samba - Jan 2013

Thursday January 31 2013
11:12PM 1 Samba4 DFS Support
9:48PM 1 Strange nslcd error with ldap database
9:37PM 0 samba 4 dc, shares without ACLS and group permission bug?
8:41PM 2 ACLs on a directory on GPFS
3:50PM 2 Samba4 Internal DNS - CNAME not working
10:58AM 1 migrating samba shares to a netapp filer?
8:16AM 0 samba4 as DC problems
7:36AM 1 Strange corruption problem with Win7
6:45AM 0 Strange corruption problem of Win7
6:11AM 0 DRS replication issues
6:05AM 2 OpenLDAP domain registering
5:57AM 2 Samba OpenLDAP Domain issue
5:55AM 2 Questions for minimal AD DC, DNS setup and Posix use
12:18AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 121, Issue 30
Wednesday January 30 2013
9:11PM 0 gid collision with non-existing group
8:49PM 3 Solaris 11 can't join Active Directory Domain
8:09PM 1 uid/gid not being used when logging into RHEL -> Windows Server 2012 Active Directory
6:33PM 1 Searches under non-schema base DN returns schema objects?
3:47PM 0 pware SAMBA 3.5.11 WINBIND failing to load upon AIX 7.1
2:28PM 0 Samba3/4.x connecting to RODC.
2:00PM 1 Samba4 pwdLastSet Attribute
10:21AM 1 FW: APIs are provided of the samba for development or not
9:18AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.0.2, 3.6.12 and 3.5.21 Security Releases Available for Download
7:39AM 1 Ubuntu 12.04 Authentication by Samba4
2:03AM 1 How to query posix attributes from Samba 4?
12:05AM 0 Issue writing to shares on new server
Tuesday January 29 2013
8:46PM 0 Quotas
6:27PM 1 failed connect from HP L7680 digital filing
3:41PM 0 Samba + NFS4 + ACLs
4:51AM 2 upgrade from 3.5 -> 3.6, now I have "no backend defined for idmap"
Monday January 28 2013
11:21PM 1 Fw: Re: Creating users via Perl Net::LDAP
7:49PM 1 Creating users via Perl Net::LDAP
5:33PM 0 Issue with RODC
5:14PM 0 trouble with ldap authentication on centos+openldap
4:41PM 0 add x64 printer drivers with cupsaddsmb fail
5:45AM 1 The RPC server is unavailable on Samba 4 clients
3:56AM 1 unique index violation on objectGUID, CN=Deleted Objects, DC=samdom, DC=domain
Sunday January 27 2013
4:48PM 2 Samba Authentication With Kerberos
12:25PM 1 GPOs don't work after update from Samba4.0 alpha 17 to 4.0.1
10:41AM 0 Samba4 + NFS server
1:25AM 0 Roaming Profiles Issues
Saturday January 26 2013
1:36AM 1 Specifying the OU upon join
Friday January 25 2013
10:33PM 1 two samba4 questions
10:21PM 1 Samba3 File Server + Winbind -- AD Authentication Flaky/Inconsistent/Unreliable
7:43PM 2 Samba4 Winbind - is it really not possible to be sensible?
8:32AM 1 upgrade samba
5:47AM 1 migrating from Samba3 with tdbsam to samba4 AD server?
12:30AM 2 domain provision error
Thursday January 24 2013
9:45PM 3 require_membership_of is ignored
7:43PM 2 PDC: "The trust relationship ... failed" from the beginning
2:52PM 1 security = ads, username map and valid users
1:04PM 0 64 Bit Build 3.6.11 on AIX 6 with acls enabled dumps core,
9:51AM 0 samba4 master build fail undefined reference to `tevent_set_trace_callback'
3:50AM 1 Ubuntu compile/install location
12:18AM 1 MS AD Tools
Wednesday January 23 2013
11:20PM 4 Organization of Users in Samba4
8:09PM 1 Logging denied connections from outside LAN
6:53PM 0 Remove samba4 server from Domain
4:59PM 2 Strange winbindd messages
4:25PM 0 Samba4: internal DNS orphaned dnsNode objects with no dnsRecord
2:55PM 0 windows ADS and inter domain trusts
7:20AM 0 Windows 8 and roaming profiles hosted on Samba - NO ONE does this?
12:11AM 0 I have a problem with printing on samba4
Tuesday January 22 2013
6:53PM 2 fail-over, redundancy, bdc, multi-dc-domain
2:52PM 1 [Samba 4] Issues with uidNumber and gidNumber in AD for Linux clients
1:08PM 1 Use backends
11:44AM 1 problem joining AD domain
Monday January 21 2013
10:51PM 1 Samba 4 man pages?
6:34PM 1 Using samba4 with kerberos outside of an AD realm
6:06PM 1 Samba 3.6.10 not reading groups
10:17AM 1 Samba 3.5.6 : netlogon_creds_server_check errors in logs
8:53AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.6.11 Available for Download
Sunday January 20 2013
6:48PM 1 Accsse Deny
Saturday January 19 2013
5:28PM 3 Users and groups without Winbind
2:14PM 0 Samba 4 kinit: cannot contact any KDC in requested realm // TSIG error
4:32AM 0 Windows 7 Easy Transfer
Friday January 18 2013
7:20PM 1 on AIX
6:13PM 2 ldap users with users samba
6:12PM 2 How to set ACLs with Samba4 AD?
10:40AM 1 Request to an old post - Having problem with Samba Internal DNS
9:11AM 1 Problem joining Samba 4 to an older Samba 4 alpha 17
Thursday January 17 2013
9:09PM 1 Samba 4 vs UNIX password
6:27PM 2 Samba4 DNS: "recursion requested but not available"
2:25PM 0 Role of "password server" statement
8:25AM 0 Samba 4 - Logging data entry as LDIF?
7:46AM 1 getent passwd doesn`t work with samba 4
2:03AM 1 Samba AD DC initial join fails at schema replication
Wednesday January 16 2013
9:59PM 2 Samba4 Integration With Google
9:30PM 1 Samba AD Auth Stops After Patches
6:57PM 0 DNS trouble - Join a domain as a DC
5:23PM 0 sharing files
5:13PM 3 compiling samba for ubuntu 12.4 lts
3:11PM 1 Problems with smbclient send netbios message
12:39PM 1 Mapping SID>UID (and reverse)
12:00PM 2 How to debug SID problems
9:41AM 1 samba 4 samba-tool user encrypted password
12:45AM 1 Change "Computers" settings in Samba 4
Tuesday January 15 2013
7:48PM 0 smbldap-tool scripts not executing
7:44PM 1 Server Key [Re-] Generation after Install?
2:55PM 1 Can a Samba4 DC join an extant Windows domain?
1:55PM 0 Samba4 RODC
9:37AM 0 Call for Papers SambaXP 2013
9:16AM 0 How do I allow domain users to add printers which are shared from other servers & desktops without having to give everyone domain admin privileges??
8:35AM 1 Samba 4.0.1 Security Release Available for Download
Monday January 14 2013
10:29PM 3 Samba4 AD delegation to read userPassword attribute
6:06PM 1 Posted this question once already -- no response. Password expiry problem
4:37PM 0 Troubles smbldap
2:18PM 2 Samba4 AD Groups Problem
1:11PM 1 Samba4: no --use-ntvfs option on samba-tool ntacl sysvolcheck
1:00PM 1 DHCP & Dynamic DNS
10:18AM 0 Solaris 11.1 + Samba 3.6.6 + ads + getent group - a bug, perhaps?
8:48AM 0 samba-ttol ntacl set usage
8:27AM 0 DNS updates working Windows only (Robert Moggach)
Sunday January 13 2013
9:58PM 0 unable to access shares on Windows 98 machine
Saturday January 12 2013
7:36PM 2 DNS updates working Windows only
11:10AM 0 Samba4 kerberos doesn`t start at boot
8:09AM 1 Suggest Forest/Function Level ?
3:54AM 3 Samba4 Domain Account Lockout
1:00AM 0 Solaris 11.1 Samba 3.6.6 oddity: wbinfo is good, but getent is not.
Friday January 11 2013
7:07PM 2 Switching between
4:52PM 0 werr_access_denied when running setdriver for a printer
4:42PM 0 Samba 4: Workstations unable to join, "The specified network name is no longer available"
4:23PM 0 /home with Samba4 and Windows Server 2012
1:26PM 0 Samba 4 TSIG Error "NOTIMP"
4:02AM 2 SAMBA 4 acting as Domain Server- Is Exchange 2010 capable of being installed?
3:45AM 3 NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY when browsing file server on Belkin modem
Thursday January 10 2013
9:53PM 1 cannot join an existing AD as either a RODC or DC w/ samba4
8:53PM 0 Samba is slow and crash when i transfert one file
8:26PM 0 Samba4 internal DNS not responding to DNS requests - SOLVED
8:25PM 0 del_driver_init deletes what?
7:26PM 0 Account Lockout
4:50PM 2 samba-tool dbcheck produces wrong instancetype errors
1:56PM 0 samba4 dnsupdate failed with bind (cannot contact KDC)
10:53AM 0 Samba member server and trusted domains question
9:53AM 1 ACL on GPO directory does not match expected value from GPO object. AGAIN.
9:45AM 1 Slow winbind lookups
4:44AM 2 Migrate from Windows AD to Samba 4
12:50AM 2 Samba 4 "Services for UNIX"? [SOLVED]
Wednesday January 9 2013
11:54PM 1 samba-tool not working as i'd expect
10:12PM 0 i have any problem with samba
9:22PM 0 samba4 MAC OS X Workstations Problem
7:10PM 2 Windows 7 folder redirection
5:22PM 0 Samba4 AD not Authenticating
3:32PM 1 Samba4 as a RODC
2:53PM 4 Move from roaming to local profiles
2:32PM 2 Samba4 internal DNS not responding to DNS requests
1:27PM 1 Question about implementing samba4 cleartext passwords
12:54PM 1 NAS and 2 active Samba servers / locking not working
6:14AM 0 [Announce] CTDB 2.1 available for download
1:47AM 0 Help with 'samba-tool dsacl set ...'
Tuesday January 8 2013
7:58PM 0 Samba binary for AIX 7.1
4:40PM 0 {Samba4] Problem with Joining Samba3 to Samba4 AD Domain
4:28PM 1 about AD replication
3:18PM 0 Samba4 Version Number
2:01PM 0 SAMBA4 AD addicional Domain Controler Outgoing ForestDNSZones, DomainDNSZones replication problem
8:01AM 0 samba 4.0.0 internal DNS
Monday January 7 2013
10:44PM 2 Samba 4 on AIX with XLC
9:21PM 3 Samba 4 "Services for UNIX"?
8:04PM 0 Password expiry
5:11PM 0 Samba 4 Does not join existing domain as additional DC - Refusing to replicate from a read-only repilca into a read-write replica
4:08PM 0 Getting "Element not found" (I only have the german error) if accessing the shars by \\\!
3:47PM 1 Samba 4.0.0 - Browseable option don't work
3:32PM 0 [4.0] Machine account creation
12:46PM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 5.9 ready for download
12:16PM 0 (Cross ) Install and Conversion problem
10:20AM 0 Samba4: Replication of DNS data from one AD server to another
9:02AM 4 3.6.10 file handle leak under ancient 32-bit kernel
5:55AM 0 Rename a user...
1:12AM 3 AIX and ADS support?
Sunday January 6 2013
10:45PM 1 SaMBa 4.0 - homedir mapping
1:51PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 4.0.1 released
Friday January 4 2013
10:50PM 2 Migrating kerberos KDC data into Samba4 internal KDC
8:18PM 1 Samba4 & Key Management Server; DNS Failure To Register
8:02PM 1 DC Replication issue
7:28PM 1 Samba 3 classicupgrade to Samba AD
2:14PM 2 Samba4 Internal DNS CNAME entries
9:50AM 1 Samba4 domain classicupgrade "conversion not supported"
8:41AM 1 Samba 4.1.0pre1 and problem from creating home users dir from command line
1:04AM 3 AIX: TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: '_hashlib.HASH' and 'str'
Thursday January 3 2013
8:12PM 1 Client access multiple shares with different usernames...
10:29AM 0 Samba4 DNS - Adding MX record
10:02AM 1 samba-tool domain classicupgrade with LDAP backend
7:07AM 0 problems with samba samba-3.5.10-125.el6.x86_64 on 2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.x86_64
Wednesday January 2 2013
9:53PM 1 .recycle folder not showing up
7:24AM 1 samba4 anonymous ldap search
1:54AM 3 Samba ADDS DC krb5 and samba_nsupdate
Tuesday January 1 2013
7:36PM 1 Windows Authentication
5:01PM 4 (Trying) to understand Print properties saving