted r-square. But this is calculated usin...
2007 Jan 09
Date Approximation in Specs
The floating-point expectations allow for an error tolerance. Is there any similar facility for dates? For example, say I have a custom class that handles date/time spans and I want to spec it: context "A DateRange span" do specify "should know when a week ago is :)" do d = d.last_week.should_be_close_to(1.week.ago, 24*60*60) end end The
2013 Jun 28
[PATCH V3] ocfs2: xattr: fix inlined xattr reflink
Inlined xattr shared free space of inode block with inlined data or data extent record, so the size of the later two should be adjusted when inlined xattr is enabled. See ocfs2_xattr_ibody_init(). But this isn''t done well when reflink. For inode with inlined data, its max inlined data size is adjusted in ocfs2_duplicate_inline_data(), no problem. But for inode with data extent record, its record count isn''t adju...
2007 Jul 17
Deciding when to adjust the window size
What is the algorithm adopted by OpenSSH when it comes to deciding when to adjust the size of window? I would have thought that one''d better adjust the window size as soon as it has fallen below the maximum packet size. What worries me is a potential deadlock, in which one party does not send anything, because the window is too small for its next window space-consuming...