Ovirt devel - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
3:50PM 1 Fixed patch...
Friday August 28 2009
3:03PM 0 oVIRT server plugin support for FAS
Wednesday August 26 2009
8:51PM 2 Error starting a virtual machine
Monday August 24 2009
3:39PM 0 Ovirt package not available
Friday August 21 2009
8:55PM 1 [PATCH server] update installer exec items to single_exec where applicable
2:16PM 2 RFC - Design of new MPATH device menu in o-c-storage
2:03PM 0 Unable to assign cobbler image as boot device
1:41PM 0 [PATCH][ovirt-node-image] Enable multipathd service by default
Thursday August 20 2009
4:29PM 4 [PATCH ovirt-node-image] fixes for edit-livecd
2:49PM 1 [PATCH] adds ovirt-node-image version into ovirt.log on boot
Tuesday August 18 2009
3:10PM 0 VM Migration question
2:34PM 1 [PATCH node] Fixes when the user aborts DNS entry then retries it.
12:08PM 0 [PATCH server] add parameters in order to make call to /host/grid correct
12:00PM 1 [PATCH server] Add of a button destroy for disabled hosts.
9:05AM 1 How to propose patch?
Thursday August 13 2009
11:40AM 1 Thoughts
Wednesday August 12 2009
10:20AM 0 [PATCH node] drop collectd startup reordering hack
Tuesday August 11 2009
7:07PM 1 [PATCH server] remove appliance bits
6:19PM 0 [PATCH node-image] Added rsyslog-gssapi package to node image.
6:18PM 1 [PATCH node] Added support for remote logging with rsyslog-gssapi to node. NOTE: Needs selinux to be set to permissive (setenforce 0) to work.
6:18PM 0 [PATCH server] Added support for remote logging with rsyslog-gssapi to server.
Monday August 10 2009
6:31PM 1 [PATCH server] Fixed db-omatic so it doesn't die due to an unhandled ActiveRecord::StaleObjectError exception.
5:55PM 2 access to node
5:45PM 0 [PATCH server] Fixed db-omatic so it doesn't die due to unhandled exceptions related to saving db objects in update_host_state and update_domain_state.
1:41PM 1 [PATCH node] Changes all y/n/a prompts to use the full word instead.
Friday August 7 2009
9:16PM 1 [PATCH server] Fixed db-omatic to update the host for a running vm when the object_props callback is fired.
8:46PM 1 [PATCH server] quote freeipa password for special chars
Thursday August 6 2009
7:23PM 1 [PATCH node-image] workaround for gpxe issue with the virt-preview
Wednesday August 5 2009
9:56PM 1 [PATCH server] associated nics w/ network base class as it is in the db
5:10PM 1 [PATCH server] fixes to recent vm / nic / pxe validations
3:28PM 0 [PATCH node] Provides a workaround for HP CCISS devices.
12:58PM 1 iSCSI questions and VM Creation questions
Tuesday August 4 2009
8:30PM 3 [PATCH server] require at least one vm network if pxe booting
4:00PM 0 [PATCH node] fix anyterm / sudoers setup
2:52PM 0 [PATCH node] add anyterm / virsh sudoers rule in same way other files are appended
Monday August 3 2009
10:18PM 1 [PATCH node] changed fickle anyterm sysconfig changes to something more robust (revised)
9:51PM 0 [PATCH node-image] Fix edit-livecd to re-create ext2 filesystem each time
9:37PM 0 [PATCH node] changed fickle anyterm sysconfig changes to something more rebust
8:29PM 1 [PATCH node-image] leave ssh open for devel builds