dovecot - Aug 2012

Friday August 31 2012
11:06PM 1 New log entries with 2.0.19?
10:42PM 1 dovecotadm error
1:51PM 2 How Converting/Using courier-userdb Files ?
12:27PM 2 Length of attachment filenames
10:01AM 1 Merge multiple doveadm commands
8:42AM 1 Possible mbox corruption if mail is saved with wrong Content-Length header (2.1.6)
7:55AM 1 mail_location / mail_home
2:51AM 1 [Postfix] SASL Auth. using Dovecot with password forwarding proxy configuration
Thursday August 30 2012
11:45PM 1 LDAP auth and multiple attributes to construct the mail path
6:34PM 0 deliver doesn't update cache index with mbox
Wednesday August 29 2012
9:47PM 0 FS Quotas, what am I doing wrong?
12:44PM 1 ACL MySQL dict: to_user==from_user entries
2:14AM 0 Dovecot Director Output buffer full
Tuesday August 28 2012
2:38PM 1 use sieve plugin with variable and folders
2:13PM 1 Fabricio Archanjo invited you to check out Dropbox
7:47AM 2 Help with Virtual Plugin
Monday August 27 2012
10:40AM 2 Dovecot sieve and duplicate email subjects
10:32AM 1 doveadm commands returning 139 at director servers
9:11AM 1 plugin development: retrieve username -d -f inside plugins
Sunday August 26 2012
4:47PM 4 Recipe for "admin-less restore"
3:40PM 1 How to configure dovecot for specific mailboxes only?
3:21PM 1 Java driver for doveadm
Saturday August 25 2012
6:31PM 1 UIDPLUS for Maildir?
Friday August 24 2012
7:23PM 0 Shared mdboxes
1:42PM 1 Vpopmail Dynamic Authentication Module
12:02PM 3 quota: ignore deleted messages (?)
10:53AM 4 Size of Mailbox affecting the sending of mail?
5:18AM 1 Disable security for testing?
Thursday August 23 2012
4:55PM 0 Dovecot / Win8 Mail App Folder Subscription Issue
1:40PM 1 pop3 migration
1:37PM 1 MailDir Issue
6:48AM 3 Dovecot generate file when over quota detected
2:02AM 0 more dsync issues
Wednesday August 22 2012
8:01PM 1 difference between namespace auto=subscribe and autocreate plugin
8:01AM 1 exclude a folder for lazy expunge (move to trash)
6:56AM 3 Sieve/pigeonhole rejects email addresses for valid UNIX users
Tuesday August 21 2012
11:44PM 1 Imap Ghost folder
7:38PM 1 blf-crypt
7:16PM 1 Ways to poke and prod Dovecot?
5:51PM 2 How dovecot treats UTF8 mailbox names in sieve scripts and `namespace' section
12:47PM 1 Spaces in DN with AD auth
12:36PM 1 segfault in mail_user_get_home()
5:42AM 1 Error: Couldn't open INBOX: Timeout while waiting for lock
Monday August 20 2012
3:21PM 2 Variables in LDAP userdb
1:06PM 1 Is it possible to save only some messages compressed to mdbox? (2.1.6)
9:14AM 0 SOLVED antispam_plugin prevents IMAP login (error 3) [Dovecot 2.0.19]
8:38AM 1 enabling per user quota plugin and problems with pop3
8:33AM 1 userdb multiple databases
Sunday August 19 2012
4:03PM 1 case insensitive acl
2:57AM 2 Search extensions
Friday August 17 2012
6:37PM 2 Problem use localized prefix in namespace
11:24AM 1 Expire-tool does not delete duplicate messages (dovecot-1.2.17)
10:06AM 1 antispam_plugin prevents IMAP login (error 3) [Dovecot 2.0.19]
9:46AM 1 No status for INBOX/* in mbox NS (2.1.6)
Thursday August 16 2012
4:01PM 2 Hostname Based forwarding
1:27PM 2 dovecot 2.1 Master account Error
8:41AM 1 Postfix & Dovecot: Client certificate authentication
12:52AM 1 Dovecot: pipe() failed: Too many open files
Wednesday August 15 2012
8:01PM 1 Mdbox corruption
10:14AM 1 bcrypt again
6:51AM 2 Thread sorting problem
Tuesday August 14 2012
10:12PM 3 Listen on multiple ports possible using same protocol?
12:23PM 0 vacation and field FROM
6:49AM 0 Libdovecot-sieve segfaults
Monday August 13 2012
4:12PM 2 [PATCH] Replace hard-coded PKG_STATEDIR with state_dir setting
3:18PM 1 Permission denied on dovecot.lda-dupes
12:40PM 2 v2.2 status update: IMAP NOTIFY extension and more
11:12AM 1 imap-login process_limit (100) reached, client connections are being dropped
8:24AM 0 master user auth problem
Saturday August 11 2012
10:11AM 0 Exim and Dovecot
2:28AM 2 Full text search in attachments
Friday August 10 2012
9:54PM 3 dsync backup gets stuck... fails
5:05PM 1 lmtp: Error: mmap failed with file ... dovecot.index.cache: Cannot allocate memory
11:03AM 2 postfix mysql quota map to dovecot dict in mysql
2:44AM 5 IMAP IDLE - iPhone?
Thursday August 9 2012
5:08PM 1 looking for information on Vacation auto-reply
4:16PM 4 Server side Sieve with virtual users
2:58PM 1 HA Mailbox Design
10:26AM 1 Dovecot LMTP - Delivered-To header weirdness
8:20AM 1 dsync \noselect on INBOX.INBOX skips sync of INBOX
8:14AM 2 some mdbox mails get lost each day
6:31AM 3 dovecot rpm packages for CentOS ?
6:10AM 5 about postlogin in dovecot2
12:34AM 1 maildir to sdbox offline conversion
Wednesday August 8 2012
6:19PM 1 Dsync and SIS
4:13PM 0 Quota dict configuration
12:23PM 5 Deleting metadata smashes file dovecot.dict
9:08AM 2 Running spamc during LMTP delivery
6:55AM 1 doveadm import is always verbose
Tuesday August 7 2012
9:06PM 0 how to duplicate users emails to allow deleted recovery?
3:17PM 1 Dovecot with Company - level Quota
12:43PM 1 For the wishlist
12:04PM 1 replication chain
11:47AM 4 pop3 proxying error
10:30AM 2 dovecot+LDAP/AD encoding issue
9:40AM 1 error message. Some help please
7:19AM 2 connectionlimit for pop3s?
7:03AM 0 LDAP auth with AD
Monday August 6 2012
6:34PM 2 redirect actions exceeds policy limit
8:09AM 2 find virtual users
Sunday August 5 2012
5:22AM 1 Just trying to make dovecot work.
Saturday August 4 2012
1:05PM 1 disable auth-worker logging
Friday August 3 2012
1:32PM 2 ot: mysql auth worker failure ?
12:03PM 3 Antispam only when LMTP delivers some specific messages
11:30AM 1 Pigeonhole sieve include namespace regression
7:04AM 1 dsync and pop3 migration plugin fails for large inbox due to idle timeout
6:49AM 2 Mail deletion and Solr index update
Thursday August 2 2012
4:10PM 1 Overriding inbox= in userdb extra fields
7:58AM 1 LZMA2 (xz) support for Dovecot?
Wednesday August 1 2012
8:53PM 1 Problem with preserving MIME format with Dovecot IMAP and MS Outlook client
5:58PM 2 v2.1.9 released
11:18AM 1 can't recieve emails to inbox
8:13AM 1 Erroneous operation not permitted when deleting mailbox with mdbox
7:19AM 1 imap(xxxxxxxx): Error: opendir(/user/xxxxxxxx/.imap) failed: No such file or directory
6:09AM 2 virtual folder - crash while searching