libvirt users - Mar 2012

Saturday March 31 2012
11:10PM 0 virsh - specifying openvz vm sample in domain creation xml
7:39PM 3 Suggestions on building VM disks from scratch
3:54PM 2 Libvirt source code cannot built with libnettle.
Friday March 30 2012
3:04PM 1 vzctl 3.1 not supported in virsh ?
Thursday March 29 2012
9:41PM 2 PCI passthrough error
6:35PM 1 virsh create failed: cannot set CPU affinity on process 0
7:47AM 0 Problems with nwfilters/iptables
Wednesday March 28 2012
4:03PM 0 ARP entry intermittently is incorrect for guest - lose connectivity
5:54AM 0 VM Migration error: got unknown HTTP error code
5:44AM 1 [API reference] confused by CPU time term
Tuesday March 27 2012
10:09PM 1 Constantly changing USB product ID
8:08PM 1 Problem using virt-manager to create a VM remotely
6:42PM 1 Specifying the KVM binary to use with libvirt
Monday March 26 2012
5:30PM 1 simulate "network cable unplugged"
10:43AM 1 Where can I get curl-devel version >=7.18.0 . libvirt 0.9.10 compile error with ESX in CentOs
Sunday March 25 2012
5:18AM 1 Cant Update libvirt on fedora 15 i686
Friday March 23 2012
11:14AM 1 Re: [libvirt] Problem with Open vSwitch and dnsmasq
11:09AM 0 Re: [libvirt] Problem with Open vSwitch and dnsmasq
Thursday March 22 2012
9:05PM 0 HDD- and NIC-stats for dom0
7:16PM 0 Re: [libvirt] Problem with Open vSwitch and dnsmasq
4:06AM 1 Does libvirt check MCS labels during hot-add disk image ?
Wednesday March 21 2012
8:32PM 0 MIPS emulation ....
5:32PM 0 Number of same HDD-Images
8:32AM 1 XML syntax for "dir" attribute when making Host directory available to Windows guest
7:49AM 1 转发: Error when executing virsh command to ESX
7:24AM 0 Error when executing virsh command to ESX
Tuesday March 20 2012
8:57PM 0 error starting virtual machine manager
3:34PM 2 libvirt and SNMP agent
1:30PM 2 qemu-monitor-command
Monday March 19 2012
6:21AM 3 manage VM without root access?
Sunday March 18 2012
2:24AM 1 Can libvirt set or change the IP address of guest machine
Friday March 16 2012
1:54PM 0 Re: virsh create error : monitor socket did not (Alex Jia)
1:28AM 1 Prevent starting a guest concurrently on multiple hosts when using shared storage
Thursday March 15 2012
3:32PM 5 no connection driver available for No connection for URI xen:///
3:31AM 2 virsh create error : monitor socket did not
Wednesday March 14 2012
9:24PM 2 Setup a network
7:21PM 2 Memory statistics for DomU's
5:59PM 0 Weird behavior with LVM storage pool on host
4:43PM 1 Host does not support virtualization type 'xen'
Tuesday March 13 2012
2:42PM 2 libvirt with sanlock
Sunday March 11 2012
9:47AM 1 message on console by starting virt-manager , gentoo
Friday March 9 2012
2:54AM 2 run virsh as non-root user
Thursday March 8 2012
1:15PM 2 'virsh list' issue
12:00PM 1 Setting the default Hypervisor
3:47AM 2 where is the libvirt.xml ?
Wednesday March 7 2012
9:23PM 1 tunneled VM migration error
11:37AM 0 Re: libvirt-users Digest, Vol 27, Issue 11
10:22AM 3 virsh create error : monitor socket did not show up
3:28AM 1 libvirt for spice
Tuesday March 6 2012
7:34PM 1 Correctly using libvirt to mount /dev/pts and /dev in an lxc application container
3:42PM 1 [help] how can I use libvirt to get cpu usage ratio ?
3:23PM 0 vm bridge network is down after reboot on guest machine ..
Monday March 5 2012
6:12PM 1 Qemu restore error.
3:31PM 1 About suspend VM
12:50PM 2 Unable to connect qemu:///system on CentOS 6.2 X86_64
10:11AM 3 PCI-X card controlled by VM
Sunday March 4 2012
8:49PM 1 can't add cpu's to virtual guest
6:57PM 0 Solution for Address family not supported by protocol
5:59PM 0 Resource overcommit
10:10AM 1 [LXC] Attempt to start X in guest makes host X die
Friday March 2 2012
7:21PM 1 Rebélate by self-management, first project of free software by which we bet all / Rebélate por la autogestión, primer proyecto de software libre por el que apostamos todas
2:42PM 0 vhost-net support in ethernet domian
Thursday March 1 2012
3:47PM 0 Migration of a vm consuming high cpu
2:51PM 2 Booting virtual machines automatically