dovecot - May 2010

Monday May 31 2010
10:02AM 1 Unresolved client rejection
8:40AM 1 master users with dovecot2 braek down to allowed domain
8:33AM 0 imap folder aliases for different mail clients naming convention
Sunday May 30 2010
6:04PM 2 Dovecot install problem
11:34AM 2 Dovecot 1.2 - Quotas - Ignoring Trash folder
7:05AM 2 beta5 builds under RHEL
2:39AM 2 dovecot-2.0-pigeonhole/ManageSieve: wrong service name
Saturday May 29 2010
3:47PM 1 strange sieve situation
Friday May 28 2010
11:34PM 1 doveadm: Error: dlopen(/path/2/ failed
11:08PM 0 Dovecot 1.2.11 driver_mysql_db error
2:14PM 1 Auto Block!
10:55AM 4 cur folder e-mails are not shown...
Thursday May 27 2010
4:30PM 1 Over quota
4:14PM 1 Cannot Access Inbox
4:10PM 2 question about rpc quota reporting 1.2.11
8:17AM 2 Dovecot and Apples
5:03AM 4 1.2.11, mbox, new mail
Wednesday May 26 2010
8:52PM 1 Dovecot access imap folder via POP3
8:27PM 2 symlinking maildirs
8:20PM 4 recipient_delimiter
7:04PM 2 dovecot-sieve and managesieve for 2.0bX vanished ?
5:27PM 1 newbie question about shared folders
5:19PM 1 warning: pipe flag `D' requires dovecot_destination_recipient_limit = 1
4:51PM 1 with dovecot deliver amavisd not work
2:53PM 2 mixture of virtual and plain users
9:43AM 2 Problems with Outlook clients after a migration
Tuesday May 25 2010
9:48PM 1 config file includes
8:52PM 0 imap quota and pop quota
7:29PM 3 purge maildir folder after sa-learn
5:44PM 1 Convert Plugin dovecot2.0
2:20PM 4 How to restart DOVECOT without rebooting
1:39PM 1 A few questions on shared folders
10:45AM 1 (1.2.11): Confused about shared/public folders
8:02AM 1 save failed to INBOX: Internal error occurred.
Monday May 24 2010
3:26PM 2 STARTTLS does not seem to work
12:57PM 2 Problem with deliver and quota userdb sql
8:02AM 1 Dovecot public folders subscription
Sunday May 23 2010
8:48AM 2 Problem with ACL and rename folder
Saturday May 22 2010
2:28AM 5 quota and postfix virtual users
Friday May 21 2010
1:26PM 2 SQL Server
12:22PM 1 question about scripts sieves
4:20AM 1 Dovecot and /dev/shm
Thursday May 20 2010
4:16PM 0 Dovecot LDAP problems
3:55PM 1 Patch for logging variables
2:44PM 1 Permanent flags not announced and public mailbox with per-user index
2:25PM 2 POP3 Problem with SPAM-Mail's over sieve
1:35PM 1 LDAP against Novell eDirectory: 'Confidentiality required'
1:29PM 1 Plugin to encrypt mailboxes ?
10:11AM 2 draft-ietf-morg-list-specialuse-01 - IMAP LIST extension for special-use mailboxes
7:34AM 2 Receive Mail via lmtp/tcp
Wednesday May 19 2010
6:05PM 1 postfix+lda+ virtual users, confusion
4:39PM 1 logging
1:50PM 3 mail location filesystem noatime, nodiratime?
12:15PM 2 how to configure my scripts sieves for the home root
10:11AM 6 dovecot2 latest beta5 acl not working properly ?
8:51AM 4 A new director service in v2.0 for NFS installations
Tuesday May 18 2010
4:47PM 1 Dovecot 2.0.beta5: dovecot-uidlist: Duplicate file entry at line X
2:04PM 5 looking for IMAP testing tool
1:49PM 1 Make dovecot.index and dovecot.index.cache
1:03PM 1 problem trying out dovecot hg
9:26AM 1 suggestion
8:48AM 1 problem compiling pigeonhole + my fix
Monday May 17 2010
5:38PM 1 how authentication works?
2:51PM 1 Configuring Dovecot SASL
2:14PM 2 dovecot2beta5 lmtp
1:04PM 1 imap_acl for CentOS
Saturday May 15 2010
11:52PM 1 SSL Bug
2:05PM 1 Setting up a 'rootless' server - user and auth_user cannot be the same
1:34PM 2 sieve spamtest extension
11:53AM 2 Multiple hosts for pgsql backend?
6:36AM 2 Email jam problem
Friday May 14 2010
8:12PM 4 Dovecot 2.0beta5 Quota/Dict
7:18PM 2 dovecot from debian lenny-backports does not accept connections
6:18PM 0 Debian package for 2.0beta5 (was: Re: %d is empty in mail_location)
6:16PM 2 mdbox error with 2.0.beta5
6:08PM 1 Setting up ACL for IMAP
3:45PM 1 Shared mailboxes
12:26PM 1 Wiki page(s) to document executable tools?
12:10PM 3 dovecot 2.0 vs. SELinux
4:15AM 1 big mail Single-instance storage
Thursday May 13 2010
3:59PM 1 mdbox: Is there a tool to recover space used by refcount=0 messages in mdbox storage files?
11:17AM 1 List shared folders
10:45AM 0 Dovecot and POP3
9:33AM 1 mdbox: Is there any more info on the "cleanup" step? (Dovecot 2.0beta5)
9:28AM 1 mdbox: What format is the file "storage/" in? (Dovecot 2.0beta5)
9:14AM 5 mdbox: Cannot create subfolder called "dbox-Mails" (2.0beta5)
9:02AM 3 Can't get Thunderbird 2 to delete a folder under mdbox (Dovecot 2.0beta5)
Wednesday May 12 2010
6:48PM 2 auth: Error: PLAIN(user): Request 27511.1 timeouted after 150 secs, state=3
5:28PM 1 Problems with the fs-quota plugin on delivery stage
1:14PM 1 ot: problem with .de root servers
12:44PM 2 Compressed mail archives
9:08AM 1 dovecot 2.0 and lmtp
8:37AM 1 dovecot-2.0 hg and pigeonhole hg
Tuesday May 11 2010
7:41PM 1 Zlib plugin dovecot 2.0beta4
6:05AM 2 Best location for indexes?
6:02AM 4 antispam plugin problem
Monday May 10 2010
11:03PM 2 Sieve problem. Timo, is this mbox file size limitation hard coded? If so, why?
7:38PM 1 about acl
7:30PM 1 Help with acl_shared_dict
7:21PM 4 %d is empty in mail_location
5:41PM 1 libdovecot not referencing libiconv
5:33PM 2 dovecot/deliver ... Can't open log file /var/log/dovecot/error.log: Permission denied
4:53PM 1 authentification failure: double quotes in password
4:36PM 1 Client cant see emails
2:25PM 0 configuration user= or auth_user=
10:49AM 2 per domain quota
8:40AM 0 lmtp_generic_maps with postfix
Sunday May 9 2010
7:27PM 2 v2.0.beta5 released
3:22PM 1 Reading emails, vmail user mail access problems.
12:43PM 2 problems implementing dovecot LDA with Postfix
Saturday May 8 2010
4:54AM 0 v2.0.beta4: Couldn't drop privileges: Unknown mail_privileged_group
Friday May 7 2010
10:32PM 2 sshfs and outlok express imap directory problem.
8:44PM 0 Dovecot version mismatch - after restart
6:16PM 1 CRYPT scheme and 8 character limit
2:59PM 2 wrong config file?
2:41PM 4 looking for feedbacks on courier to dovecot
2:06PM 1 Go Away Message after the first successful login on proxy server
1:39PM 0 dovecotpw documentation
1:35PM 2 Problems with the IMAP proxy after upgrading from dovecot 1.1.16 to 1.211
12:00PM 4 Requiring STARTTLS only on some networks
5:02AM 2 Thunderbird very slow startup, 1.2.11, mbox, postfix local delivery to /var/mail
Thursday May 6 2010
8:41PM 0 disable plaintext auth ... only for some addresses
8:15PM 1 Dovecot 2.0 HG 11267: Crash on THREAD
7:35PM 1 during change sql password on squirrelmail
3:02PM 1 log_path and info_log_path - ownership of parent directory
2:35PM 1 Bug in zlib Plugin (2.0)
2:22PM 0 !include
8:51AM 3 Dovecot Won't start on SLITAZ Linux
8:08AM 1 dovecot and pigeonhole
6:42AM 1 POP3 says no new mail.
Wednesday May 5 2010
5:23PM 1 2.0 beta4 (5d76f5b13883): Home directory not recognized
4:37PM 1 migrating maildir from 1.1.7 to 1.2.11
2:49PM 0 Plugin to handle message saved and handle move from tmp to cur/new
1:11PM 3 quota dict mysql not working (2.0.beta4)
11:37AM 1 [Bug] Case sensitive usernames and variables
7:24AM 1 2.0 FTBFS since sqlpool changes when --with-sql=plugin is used
Tuesday May 4 2010
11:04PM 1 Where should I define mail_uid for deliver LDA?
9:14PM 3 Dovecot deliver LDA problem
6:38PM 2 raw backtrace in masses
6:20PM 3 Iphone and Dovecot - 2-way sync
5:21PM 2 Corrupted index cache file and Maildir filename has wrong W value
12:40PM 3 Access filesystem (NFS) as some user
Monday May 3 2010
11:00PM 4 Dovecot SQL user_query
10:45PM 1 Dovecot antispam plugin with virtual users
10:25PM 2 Questions, Issues with 2.0
6:17PM 0 Dovecot Vs Procmail LDA
5:41PM 1 corrupted transaction log errors causing users mail to disappear temporarily
3:58PM 1 exit codes for 'sievec'
2:21PM 1 2.0.beta4 (f05909834219): Crashes with incorrect maildir permissions
1:52PM 1 Plugins and message file access
1:50PM 1 proxy user wildcard
10:15AM 1 Migrating domain with diferent default_pass_scheme
9:28AM 1 dovecot server down, dovecot deliver keeps mail?
Sunday May 2 2010
11:23AM 0 courier-imap and dovecot in migration process
Saturday May 1 2010
10:13AM 0 UK Blackberry BIS and Dovecot - 2-way sync
8:23AM 1 My dovecot does not store Thunderbird flags