dovecot - Feb 2012

Wednesday February 29 2012
5:27PM 1 What's behind the message ...
12:57PM 1 dovecot-2.1-pigeonhole-0.3.0 identifier redeclared: sieve_multiscript_run (patch)
9:31AM 2 doveadm fetch prints duplicate results in 2.1
Tuesday February 28 2012
7:02PM 1 quota warning script not working after upgrade to 2.1.1
6:46PM 2 2.1.1: subscriptions: Removing invalid entry
6:11PM 4 Post-login scripting - Trash cleanup
5:45PM 1 migrating/converting from system users -> virtual users
4:33PM 2 Question: Is Server Side Search announced somehow via the IMAP CAPABILITY string?
4:11PM 1 Master user
2:03PM 2 Dovecot clustering with dsync-based replication
2:02PM 1 fts size
11:10AM 0 ANN: automx - automated mail account provisioning
Monday February 27 2012
4:54PM 4 Multiple locations, 2 servers - planning questions...
3:30PM 1 POP/IMAP on proxy rip issue
11:06AM 3 LDA alias resolution problems..
8:39AM 1 Error with 2.0.18
7:23AM 2 [PATCH] Pop3 order in courier migration script
1:17AM 2 GSSAPI auth failing for kmail
1:11AM 2 value for client_limit
12:07AM 2 Dovecot altmove questions
Sunday February 26 2012
11:26PM 2 testing fts-solr?
3:54PM 2 Deny create folders
1:44PM 1 deliver(test@[***domain_name***]): Fatal: setgid(5000) failed with ... Operation not permitted
10:30AM 0 IMAP NOTIFY extension
7:22AM 2 FreeBSD maintainer ?
Saturday February 25 2012
6:09AM 1 Solr not indexing
3:54AM 1 Proxying improvements in v2.1.2
2:42AM 1 upgrade to dovecot 2.1.1 any question
Friday February 24 2012
10:49PM 1 v2.0.13 problems after kernel patch for CVE-2011-1083 applied on Centos 5
5:44PM 3 remove messages once downloaded
4:26PM 2 Mail delivery to subfolders via address extension, and prefered lda method
3:27PM 0 dsync 2.0.x versus 2.1.x field report
3:20PM 1 Maildir migration: Courier-imap 4.4.3 to Dovecot 1.2.
2:27PM 1 Virtual Folders
2:22PM 3 iPhone and custom imap folders problem
1:55PM 1 Apple od/ad authentication problem
1:22AM 3 Dovecot 2.1 with custom OpenSSL fails to build
Thursday February 23 2012
10:33PM 1 How to limit max number of connections for ip address
8:41PM 1 From Maildir back to smtp
5:31PM 1 Settings for authentication without an extra password file
4:26PM 1 Can't connect to my mail server (postfix + dovecot, IMAP) with Thunderbird
4:19PM 1 Creating and interacting with array inside plugin
3:16PM 6 Why is dovecot involved in my smtp process
8:54AM 0 v2.1.1 released
5:20AM 1 How to achieve proper privilege separation?
Tuesday February 21 2012
10:46PM 2 duplicates with multiple To/CC and sieve redirect copy
3:05PM 1 Managesieve AUTHENTICATE with IDN using UTF-8 or encode into ACE?
12:56PM 1 Where did the message end up?
9:33AM 2 passwd-file - lower limit for username?
1:20AM 1 dovecot 2 doesn't start with managesieve
Monday February 20 2012
6:10PM 5 Questions still about a uw-imap -> dovecot conversion
11:59AM 1 virtual plugin and shared namespace
9:29AM 1 Feature request for maillog plugin
6:57AM 1 Homedir vs locations vs mail_location?
Sunday February 19 2012
6:09PM 0 A Postfix/Dovecot example with SQLite backend [crossposted]
12:53PM 4 dovecot freezes when trying to get mail from maildir with mail
12:21PM 1 Automatic Debian packages for Dovecot v2.2.
10:39AM 2 Some trouble with dovecot 2.1 and SASL
Saturday February 18 2012
6:26PM 3 Failing: doveadm sync <--remote host--> dsync mirror
5:25PM 1 Move templates args to override_fields setting?
5:18PM 5 Folder name migration when moving from 2.0.x to 2.1.x?
5:04PM 2 I'm confused about my namespace parms
1:54AM 1 Order of operations in Dovecot
Friday February 17 2012
6:51PM 1 Upgraded to 2.1 - ulimit error
6:48PM 4 2.0.X -> 2.1 pitfalls?
6:25PM 1 expunging
5:09PM 2 2.1 upgrade docs?
3:39PM 1 user_filter problem
1:40PM 2 Quota warnings and LMTP
5:21AM 0 Dovecot lda parameters
3:20AM 0 Favorable mention in Linux Productivity Magazine
Thursday February 16 2012
10:39PM 1 How to delete old mails in dovecot 1.2.x
10:27PM 2 Dovecot 2.1.0 packages for CentOS 6 / RHEL6
9:35PM 0 Sieve_extprograms plugin for Pigeonhole v0.3
9:29PM 2 Released Pigeonhole v0.3.0 for Dovecot v2.1.0
5:06PM 2 v2.1.0 released
3:35PM 1 Recalculate quota when quota=dict ?
8:41AM 1 Any possibility of running query after sucessful login?
1:04AM 6 Something is strange - perhaps my AMD processors ?
Wednesday February 15 2012
7:30PM 2 2.1b6 imapc sync error
2:55PM 3 Dovecot-2.0.18 and Dovecot-Pigeonwhole-0.2.6
4:07AM 0 v2.1.rc7 released
Tuesday February 14 2012
9:29PM 3 domain quota in sql
8:47PM 1 doveadm director proxy
7:34PM 1 pop3 not autocreating directory structure
3:54PM 0 R: Re: R: Re: LMTP : Can't handle mixed proxy/non-proxy destinations
3:04PM 1 log message about client_limit may in fact be due to ulimit
3:02PM 2 R: Re: LMTP : Can't handle mixed proxy/non-proxy destinations
3:31AM 1 index synchronization during local delivery
3:04AM 1 Boehm
Monday February 13 2012
9:01PM 0 Released Pigeonhole v0.2.6 for Dovecot v2.0.18
8:03PM 0 Logging to messages instead of secure
4:26PM 1 Managesieve doesn't listen on 2000/4190
2:16PM 1 dsync, hard-links and refcounts
1:54PM 5 IMAP-proxy or not with sogo webmail and dovecot backend
11:47AM 6 Dovecot v2.2 plans
12:02AM 2 [Dovecot 2.1] imap service crash when using some clients
Sunday February 12 2012
10:32PM 4 Dovecot 2.0.18 build error with pigeonhole
9:57PM 0 v2.0.18 released
9:01PM 2 v2.1.rc6 released
1:52PM 2 Lost in configuration
11:18AM 3 2.1.rc5 Cannot delete folders from trash
5:42AM 2 v2.1.0 status
Saturday February 11 2012
2:33PM 1 Passdb disconnected unexpectedly when trying to do Director with LMTP
Friday February 10 2012
9:54PM 1 Can't view all sub folders or e-mail using Dovecot with Maildir.
8:46PM 1 folder hierarchies with migration from cyrus to dovecot2
6:54PM 1 Postfix + LMTP with virtual users: how to strip domain from LMTP RCPT TO
5:39PM 1 There is a way to know if a email has been expunged ?
2:36PM 1 Migration to mdbox from Maildir, missing folders!
12:13PM 2 Inherited ACLs for mailboxes created by not-owner
Thursday February 9 2012
2:35PM 1 POP3 UIDLs with virtual INBOX and migration from maildir->mdbox
Wednesday February 8 2012
8:58AM 2 vsz_limit
Tuesday February 7 2012
8:44PM 1 Fedora 16 configuration
10:07AM 2 Multiple userdb possible?
6:26AM 1 Synchronization error in NFS
Monday February 6 2012
9:26PM 2 Possible broken indexer(lucene/solr)?
8:37PM 1 ENVELOPE mishandling of Subject lines with quote(s)?
8:24PM 0 dovecot-antispam 1.3 and dovecot 1.2.17 fails with spool2dir
7:58PM 1 Multiple instances
5:33PM 1 Configuration problem?
1:59PM 1 doveadm purge on shared storage
Sunday February 5 2012
4:53PM 3 user login on behalf of another user
3:00PM 2 Sieve notify messages
Friday February 3 2012
6:35PM 1 Managesieve Build failure
3:22PM 1 Vacation via database
2:42PM 1 What does this /var/log/maillog message means?
2:16PM 1 Slightly more intelligent way of handling issues in sdbox?
1:25PM 0 Errors starting Dovecot
1:15PM 1 openbsd and dovecot
11:20AM 0 Feature request - search and tag protocol - notmuch-alike approach
Thursday February 2 2012
10:58PM 3 Question about quota configuration
7:59PM 1 dsync deleting too many emails (sdbox)
1:54PM 1 LDAP auth improvements
Wednesday February 1 2012
9:03PM 0 Site-wide configurable Sieve
5:59PM 1 doveadm altmove fails to pack messages?
3:43PM 1 Uncompressing dboxes
2:09PM 1 locking problem
12:40PM 1
12:29PM 2 Doubts about dsync, mdbox, SIS
12:11PM 2 Can anyone tell me quick, if the howto on is actual:
5:55AM 3 Temporary forbid some users login ?