rsync - Aug 2008

Sunday August 31 2008
1:31PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5728] New: Rsync --min-size and --max-size filter too late in the process.
1:24PM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5727] New: rsync crashes while copying large directory.
Saturday August 30 2008
5:18PM 2 most recent updated files on destination
4:50PM 1 running rsync daemon as unpribileged
4:50PM 1 logging rsync transfers in processable format
2:58PM 2 Strange sender log file characters
Wednesday August 27 2008
2:44AM 1 Rsync Error Code 23?
Tuesday August 26 2008
9:47PM 2 accented characters in filenames mangled when rsyncing to a samba share
11:35AM 0 LBackup
Sunday August 24 2008
4:06PM 2 Copying a list of files
12:54PM 1 mtime, atime, ctime
Friday August 22 2008
8:13PM 1 Problem using rsync for backing up on to a NAS
4:26PM 4 rsync and kerberos
Thursday August 21 2008
6:05PM 2 Partial Transfer Problem
Wednesday August 20 2008
2:38PM 3 How to escape spaces in rsync source and destination paths
1:29PM 0 Problem with exact moment of issuing transfer log entry for a [recv] action
Tuesday August 19 2008
10:33PM 1 rsync --delete problem with accent characters on Mac OS X HFS
3:55AM 1 rsync hangs after aborting a process
3:04AM 1 generating and using ssh keys with rsync
Monday August 18 2008
11:08PM 8 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5701] New: deadlock on local rsyncing, bisected to commit f303b749f2843433c9acd8218a4b9096d0d1bb8d
4:36PM 1 Error message "Killed: 9"?
1:52PM 3 File Locking
3:50AM 2 Can the rsync password be automated?
Saturday August 16 2008
1:09PM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5695] New: rsync local timeout
9:53AM 0 Using Rsync in Wan Network
Friday August 15 2008
6:41PM 6 Rsync of LVM Snapshots copies whole file
3:29PM 2 out of memory in flist_expand
Thursday August 14 2008
10:45PM 0 --delete and --files-from (again)
7:02PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5694] New: error when transferring a large amount of data
11:03AM 0 cwrsync & uppercase letters
7:02AM 0 Feature request: two layers of exclude/include patterns
Wednesday August 13 2008
8:13PM 2 Rsync Auto Resume
2:25PM 1 no backup for excluded files?
12:41PM 2 Windows client
12:35PM 1 Symlinks in source path with --relative
Tuesday August 12 2008
11:37PM 0 rsync -m --compare-dest
10:36PM 0 rsync problem with symbolic links on Cygwin
6:46PM 2 memory usage in rsync 3.0.3 -- how much RAM should I have to transfer 13 million files?
Monday August 11 2008
3:24PM 0 rsync failure with error 12
4:21AM 1 Problems connecting to remote rsync daemon
Saturday August 9 2008
5:05PM 1 Transfer resource forks (-X -E) but not data?
Friday August 8 2008
7:20PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5680] New: triggering io.c:188: got_flist_entry_status: Assertion
Thursday August 7 2008
3:49PM 1 rsync: hlink.c:271: check_prior: Assertion `node->data != ((void *)0)' failed.
9:03AM 1 rsync operation times out on excluded directory
Tuesday August 5 2008
4:58PM 2 dir-merge in a subdirectory
12:19PM 2 mirroring a huge file using rsync while it's being written to.
10:18AM 1 Strange time in rsyncd logfile
Monday August 4 2008
8:22PM 3 rsync 2.6.9 uses a lot of memory; has that changed in rsync 3.0.3 ?
6:18PM 2 refuse option = e
5:23AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5665] New: need option to hard link from source tree to dest tree
Saturday August 2 2008
9:55PM 0 Rsync 3.0.4pre2 released
1:38PM 3 Restoring from backup, preserving uids
5:07AM 5 recommend great GUI rsync client for XP
Friday August 1 2008
3:03PM 1 how to include an explicit list of files