libvirt users - Aug 2012

Friday August 31 2012
12:23PM 1 virDomainMemoryPeek: bad behavior under workload
Thursday August 30 2012
9:49AM 0 whether before create a pool use type logical must create a vg or not?
3:22AM 0 Running VirtualBox headless
Wednesday August 29 2012
2:17PM 0 network settings for an isolated network
6:40AM 2 Use virsh command domjobinfo but get nothing
4:00AM 1 delete storage pool error
Tuesday August 28 2012
11:59AM 2 virsh reboot problem
11:55AM 1 Why a max mem setting?
4:51AM 1 What's the api virConnectBaselineCPU used for?
Sunday August 26 2012
1:39PM 1 question about using openAuth with Python
Friday August 24 2012
8:14PM 1 remote lxc via libvirt?
10:28AM 0 Understanding 802.1Qbh networking
1:07AM 1 Does libvirt abstract each and any vm specific command?
Thursday August 23 2012
7:16PM 1 Libvirt daemon segfaults when run as root
Wednesday August 22 2012
12:54PM 4 Libvirt Seg Fault when compiling either 0.9.13 or 0.10.0-rc1
4:52AM 1 libvirt networking
3:21AM 0 libvir: Domain Config error : internal error incorrect root element
3:06AM 0 virsh command vol-upload purpose question
Tuesday August 21 2012
7:49PM 0 IP over IB support.
7:39PM 1 Libvirt Qemu compatibility
3:23PM 0 capabilities mismatch
11:12AM 1 storage pool does not support volume creation
8:57AM 0 Using Libvirt Java Bindings on Windows 7 64bit
8:48AM 1 Failed to use virDomainDefineXML
3:16AM 0 Failed to change the content of tag- <emulator>
Monday August 20 2012
6:34PM 0 IVSHMEM support
12:34PM 5 automatically detaching PCI host devices from guest for SRIOV usage.
Sunday August 19 2012
6:19PM 2 Finding cause when "virsh list" hangs
3:49AM 1 ANNOUNCE: Oz 0.9.0 Release
Friday August 17 2012
2:27PM 1 Live Snapshot and Rebasing using blockpull
8:45AM 1 Fwd: vm pxe fail
7:23AM 2 getCPUStats of a domain by a non-root user - libvirtError: Requested operation is not valid: cgroup CPUACCT controller is not mounted
Thursday August 16 2012
4:52PM 2 Where does "cmd" initailize in qemu_command.c?
2:14PM 1 disappeared VM in virsh
12:25PM 0 vm pxe fail
8:58AM 0 error: virsh not could create bridge interface
7:06AM 1 What can cause "libvirtd dead but pid file exists."
Tuesday August 14 2012
7:23PM 1 Source of Qcow2 Image Corruption
3:32PM 0 Error: virNetSocketReadWire:904 : Cannot recv data: Input/output error
2:39PM 0 How to use ext transport?
7:18AM 1 Which functions call qemu_driver API?
Monday August 13 2012
10:05PM 2 quickest way to stop VM
2:04PM 1 iptables: cannot port forward
9:51AM 2 Does Libvirt-0.8.8(windows) support URI like qemu+ssh on windows?
8:30AM 1 How much ways can libvirt connect to a qemu instance?
7:42AM 1 libvirtd crashes after guest migration with attached console
Friday August 10 2012
11:31PM 1 virsh dump
9:52AM 0 virDomainMigrate() leads to SASL error
Thursday August 9 2012
5:13PM 1 [libvirt] virDomainMemoryStats call
8:25AM 1 libvirtd may need to be started: Permission denied
Wednesday August 8 2012
2:09PM 1 migration with non-root user
9:34AM 0 Bug in VNC QEMU?
7:29AM 0 Channel with virtio problem
7:08AM 1 How the libvirtd connect to qemud in source codes?
Tuesday August 7 2012
7:39PM 0 Authentication via SASL and LDAP?
7:22PM 1 Remote Shutdown of Server 2008
Monday August 6 2012
7:12PM 2 using RBD with libvirt 0.9.13
Friday August 3 2012
5:24PM 0 Unable to load library 'virt'
2:35PM 1 CPU Flags libvirt 0.9.12
2:29PM 1 Opteron_G4 CPU under libvirt 0.9.12
11:06AM 1 error deploying a vm: Operation not permitted
9:28AM 1 How to connect to local hpyervisor by libvirt?
3:46AM 1 Determine state of the guest OS/kernel from host
Thursday August 2 2012
4:21PM 2 Excluding RAW disk from snapshot
3:25AM 2 libvirt windows error