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2008 Oct 21
OT: Setting a CentOS to gateway a private IP address
This is mildly off topic since it has more to do with TCP/IP networking than with CentOS per se. However, at the risk of ruffling a few feathers I would like some advice on how to resolve the following routing problem: Given: dual homed host running CentOS-5.2 with eth0 = 2xx.yyy.zzz.23 eth1 = and a Cisco gateway at 2xx.1xx.y7y.1 with the following networks: interface FastEthernet0/1 description connected to EthernetLAN ip address secondary ip address secondary ip address second...
2007 May 03
Connections rejected in DUNDi requests
...149]: chan_iax2.c:7354 socket_read: Rejected connect attempt from, request 'minotaur-201@privatedundi' does not exist I then performed the following: cronus*CLI> show dialplan privatedundi [ Context 'privatedundi' created by 'pbx_config' ] '_minotaur-2XX' => 1. NoOp(Connected to ${EXTEN}) [pbx_config] 2. Goto(minotaur|${EXTEN:9}|1) [pbx_config] Unless I'm missing something, "minotaur-201@privatedundi" definitely *does* exist. I've tried manually specifying minotaur-201 in f...
2008 Jan 17
samba 3.0.24 works - samba 3.0.25 fails and the system isn't in the proper domain any more so not sure where the issue is. I've looked at the 25 change log but frankly don't see anything obvious that would have caused this...... Here's the globals section of my smb.conf file: [global] workgroup = XYZ interfaces = 1xx.2xx.9.5/24 comment = Timmy, Samba Server version %v #status = yes browseable = yes guest account = nobody invalid users = root, daemon hosts allow = 1xx.2xx. 127. lock directory = /var/lock/subsys/smb log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log syslog = 1 getwd cache = yes sock...
2008 Oct 23
Re: CentOS Digest, Vol 45, Issue 23
...who knows the subject intimately but it is a little terse and somewhat sparse for someone with no prior knowledge and little time. The difficulty that I need to address is what ripd configuration provides rip info regarding connected via eth1 out to all networks connected via 2xx.yyy.zzz.0/24 on eth0. Must I configure a virtual IP from on eth0 as well as eth1 or not? Do I just set ripd.conf to: router rip network Is that all that is required? Recall that the purpose of this exercise is to simultaneously provide interim p...
2005 Jul 28
strange dial problem with polycom 501 the cursor might jump right back to the beginning of the number. This doesn't happen when they enter the number and the press "dial", so it seems to be a digitmap problem. However, the digitmap is nearly the same as what I've used on IP-500s in the past. It is: "[0]|*8|*2xx|#5|#7x|[278]xx|[9]11|9411|9x.T" [Actually it was " [0]|*8|*2xx|#5|#7x|[278]xx|[9]11|9411|9x.T" -- I don't know where that space came from, but I'll take it out and test again today.] Are there any obvious problems with that digitmap? Anything else that I should take a look...
2008 Sep 11
BLF call pickup on Linksys SPA932
Greetings list, We recently installed some Linksys SPA962 + SPA932 sidecars into a client's offices. The BLF functionality works fine, but call pickup using the BLF is something of an issue. Following the advice on, I configured part of their dialplan as follows: exten => _**2XX,1,Pickup(SIP/${EXTEN:2}) exten => _**2XX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:2},15,tw) exten => _**2XX,n,Voicemail(${EXTEN:2}@dkm,su) The BLFs are all registered in the form: exten => **201,hint,SIP/201 etc. The theory being that pressing the BLF for 201, for example, will try and pick up any...
2007 Apr 03
FastCGI performing better than Mongrel - what am I doing wrong?
...nginx/0.4.0 Server Hostname: Server Port: 80 Document Path: / Document Length: 95 bytes Concurrency Level: 100 Time taken for tests: 10.437 seconds Complete requests: 1000 Failed requests: 0 Broken pipe errors: 0 Non-2xx responses: 1000 Total transferred: 366000 bytes HTML transferred: 95000 bytes Requests per second: 95.81 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request: 1043.70 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 10.44 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate: 35.07 [Kbytes&...
2015 Jan 14
pigeonhole ereject vs reject
On Jan 13, 2015, at 7:34 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote: > > and what would that change? > nothing if you think about how mail works! > > * the MTA receives the message > * the MTA confirms with 2xx status code > * later the delivery server rejects > * the MTA *must* create a bounce > > just don't reject mails after you confirmed you have received them in the SMTP session and if you don't want a mail after that DISCARD it by consider legal implications - there is nothing b...
2009 Feb 12
Strange dialplan matching issue
...ings list, Wondering if anyone has come across this strange dialplan pattern matching issue before: I have a context defined as follows (the plus simply implies it follows on from an existing context in another #include - which, yes, has been included first): [privatedundi](+) exten => _hilton-2XX,1,Goto(hilton,${EXTEN:7},1) When dialling hilton-202 from another box via IAX2, I get: NOTICE[3727]: chan_iax2.c:8085 socket_process: Rejected connect attempt from <ip masked>, request 'hilton-202 at privatedundi' does not exist Changing the context to read as follows solves the pro...
2015 Jan 14
pigeonhole ereject vs reject
Currently pigeonhole supports reject which would generate a NDR for each message. (If I understand the current documentation) Using Dovecot LMTP it would be more optimal to kick a 5xx back to the primary MTA to reject the delivery rather than generating more back scatter NDRs. Anyone know if this is possible now (to forgo the NDR)'s or do we need to wait for ereject ? If so, how much work
2008 Dec 15
cmusieve, vacation and error at file_dotlock_create
...1-686 i686 Debian lenny/sid log_path: /var/log/dovecot/dovecot.log info_log_path: /var/log/dovecot/dovecot-info.log log_timestamp: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S protocols: imap imaps pop3s managesieve listen(default): listen(imap): listen(pop3): 2xx.xx.xx.xx:110 listen(managesieve): localhost:2000 ssl_listen(default): 2xx.xx.xx.xx:993 ssl_listen(imap): 2xx.xx.xx.xx:993 ssl_listen(pop3): 2xx.xx.xx.xx:995 ssl_listen(managesieve): ssl_ca_file: /etc/postfix/ssl/ ssl_cert_file: /etc/postfix/ssl...
2015 Jan 14
pigeonhole ereject vs reject
...02:23 schrieb Robert Blayzor: > On Jan 13, 2015, at 7:34 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote: >> >> and what would that change? >> nothing if you think about how mail works! >> >> * the MTA receives the message >> * the MTA confirms with 2xx status code >> * later the delivery server rejects >> * the MTA *must* create a bounce >> >> just don't reject mails after you confirmed you have received them in the SMTP session and if you don't want a mail after that DISCARD it by consider legal implications - the...
2008 Nov 12
Terminal emulation scripting
I need to write a script that will contact a remote system using TELNET with VT52/1xx/2xx/320 and perform some operations. I am familiar with TELNET but it appears that it won't work for my purposes. TIA, Frank M. Ramaekers Jr. Systems Programmer MCP, MCP+I, MCSE & RHCE American Income Life Insurance Co. Phone: (254)761-6649 1200 Wooded Acres Dr....
2014 Jul 09
Pickup problem
I found a very strange proble whit two asterisk servers in the same network. Scenario Asterisk A with extensions 5XX Asterisk B with extensions 2XX There is NO link between the two asterisks. Call from 501 to 503, 503 ringing Call from 201 to 203, 203 ringing The 202 extension comand a pickup (i dont manage this Asterisk, i think with the Pickup command). The 202 answer the 501 call and not the 201. extensions 5XX are all SNOM extensions...
2006 Mar 22
Remote dialtone
Hi, I have two asterisks connected via IAX2 trunk. The first * use dial prefix 2XX, the second one 3XX. Calls routing works OK. But I don't know how to get dialtone of remote asterisk pbx. I'd like to get dialtone of asterisk #2 after dialing 3 and dialtone of asterisk #1 after dialing 2. I know something about DISA but I'm not sure if it is a right way. Can you giv...
2007 Jun 08
Running test Rails app under JRuby and JBoss - experiences
...8080 Document Path: /jrails/company/index Document Length: 1135 bytes Concurrency Level: 20 Time taken for tests: 2.328125 seconds Complete requests: 1000 Failed requests: 19 (Connect: 0, Length: 19, Exceptions: 0) Write errors: 0 Non-2xx responses: 981 Total transferred: 1451456 bytes HTML transferred: 1114784 bytes Requests per second: 429.53 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request: 46.563 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 2.328 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate: 608.64 [Kbyt...
2006 Oct 16
Page hangs up after 5 seconds
Hi asterisk-users, We are using Asterisk, and are trying to use the Page application. It seems to work but after approx 4-5 seconds the call is hung up. The dialplan code look like this: exten => _*2XX,1,AGI(get-paging-devices.agi,${EXTEN:2}) exten => _*2XX,n,GotoIf($[ "${PAGING_DEVICES}" = "invalid" ]?i,1) exten => _*2XX,n,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info: sip:\; answer-after=0) exten => _*2XX,n,Page(${PAGING_DEVICES},dq) The CLI outputs the following: -- E...
2004 Jul 26
New Beta version of Grandstream Firmware
...loses connection to the outbound proxy for some time. Fixed the registration interval overflow issue Fixed the no-host-name in REGISTER message when configured using a customer's Perl script Fixed the bad To header in INVITE after receiving 302 response Fixed the wrong URI in ACK to non-2xx response Fixed the issue where 486 would lose registration when outbound proxy is configured and when NAT traversal is turned ON with STUN server field blank. Release 7/16/2004 Fix the branch ID uniqueness issue of ACK to a 2xx response Fix the CSeq not incrementing issue as...
2012 Jan 05
remote home no nfs
...passwd and getent group gives my users and groups.? ( done with nsswitch and libnss-ldap and libpam-nss ) I can login with ssh or telnet so this works fine. ? I think the mounted home folder is done wrong, but i need a hint this is what i have in /etc/fstab. ? //192.168.XXX.2XX/users$????/home/users cifs domain=BAZUIN,username=Administrator,password=XXXXXXX??????????????? 0?????? 0 ? ? yes i know nfs is also an option, but not for me :-( . ? anyone suggestions, this would me my day really good. ? Louis ?
2015 Apr 01
PJSIP Sends BYE with Wrong IP
...roto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name udp 0 0* 25494/asterisk udp 0 0 10.xx.yy.xx:5060* 25494/asterisk Everything works fine, most of the time. INVITEs, 1XX, 2XX are sent to the right interface using the right source IP. But, when Asterisk tries to send a BYE to any internal endpoint, it sends using the external IP, but it is sent of the correct internal interface eth0. Only the IP layer is incorrect. The SIP layer has the correct IP in the Via header. From...