dtrace discuss - Dec 2008

Tuesday December 30 2008
7:44AM 1 iosnoop doesn''t report IO activity for dd
Monday December 29 2008
4:34PM 5 Is there any way to trace malloc without using pid provider?
Friday December 26 2008
9:52AM 2 Anyway in DTRACE to know whether the IO from an app bypass the file system cache or not?
2:07AM 0 seems the output of fsrw.d doesn''t match the 128k recordsize of zfs, shouldn''t the size of fop_read/fop_write be multiple times of 128K?
Thursday December 25 2008
8:48AM 5 Just like WindView
Monday December 22 2008
8:47PM 0 Local interface ARP table population tracing
4:59PM 3 uptime : timestamp?
Sunday December 21 2008
7:57PM 0 Profiling a recoll stress-test
3:00AM 0 José Luis Barquín está ausente de la oficina por vacaciones.
Friday December 19 2008
9:27AM 1 Is it possible to attach several DTraces to a single process?
Wednesday December 17 2008
11:12PM 12 disk utilization is over 200%
10:11PM 2 examining of DTRACE return arguments in case of pass_by_value
2:53PM 12 [Fwd: Why exece syscall on 64-bit OS returns 32-bit address]
Tuesday December 16 2008
8:38AM 0 dtrace stack in optimized code
8:38AM 0 dtrace stack in optimized stack
Monday December 15 2008
5:21PM 7 No hotspot probes available?
Friday December 12 2008
8:05PM 2 Dtrace dummy and Conditional Expressions
3:37PM 1 profile:::tick-1 requires dtrace_kernel privilege?
Thursday December 11 2008
8:13PM 0 xc_capture_cpus() and sysinfo:::xcalls
4:27PM 2 DTrace documentation scripting bug
5:56AM 1 dtrace (1M) manpage/ docs seem incorrect re 32/64 bit
5:53AM 3 How to tell FPU activity on a CMT processor? Which tool, what to look at?
Monday December 8 2008
4:43PM 4 Is there a way to clear Dtrace arrays?
8:40AM 1 Does DTrace have "-xmangled" to support C++? Apple has done that
Friday December 5 2008
9:45PM 2 Trying to identify writer and/or reason for iowrite.
Thursday December 4 2008
11:46PM 31 Is the nfs dtrace script right (from nfsv3 provider wiki)?
8:06PM 0 ctfdump content format
7:57PM 0 ERROR: ctfmerge: Cannot open output file isp for r/w: No such fil
2:10AM 2 Round four: Re: code review req: 6750659 drti.o crashes app due to corrupt environment
Wednesday December 3 2008
12:01AM 4 Tracing application-specific data structures
Tuesday December 2 2008
2:38PM 1 dtrace scripts not working
2:12PM 18 How to dig deeper
Monday December 1 2008
10:20PM 5 lint and statically defined tracing for user applications
8:56AM 0 more friendly "dtrace --actions" , "dtrace --aggregations", "dtrace --varib
4:36AM 7 DIF content is invalid?
3:48AM 6 more friendly "dtrace -x" output
3:38AM 4 DTrace (API) version?
3:05AM 7 Concurrent Disk Activity from "Solaris Performance & Tools" Chap. 4.17.4