libvirt users - Apr 2012

Friday April 27 2012
3:06AM 2 question of iSCSI pool on the same iSCSI target
Thursday April 26 2012
3:13PM 2 Is there a way for telling libvirt to auto define an xml under /etc/libvirt/qemu?
Wednesday April 25 2012
11:06AM 1 Regarding persistence of VM's after live migration (virDomainMigrateToURI() problem)
Tuesday April 24 2012
8:23AM 1 Non-Root not able to use openReadOnly()
Monday April 23 2012
9:56PM 2 Installing the python libvirt bindings in a virtualenv
7:20AM 2 Snapshot system: really confusing.
Friday April 20 2012
4:47PM 0 Using Sys::Virt with Libvirt
6:01AM 2 Error on running libvirt (dnsmasq)
Thursday April 19 2012
10:28PM 1 Creating Domain and moving a kvm disk under libvirt control
2:53PM 0 USB Passthrough of two identical devices
11:46AM 0 CfP 7th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC'12)
3:52AM 1 Building an RPM
Wednesday April 18 2012
8:56PM 1 Problems using latest qemu-kvm and latest libvirt ( hvm missing )
Tuesday April 17 2012
7:18AM 0 USB Passthrough with two identical devices
Monday April 16 2012
8:20PM 0 Ansis Atteka has invited you to use Google Talk
11:37AM 2 What does cpu_time returned by virDomainGetCPUStats mean?
10:21AM 1 A way to determine when a guest domain was launched?
8:33AM 1 What's the precision of the domain cpu stats?
7:20AM 2 libvirt slow responding after define poool with existing VG with some other lv
Friday April 13 2012
12:33PM 3 Guests can't connect to each other
Thursday April 12 2012
5:11PM 1 Console to RHEL6.1 container
2:16PM 0 Live migration of instance using KVM hypervisor fails
7:35AM 2 help:any docs for open vswitch supporting?
7:21AM 2 No way to obtain guest's cpu and mem usage?
7:05AM 0 Can I get all esx servers by virsh connecting vcenter?
4:26AM 0 Libvirtd not starting on reboot
Wednesday April 11 2012
12:20AM 1 vol-wipe and delete
Tuesday April 10 2012
3:48AM 0 Libvirt-0.9.11 compilation on Centos 5.6
Monday April 9 2012
6:19PM 0 virsh works but libvirt-java throws a 'No route to host'
Sunday April 8 2012
8:22PM 0 NFS + sanlock problems
Friday April 6 2012
8:36AM 1 qemu-kvm fails on RHEL6
7:24AM 2 [API reference] Are there XML-handling API to retrieve info directly from xml configure file
Thursday April 5 2012
10:06AM 2 Is this Race Condition?
9:36AM 1 virsh attach-disk with cache=none and io=native for raw devices (online)
Wednesday April 4 2012
9:01AM 0 Bare libvirt web interface
8:37AM 1 vcpupin and kvm
Tuesday April 3 2012
10:27PM 1 setvcpus
2:18PM 1 [Building Error] cannot stat `': No such file or directory
Monday April 2 2012
11:27PM 0 (no subject)
7:45PM 1 Reality check requested...
6:14PM 0 call for volunteer: FLOSS weekly podcast opportunity
12:56PM 1 Openvswitch support - port tagging
12:08PM 0 libvirt-lxc Cannot SSH into container