Puppet users - Feb 2014

Friday February 28 2014
11:26PM 0 Announce: Facter 2.0.1-rc1 Now Available
5:05PM 0 Puppet Dashboard behind HTTPS
3:33PM 0 CFPropertyList usage
2:03PM 0 Puppet agent hogging CPU/RAM
1:23PM 0 Windows Package Install file permissions
Thursday February 27 2014
9:57PM 0 controlling argument passed to ENC script for AWS
8:17PM 0 vagrant and reusing certs after destroy box
1:43PM 0 varying files for puppet agents
1:23PM 0 How to install rpm and push file to set of servers
1:43AM 0 Announce: Hiera 1.3.2 Now Available
Wednesday February 26 2014
11:15PM 0 recovery from foreman
10:30PM 0 Problems in Ch. 3 of Pro Puppet 2nd Edition
10:19PM 0 Hiera isn't merging hashes
10:17PM 0 ensure user and group created
9:28PM 0 puppet agent SRC for AIX?
6:18PM 0 debugging puppet/hiera-eyaml decryption problems?
3:47PM 0 Provider macports is not functional on this host error
2:18PM 0 hiera variable and "if statements" in manifest not working
1:25PM 0 Condition on class existence on agent
11:14AM 0 Puppet for ubuntu
9:56AM 0 Hiera to define an array of packages that should be installed
2:26AM 0 Get Fedora 19 client working with CentOS 6.4 master
Tuesday February 25 2014
11:31PM 0 Custom service status not working
11:17PM 0 puppet agent gives error undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass
5:01PM 0 Possible issue with nagios_* commands
2:17PM 0 How to purge and install package on same run?
10:07AM 0 yum tries to downgrade a package (ensure => version)
10:06AM 0 Does r10k play nicely with Puppet Enterprise gems?
9:57AM 0 puppet module generate skeleton not working on PE?
9:52AM 0 install_options =>{$:: variable} -syntax
9:07AM 0 No resources and catalog information with puppetdb
12:47AM 0 Hit and miss application of puppet modules
Monday February 24 2014
11:12PM 0 How to use puppet modules on the forge on vagrant
8:13PM 0 How do I prevent logging of secure data?
6:13PM 0 Custom Facter Fact fails produces output second time around.
2:57PM 0 How do you manage iptables packet length?
2:15PM 0 notify on agent from puppet function
6:01AM 0 Problems in Ch. 1 and 2 of Pro Puppet 2nd Edition
Sunday February 23 2014
10:01PM 0 Let puppet configure your monitoring (here: nimsoft)
3:35AM 0 How to force a puppet service to restart - Not restarting automatically when config is initially updated.
Saturday February 22 2014
7:17PM 0 Why does my puppetmaster work happily with webrick but not passenger?
Friday February 21 2014
9:47PM 0 Arrays and case statements
8:25PM 0 Using the user
7:44PM 0 Cannot see puppet master node in Dashboard
7:21PM 0 Using existing CA certificate for Puppet CA service.
6:05PM 0 Using same script for multiple services fails
4:50PM 0 Host is missing hostname and/or domain
3:32PM 0 mco ping command from linux puppet master is unable to fetch information about windows servers.
12:06PM 0 Module and class names confusion
6:52AM 0 Puppet Enterprise HA Setup Error Free trial version
2:45AM 0 Puppet apply hangs when trying to use puppet.conf manifest attribute
Thursday February 20 2014
11:24PM 0 Patch management in Puppet Open Source
11:06PM 0 Announce: Hiera 1.3.2-rc2 Now Available
11:03PM 0 Puppet client removing yum / rpm cache?
10:51PM 0 Style and Formatting Best Practice
10:41PM 0 Getting rid of YAML?
6:52PM 0 Windows client - mcollective:- incompatible marshal file format (can't be read) error in mcollective.log
5:17PM 0 Register gce instance with puppet agent to puppet master
3:21PM 0 Get subdirectories by fact
3:15PM 0 Best practices: client/server VS Git
8:46AM 0 Sending Mail from puppet master !!!
2:29AM 0 Setting validproperties fields in provider modules
2:19AM 0 Action required: ruby-shadow package broken, update required
Wednesday February 19 2014
10:15PM 0 Announce: Puppet 3.4.3 Now Available
5:48PM 0 connecting puppet master and agent
12:44PM 0 Puppet and best way to append a new user to sshd_config AllowUsers with augeas
10:57AM 0 Server Groups - How to ?
10:52AM 0 Hiera seems to be using stale data
10:52AM 0 Why is the environment setting limited to alphanumeric characters only?
9:28AM 0 return codes from puppet command
6:49AM 0 BPUG - next meetup : Round table puppet environments 25/02/2014 Ghent/Belgium
12:56AM 0 Good resources for writing rspec tests for puppet code changes?
Tuesday February 18 2014
9:34PM 0 Combining stages with hiera
7:32PM 0 apache / passenger how do you update puppet on the server in EL6.4?
9:27AM 0 Problem installing puppet dashboard
Monday February 17 2014
9:05PM 0 How to group systems using Puppet and hiera?
5:14PM 0 Mcollective client installation
5:00PM 0 puppet kick
2:20PM 0 Custom policy executable
11:41AM 0 Use the same resource in two dependent classes
Sunday February 16 2014
12:12PM 0 Access to puppet cert on windows host
12:06PM 0 continued deployment
Friday February 14 2014
10:14PM 0 Puppet 3.4.2 client hangs
4:42PM 0 Using external facts in puppet manifests
3:38PM 0 how to require a md5sum before installing?
12:29PM 0 How do I see a catalog from local manifests?
9:50AM 0 Getting augeas working on sles 11.2/3
Thursday February 13 2014
11:18PM 0 How to apply template based on a string in a file
3:54PM 0 Augeas with puppet 3.4.2
3:18PM 0 Creating a directory
4:56AM 0 client certs won't remain relevant after foreman install
3:44AM 0
Wednesday February 12 2014
10:37PM 0 moving from previous manual install to puppet/chocolatey
6:52PM 0 Submit at talk for PuppetConf or an upcoming camp
3:14PM 0 classe uses two defines but second is ignored
3:01PM 0 Tags and dependencies
1:21PM 0 puppet custom function throwing private gsub error
1:16PM 0 Modify class variable in puppet
12:24PM 0 Some of my OS X clients stop checking in with puppet master.
12:01PM 0 Puppet Custom Provider. Class level and instance level methods/variable access issues
12:05AM 0 Debugging a Node form site.pp?
Tuesday February 11 2014
10:37PM 0 Announce: Hiera 1.3.2-rc1 now available
10:33PM 0 RHEL4 + puppet 3.x?
9:33PM 0 Puppet 3.4.2 Windows package updated for CVE-2013-6393
7:56PM 0 Announce: puppetdbquery 1.4.0
6:22PM 0 Announce: Puppet Enterprise 3.1.3 is available
3:46PM 0 proftpd module service error
2:53PM 0 Nagios default files being overwritten
12:12PM 0 Puppet enterprise HA deployment
9:51AM 0 Array of variables
9:12AM 0 References on Puppet performance tuning and profiling
7:19AM 0 Puppet Library: A private puppet forge
Monday February 10 2014
10:20PM 0 Include class if package exists
8:36PM 0 puppet 3.4: N00b has Trouble with regexes in a if-else structure manifest config.pp
8:09PM 0 Announce: Facter 1.7.5 Now Available
7:46PM 0 RHEL 7 Repository up on yum.puppetlabs.com
6:55PM 0 puppet post install launchd osx
2:53PM 0 Problem configuring inventory search in puppet-dashboard
2:15PM 0 Puppet manage HOMES on Desktop Computers
12:26PM 0 check file after exec
8:59AM 0 Ordering in each_pair
8:49AM 0 Complex search on StoreConfigs resources is not supported
8:19AM 0 puppet random notification confusion
1:18AM 0 Unable to start puppetmaster on Mac OSX Mavericks
Sunday February 9 2014
9:17PM 0 Facter errors with InfiniBand and VDSM
7:18PM 0 How to deploy puppetserver? I do some stupid mistake, and I don't know which.
12:47PM 0 Roles / profile pattern , inquire on how you handle some specific situations
1:53AM 0 Is there a way to find unused puppet code (2.7)?
Saturday February 8 2014
11:53PM 0 can puppet manage puppet agents or puppetmasters?
11:45PM 0 How do I quiesce a puppetmaster before reconfiguring it?
10:35PM 0 puppetboard and ssl
Friday February 7 2014
5:27PM 0 What is the recommended puppet server directory layout?
11:51AM 0 Autorequire based on resource property???
11:16AM 0 Exec script from puppet file server
10:58AM 0 Creating new eyaml entries when private key is not available
12:19AM 0 PuppetDB 1.6.2 final Now available
Thursday February 6 2014
10:23PM 0 PuppetDB replication
9:37PM 0 Does eyaml CLI have options to specify the private/public key paths?
9:27PM 0 File resource fails on Windows 7 x64 (other resources with different file works)
8:17PM 0 non existing classes cause puppet 2.7 client to error out
6:54PM 0 Ruby errors
6:22PM 0 hiera-eyaml doesn't seem to work with the hiera_hash() function
12:13PM 0 Rebooting all agents simultaneously
11:44AM 0 install_options fails for rpm provider
11:13AM 0 How to avoid throttling of AWS t1-micro instances due to Puppet Agent cpu-load?
11:00AM 0 pkg install via puppet on specific node.
10:14AM 0 puppet via apache / passenger
8:46AM 0 Puppet Enterprise Queries
4:39AM 0 problem with File[path]
2:55AM 0 MySQL Module Root Password issue RHEL6
2:36AM 0 Powershell onlyif and exit code
Wednesday February 5 2014
5:48PM 0 Workaround for user password hash
5:38PM 0 Puppet module template mentioned at contributor summit
5:04PM 0 File.exists? validation failure when trying to create file in same catalogue
4:54PM 0 Puppet agent - two calls to server / request?
Tuesday February 4 2014
11:11PM 0 Please help with control/ordering issue
8:26PM 0 Slides of the talk TDD and puppet a gave today in Ghent, cfgmgmtcamp.eu
7:55PM 0 Understanding script process control
7:09PM 0 Packaging Issues with PuppetDB 1.6.0 and Fedora (possible SRPMs on other distros)
6:55PM 0 [JOBS] systems and automation/tooking engineers - Atlanta, GA, USA or remote in US
4:15PM 0 Pupppet syslog "unrecognised escape sequence" in string
3:18PM 0 how to copy a file from a network location
10:05AM 0 Puppet vs "typical" release management / change management
Monday February 3 2014
10:00PM 0 Port for ENC requests?
9:35PM 0 Announce: Facter 1.7.5-rc2 now available
7:52PM 0 Openstack and PuppetsLabs Integeration Erros
3:13PM 0 ENC - how to set order of operations?
11:35AM 0 Get Facter Facts for Previously installed module
9:38AM 0 Error 400 on SERVER: Not authorized to call find AND Error 403 on SERVER: Forbidden request: client2.puppet.com
1:20AM 0 Puppet Enterprise Answers file install and Policy based autosign
Saturday February 1 2014
9:22PM 0 Puppet 3.4.1: Could not find relationship target
4:22PM 0 Using new trusted data certname in hiera
4:15PM 0 call exec into another class as a variable / how to get output of shell echo $(($(date +%s) / 60 / 60 / 24)) into variable
3:14PM 0 puppet jobs list?
7:08AM 0 Daily Digest setting
5:13AM 0 Question: performing actions based on user account being present
1:40AM 0 Error: Puppet::Parser::AST::Resource failed with error ArgumentError: Invalid resource type jdk7::javaexec