dovecot - Jul 2012

Tuesday July 31 2012
9:29PM 2 zlib plugin maildir broken ?/ Cached message size smaller than expected
6:29PM 1 [GoLugTech] thunderbird
3:35PM 1 openbsd + dovecot not downloading emails
9:42AM 1 authenticate plain and utf-8 with special chars
Monday July 30 2012
7:06AM 4 sieve vacation messages trouble
Sunday July 29 2012
7:09PM 1 Help needed with configuration giving dict error No such file
12:00PM 2 BUG: LDAP extension failed to authenticate if 'base' DN configuration is empty ''
7:01AM 1 Address extensions
5:30AM 1 Enable ACL for master user
4:30AM 1 Dovecot Director behaviour when two or more fail
Saturday July 28 2012
10:14PM 1 Problem with preserving MIME format with Dovecot IMAP and Outlook
3:21PM 1 fts solr : out of memory
Friday July 27 2012
5:01PM 1 Slightly OT - Winbind and remote authentication.
2:32PM 2 ntlm auth / usernames with white spaces
2:31PM 1 about dovecot quota ,i will crazy!
1:41PM 2 emails are being marked as read auto-magically
7:38AM 1 Question abous ecs
6:35AM 1 Dovecot configuration changes
6:01AM 2 lmtp log message
Thursday July 26 2012
10:37PM 4 Problem overriding default quota limit
7:38PM 1 Re move .INBOX from folders.
1:58PM 5 Auto logging-out client
11:26AM 1 Empty argument in "executable = script ..." service
2:27AM 2 Problem with running two dovecot instances on the same server
Wednesday July 25 2012
7:50PM 2 lock file strangeness
7:31PM 1 get recipient entry while in the zlib plugin context
9:18AM 0 help about quota config
2:39AM 1 fts-lucene vs SEARCH HEADER
1:56AM 2 Sieve & Adding headers.
Tuesday July 24 2012
6:27PM 1 SSL Warnings in Debug Logs
2:51PM 2 deleted-to-trash plugin problems
7:27AM 2 Fwd: official dev team position regarding multiple times requested feature (global sieve)
3:58AM 19 what best for anti-spam filter?
Monday July 23 2012
3:31PM 1 Couple of questions about the logs
8:51AM 1 about .dovecot.sieve file can't found for directory
Sunday July 22 2012
7:06PM 0 Corrupted dbox file - purging found mismatched offsets
1:39PM 1 Performance based choices
11:59AM 2 maildir_copy_with_hardlinks on v.2.0.19
11:46AM 1 dovecot 2.x via xinetd
Saturday July 21 2012
10:04PM 1 Panic: file mail-storage.c: line 791 (mailbox_check_mismatching_separators)
3:04PM 2 Upgrade Problem from 2.0.18 to 2.1.7
10:28AM 2 Director for smtp-auth
9:24AM 1 Confusion when trying to set up a first postfix+dovecot mailserver
Friday July 20 2012
3:31PM 1 postfix/sendmail configuration
12:46PM 1 mdbox with separate index location results in many emptydirectories
Thursday July 19 2012
4:02PM 1 improve error messages with quotes
2:28PM 3 Disable W=<vsize> in filenames
12:45PM 6 Remove leading and trailing spaces from folder names?
11:16AM 1 Append with literal+ and mailbox over quota
Wednesday July 18 2012
10:21PM 2 doesn't work at all
9:39PM 3 Converting from Maildir format ?
2:48PM 1 [PATCH] Pop3/imap ordering in
12:49PM 1 FETCH Error
1:33AM 1 dovecot-lda setting quota rules
Tuesday July 17 2012
11:04PM 1 Different LDAP filters for different protocols
2:15PM 1 Dovecot-2.1.8 process imap crashed
10:43AM 3 doveadm director status username != doveadm director status username@mailserver
Monday July 16 2012
10:35PM 1 Selective TLS per local IP
9:25PM 1 Compile issue Dovecot 2.1.8, OS X 10.6.x
1:40PM 3 outlook and redirect sieve
12:58PM 2 Multi Server Exim/Dovecot and NFS
12:22PM 0 ACL with MySQL dict => full table scans
5:20AM 4 incremental backups of maildir via rsync
Sunday July 15 2012
11:31PM 3 Last login datetime on accounts
8:50AM 3 Issues with Plus addressing and detail part of subaddress.
3:34AM 3 expire-tool stops on first box with nothing to expire in it
Saturday July 14 2012
6:17PM 1 [PATCH] Interop problem with Cyrus SASL and GSSAPI
8:29AM 1 Migrating with dsync and INBOX.INBOX namespace issue
Friday July 13 2012
12:39PM 1 imapc: Restrict the number of connections
8:52AM 1 Difference between proxy_refresh and proxy_timeout in director
Thursday July 12 2012
11:03PM 3 ot: execute a script via email?
8:27PM 1 managesieve segfault with gold linker
1:43PM 1 Override userdb=passwd gid
11:14AM 2 doveadm director move behaviour
11:13AM 1 Seq-range order in sequence-set are matter?
10:32AM 2 bcypt availability
6:12AM 3 Maildir messages
Wednesday July 11 2012
6:10PM 1 MySQL dict issues
1:42PM 1 mail_log plugin logs UTF-8 mailbox name
Tuesday July 10 2012
11:51PM 0 more info (more dsync problems)
11:47PM 0 more dsync problems: Error: proxy client timed out
3:54PM 2 Make a whole mailbox read-only
11:25AM 6 getting rid of old spam from +spam Maildir ?
11:00AM 2 dovecot 2.1.8 still tries to touch any mountpoint
7:24AM 2 different mail_max_userip settings
Monday July 9 2012
8:28PM 1 recover .sieve plaintext from .sievec binary file
11:39AM 2 imap-login: Panic: epoll_ctl(add, 6) failed: Invalid argument
10:45AM 1 configuring imap_stats
8:45AM 1 Timeout (180s) while waiting for lock for transaction log file
Sunday July 8 2012
7:42AM 1 quota fs: Support for hardlimit quotas (where softquota is unset)
Saturday July 7 2012
2:26PM 5 Feature request
12:38AM 2 Dovecot 2.1.8 crashes when doing POP3 UIDL on empty INBOX
Friday July 6 2012
2:46PM 2 Pigeonhole Sieve SetFlag question
1:46PM 0 I changed the separator from . to / and it still seems to work.
1:09PM 0 Dovecot v2 shared mailboxes , a . separator and complete emailaddress as username.
Thursday July 5 2012
4:28PM 1 Dsync replication
1:45PM 1 LDAP.conf filter issue
10:51AM 1 Dovecot mailstorage migration uppon logging / delivery with dsync
Wednesday July 4 2012
8:01PM 8 Howto add another disk storage
6:49PM 1 dovecot and nfs readdir vs readdirplus operations
4:17PM 3 files missed from install
Tuesday July 3 2012
8:07PM 2 Migration Question
9:28AM 1 error: director left/right disconnected
5:53AM 1 Dovecot shared library to replace libc-client
2:22AM 0 v2.1.8 released
Monday July 2 2012
2:34PM 5 Outlook 2010 very slow when using IMAP - are there any tweaks?
2:25PM 1 mailboxes missing after upgrade from 2.1.4 to 2.1.7
1:51PM 1 Authentication failed (migrate from 2.0.13 to 2.0.17)
1:23PM 2 + sub addressing setup
9:07AM 1 UTF-8 mailbox name STATUS response
Sunday July 1 2012
8:04PM 0 Config off by a nuance or a gross?
1:37AM 0 ot: trying to understand log entries, etc