libvirt users - Jun 2012

Saturday June 30 2012
7:54PM 0 Query:Creating a Guest that requires memory and vCPUs across socket boundary
Friday June 29 2012
12:16AM 1 Storage Pools & nodedev-create specific scsi_host#?
Thursday June 28 2012
2:02PM 1 How to start a storage pool using libvirt?
12:22PM 0 Speed of physical NIC?
9:21AM 2 How does libvirt interaction with KVM to create a VM?
Wednesday June 27 2012
3:28PM 0 Trouble connecting to XenServer HyperVisor with Java bindings
11:19AM 1 manipulation extra features which hypervisors support
Tuesday June 26 2012
3:18PM 0 Can I update the DNS configuration of an existing network?
Monday June 25 2012
5:16PM 1 USB Host Controllers
9:08AM 0 PCI Passthrough
4:27AM 2 Is it possible to in live migration?
Friday June 22 2012
5:30PM 2 editing pools
9:51AM 1 virtio_rng in a KVM VM
7:21AM 0 Remote virtualization with Xen, feasibility
6:05AM 1 unable to creating/list storage pools using non-root user
Thursday June 21 2012
1:59PM 1 Libvert live migration problem!
9:25AM 1 Cannot create macvlan devices on this platform
6:08AM 1 How to obtain guest's monthly internet bandwidth usage?
Wednesday June 20 2012
1:09PM 1 update virDomainDef with xml config
8:45AM 2 getting name or uuid of vm within guest OS
Tuesday June 19 2012
6:56AM 1 caps->nguests == 0?
Monday June 18 2012
1:33AM 1 How to set cpu limits to xen domU in libvirt
Saturday June 16 2012
12:00PM 1 Re: [Qemu-devel] How to management KVM virtual machines via libvirt?
7:42AM 1 How to update the QEMU of libvirt?
Friday June 15 2012
6:29AM 1 unsupported configuration: Reboot is not supported with this QEMU binary
Thursday June 14 2012
5:22PM 1 question regarding CMPIObjectPath
11:30AM 0 can not connect hypervisor using libvirt-0.9.11 on windows
Wednesday June 13 2012
8:05AM 0 Libvirt hangs until service is stopped and started again
Tuesday June 12 2012
7:59PM 2 What's the most recent compatible libvirt and qemu-kvm?
6:02PM 1 Reconnection problem with a USB device
12:09PM 0 Re: How can a bridge be optimized
9:43AM 0 ruby-libvirt connection stays open
2:20AM 1 How to list and change domain's disk image file
Friday June 8 2012
6:21AM 1 virsh: migration job: unexpectedly failed
Thursday June 7 2012
7:37AM 1 Fine grained authorisation
Wednesday June 6 2012
4:55PM 2 qemu-img snapshots with backing stores?
9:20AM 2 The default location of vm snapshots
Tuesday June 5 2012
6:23AM 2 A RFE for libvirt
Sunday June 3 2012
11:04AM 0 guest fails to start: Error initializing virtio-net-pci
5:19AM 0 PCI Passthrough, AMD, fails to initialize
Friday June 1 2012
9:15PM 3 How can a bridge be optimized?
3:07PM 0 Resize qcow2 disks
1:31PM 0 The LXC container propagate the ro remount to the host mount point
11:30AM 0 Image booted using libvirt with --arch=i686 gives a message: Kernel detected only i486 CPU
4:54AM 0 Reg: Info on memory usage from within LXC.