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2007 May 31
recompile R using ActiveTcl
Dear all, While running some code requiring the "tcltk" package I have realised that my version of R was compiled with the Tcl/Tk libraries included in Fedora 6. It would be for me better to use the ActiveTcl libraries (which I have under /usr/local), and I'm aware that this probably means to recompile R with the proper configuration variables. it by any chance possible to "just" recompile the bit affected by Tcl/Tk, like, for instance, to install tcltk with some e...
2003 Sep 05
Installing R on Red Hat Linux, Tcl/Tk R/TclTk application. I tried using the rpm for R 1.7.1 for Red Hat Linux 9. It told me that I needed: so I looked for a binary release of Tcl 8.3.x on but found that the link to the Tcl 8.3.x binaries pointed to ActiveTcl 8.4.x . I couldn't see the old 8.3.x binaries anywhere. ActiveTcl is a nice easy way to get the extensions like Tktable, but it seemed to be the wrong version. I tried building tcl and tk 8.3 from source. tcl was built succesfully and installed in /usr/local/lib/tcl8.3 but...
2003 Apr 25
tcltk tkfilefind demo problem
...tTcl", ..., PACKAGE = "tcltk"), class = "tclObj") : [tcl] megawidget initialization error: expected integer but got " --1". I have a fresh binary install of 1.7.0 on Win2000 machine. I observed this behavior with the Tcl library included with R and with ActiveTcl 8.4.2 I just installed. I think I have it set-up correctly: my TCL_LIBRARY and MY_TCLTK both point to c:/Tcl where I installed ActiveTcl. I also have c:/Tcl/bin on my path - to avoid possible interference with cygwin Tcl I have the following in my Rprofile: Sys.putenv("Pat...
2005 Sep 21
[LLVMdev] How to compile llvm with mingw on Windows ?
...runk of the unix version. The problem is that dejagny uses some > functionality not present in the outdated ExpectNT. If you can spare > some bucks try an updated Expect for Windows with dejagnu. I haven't > tried this option yet. ActiveState now provides a free version of expect with ActiveTcl. It seems to be fairly close to the last unix version. Baptiste.
2005 Sep 20
[LLVMdev] How to compile llvm with mingw on Windows ?
>From: "Baptiste Lepilleur" >Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 09:29:07 +0200 > >Henrik Bach wrote: >>Hi, >> >>Please have a look on my private Getting started with MinGW: >> >> > > >Thanks Henrik.The make line was most useful. Though, in my case I also >needed to add a -L so
2010 Nov 29
Problems in running affylmGUI
Hi, I am trying to run affylmGUI on my mac computer. I have already installed the Tlc package as well as Bwidgets through ActiveTcl conversion installing files. However, when running affylmGUI() on R, I keep getting the message in the attached file. I have copied the tcl folders from the root library to the user library, and have obtained the same issue. I would really appreciate if you could help me setting this up. C...
2003 Mar 26
R TclTk iwidgets::comboboc
...## tt<-tktoplevel() win <- .Tk.subwin(tt) .Tcl(paste("iwidgets::combobox",.Tk.ID(win),.Tcl.args())) Error in structure(.External("dotTcl", ..., PACKAGE = "tcltk"), class = "tclObj") : [tcl] . I am using R 1.6.2 (with tcltk package 1.6.2) and ActiveTcl in Windows 2000. Below I've included some of the relevant ActiveTcl help. I'm not sure why it has "funny characters". # # Non?.editable Dropdown Combobox # iwidgets::combobox .cb1 ?.labeltext Month: \ ?.selectioncommand {puts ?selected: [.cb1 getcurselection]"}...
2003 Apr 23
iwidgets in tcltk in R 1.7.0
Hi, I have successfully installed R 1.7.0 and ActiveTcl in Windows 2000. Yes, I know that Tcl is already bundled with R 1.7.0, but I want to use the iwidgets package to create a drop-down listbox, and I don't think iwidgets is included in the bundled R 1.7.0/TclTk installation package. I have set the environment variables TCL_LIBR...
2008 Jan 16
I have been trying to use the package affylmGUI but keep getting the error message that it cannot find the package "Bwidget". I have downloaded the activeTcl for Windows and installed it in the default location C:\Tcl. The problem still persists. I have also tried to copy the files from C:\Tcl\lib into the C:\Arquivos de programas\R\R-2.6.1\Tcl\lib but the problem still there. Any help would be greatly appreciated Marcos Pinho Instituto Nacional de C...
2002 Mar 06
Loading tcltk package fails on WinMe/Cygwin but works with Rgui
I am investigating how well R/tcltk is supported on different system and I ran into the same problem as Christian Schulz reported on February 7, 2002. I am using [R] v1.4.1 on WinMe and ActiveTcl 8.3.2. Loading tcltk within Rgui works just fine and both demo(tkdensity) and demo(tkttest) works as expected. However, when I start R from my Cygwin terminal dyn.load() fails to load the library: % R --vanilla > library(tcltk) Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) : unabl...
2011 Jun 14
Still have problems with tcltk in R 64 bit
...tils datasets methods base loaded via a namespace (and not attached): [1] tools_2.13.0 The problem does not occur with the 32 bit version of R, thus, it is probably linked to the 64 version of Tcltk... I already tried: - to uninstall then reinstall R (changing version too...) - install ActiveTcl8. (I also tried installing previous version of ActiveTcl) ... without results ! "Reinstalling the application may fix this problem" ... I agree, but what should I reinstall ? Any suggestions ? Arnaud
2002 Mar 25
Problems installing Tcl/Tk
Hi! Two questions: 1.-I am trying to put Tcl/tk to work. I keep getting the following: >Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) : > unable to load shared library "C:/RW1041/library/tcltk/libs/tcltk.dll": >LoadLibrary failure: No se puede hallar uno de los archivos de biblioteca necesarios para ejecutar esta aplicaciĆ³n. >Error in
2011 Apr 01
Wine release 1.3.17
...debug channel can cause crashes when printing sent messages 17520 mshtml/dom test times out if +heap enabled 17971 GCC optimisations cause workaround for Slingplayer bug 13371 to fail 18708 Amazon MP3 Downloader: Toolbar doesn't work 19312 Can not close IE8 19434 ActiveState ActiveTcl installer fail to install due to path write permission 19596 Sony Ericsson PC Suite 5 fails to install 19601 "Master Blaster 2006" hangs in infinite loop 19929 Slingplayer's UI does not draw 20020 Metal Fatigue hangs on intro movies if audio is enabled 20119 Need for Sp...