dovecot - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
6:49PM 1 v2.0.beta2 released
2:04PM 2 LSUB output format != LIST output format
Saturday January 30 2010
10:06PM 1 dovecot-sieve and ldap user
8:39PM 1 sha-512 ... shadow blended with database
5:49PM 2 Dovecot version 2 and multiple SSL certificates
1:26PM 0 Pigeon hole sieve binaries and dovecot header install
7:31AM 2 failed: Cannot allocate memory
3:55AM 0 Authentication failure (password mismatch?)
Friday January 29 2010
9:04PM 4 Want to have some users with Maildir, some with mbox
8:25PM 1 Not understanding namespaces
5:01PM 2 dovecot auth feature request
4:53PM 1 mdbox, dsync
11:39AM 1 Master user and proxying
11:20AM 2 sieve script
11:12AM 1 Dovecot SSL issues
10:59AM 1 Courier-to-Dovecot-migration: Outlook downloads all Mails again
10:47AM 2 Does anyone know a good Dovecot hoster in europe?
Thursday January 28 2010
7:27PM 0 assertion mail-transaction-log-view.c
4:13PM 1 Question about Pigeonhole for Dovecot v2.0 revision 1223:67f7f59671e8
11:18AM 2 failed to stat user's sieve script
10:11AM 2 virtual users with mysql
9:25AM 1 Dovecot 2.0 authentication will not work with Exim [patch]
8:07AM 10 Anyone successfully setup Continous Backup of mailboxes using rsync ?
12:37AM 1 Recommended method?
Wednesday January 27 2010
7:15PM 0 Seen Flag doesn't work using imapflags
3:29PM 3 Cannot get dovecot-sieve to work
9:45AM 1 maildir/cur/ - file names
12:08AM 3 How do I make dovecot not use sslv2 for pop?
Tuesday January 26 2010
2:36PM 1 dovecot-antispam for dovecot 2.0?
2:24PM 2 read-only dovecot-uidlist
11:58AM 1 Are Mail files in /Maildir/cur & /Maildir/.Sent read-only ?
Monday January 25 2010
8:15PM 1 index location
5:32PM 3 sieve or another vacation/autoreply
3:36PM 2 still asserts with 1.2.10
2:34PM 2 dovecot 1.2.9 crash on subscribe with shared namespace
1:53PM 2 Delete messages with archivemail
1:16PM 1 blocked for xx secs
12:58PM 2 Proxying to a DNS Name
11:03AM 1 Released Pigeonhole Sieve v0.1.15 and ManageSieve v0.11.11 for Dovecot v1.2.10
10:57AM 2 acl flag to limit imap_acl based acl changes
8:33AM 4 backup & restore mailbox files manually
Sunday January 24 2010
11:39PM 0 v1.2.10 released
4:19PM 2 authentication with userdb and passdb fails
4:07PM 2 STATUS command and total/read message count
9:42AM 1 SpamAssassin and i;ascii-numeric comparator
Saturday January 23 2010
8:38PM 7 Dovecot 1.2 & Thunderbird 3.0
12:51PM 8 dovecot user
11:42AM 1 Mail process plans: multiple connections in a process + idle processes
Friday January 22 2010
11:45PM 1 how to create maildir on local mail delivery
8:53PM 3 mailbox format w/ separate headers/data
8:38PM 1 format of file dict
4:24PM 3 quick question
4:13PM 1 Compilation error
3:42PM 1 ldap login with userid
3:28PM 1 config file option to switch off CONDSTORE support?
2:15PM 1 Seen flag bug in Mozilla Thunderbird - BugID 541337 - "old messages are marked as unread"
9:20AM 1 when does dovecot create a mailbox
Thursday January 21 2010
10:51PM 2 IMAP only for some users or via webmail
8:09PM 2 nologin in auth proto version 1.1
5:27PM 0 Dovecot & SNMP
2:35PM 1 Fastest restart of dovecot after upgrade: HOW?:
12:37PM 2 ldap and mail_location
9:25AM 1 Maildir and IMAP keywords
Wednesday January 20 2010
9:11PM 1 Conditionally use a sieve script with deliver?
8:53PM 1 MUA notifications on new mail in a new folder?
8:21PM 1 Modifying the underlying maildir externally (webmail, replication)
6:55PM 3 feature question: local delivery from SMTP
6:45PM 1 Plugin
6:18PM 1 Need simplest method for providing alternate mail location
4:20PM 2 Migration from Courier to dovecot
2:09PM 2 md5_verify(...): Not a valid MD5-CRYPT or PLAIN-MD5 password
10:50AM 0 Autobuilder packages for Debian stable/i386 now available
8:29AM 2 ManageSieve doe not work
Tuesday January 19 2010
1:40PM 1 Auto discard sieve vacation messages
1:39PM 1 Auto Discard Vacation Sieve in a date
12:02PM 1 Socket permission 432/384 and dovecot.conf
12:23AM 1 Files Moving From /New to /Cur
Monday January 18 2010
11:21PM 1 No filelocking at "shared-mailboxes" dictionary?
1:49PM 1 Inotify instance limit for user exceeded
6:23AM 1 Adding support for a new storage format - plugin?
Saturday January 16 2010
2:36AM 1 listen to imap*s* on multiple ports?
Friday January 15 2010
10:31PM 1 sieve: discarding vacation response
5:59PM 1 sieve: failed to save binary
4:46PM 3 unlinking
12:10PM 1 Update Dovecot index files on maildrop delivery?
6:37AM 3 How can I configure dovecot as gmail imap proxy
Thursday January 14 2010
11:12PM 3 LDA and POP3/IMAP user_query
9:23PM 1 Strange permission problem with Maildir
7:22PM 2 shared namespaces with common prefix prefix
3:55PM 1 antispam plugin
9:13AM 2 Fail to handle . and - in mailaddresses
2:33AM 1 handling filename of compressed messages
Wednesday January 13 2010
9:59PM 0 Sieve and ManageSieve for Dovecot v2.0 merged into one repository
8:48PM 1 how-to use dsync to do a 2 ways replication ?
8:14PM 3 Upgrade path questions
12:56PM 0 Re-2: Allow POP3 per Domain
11:19AM 1 Allow POP3 per Domain
11:02AM 2 filter sieve
10:38AM 1 using dovecot deliver
6:52AM 0 problems running dsync
Tuesday January 12 2010
6:51PM 3 Dovecot 2.0 beta imap session crash report
2:54PM 1 Best way of dealing with Case-Sensitive Issues in Dovecot
2:43PM 1 expire plugin doesn't find mail location
2:23PM 2 Silent migration from mbox to maildir?
2:03PM 1 Discard duplicate messages at delivery?
2:40AM 3 IDLE timing issue - dovecot or fetchmail issue?
Monday January 11 2010
12:12PM 2 shared namespace bug?
Sunday January 10 2010
4:38PM 1 how to use dsync?
10:41AM 1 virtual namespace question
12:34AM 2 "leave mail on server" workaround
Saturday January 9 2010
12:00PM 1 How to tell dovecot to use a specific MTA
11:18AM 1 How to create UTF encoded folders?
9:29AM 1 dovecot cannot access a specific folder
8:58AM 1 Problem in LSUB?
2:22AM 1 outlook 2007 can't see public folders more than 1 deep
Friday January 8 2010
9:47PM 1 uw-imap compatability hack?
8:27PM 1 stripping attachments
3:12PM 3 Next message unexpectedly corrupted in mbox file
12:26PM 0 dovecot-1.2-sieve-0.1.3 compile error
11:47AM 0 shared namespace problem
9:50AM 1 IMAP client dependence on dovecot mail storage fromat?
Thursday January 7 2010
6:35PM 1 Does Dovecot Sieve plug-in support Dovecot 2.0?
5:54PM 1 dovecot refuses to remove folders
1:09PM 1 Dovecot Sieve: Vacation Recipient
1:08PM 4 Dovecot (IMAP) Hangs sometimes
11:40AM 1 a dovecot / smtp / pop3 scenario
Wednesday January 6 2010
3:38PM 1 Log the virtual email address and not the local account - dovecot 1.2.2 w/ MySQL
2:45PM 1 Dovecot(MYSQL)/Lda/Postfix/Postfixadmin and Quota limit per user
11:18AM 1 strange behaviour with seen/unseen messages in virtual folders.
9:51AM 2 Post-logoff script
Tuesday January 5 2010
4:59PM 2 Dovecot Quota Problem
4:09PM 2 Failed IMAP Login Attempts in Logs
1:36PM 3 Managesieve and Dovecot from ATRPM - Still no luck
11:41AM 2 auth, partially resolved
8:02AM 6 Sieve > Pigeonhole > external storage with LDAP or other data source available to dovecot
1:19AM 2 Sorting in IMAP list command?
Monday January 4 2010
9:00PM 8 First time Dovecot user, really impressed so far. What is best IMAP enabled webmail package to go with Dovecot?
8:26PM 2 How to configure dovecot to listen on multiple separate port numbers
8:21PM 1 Dovecot not delivering mail.
7:02PM 1 Moving to hardlinks?
6:47PM 2 virtual mailbox / INTHREAD use case, issues, questions
6:03PM 0 dovecot as lda
5:15PM 1 managesieve does call a wrong chown
1:32PM 1 Same filenames on different servers?
Sunday January 3 2010
5:16PM 2 imap default separator ignored?
3:29PM 2 Problems getting the antispam-plugin to work
Saturday January 2 2010
9:18PM 3 Moving
8:45AM 2 Kernel warnings
8:02AM 2 nested folders
4:23AM 1 Deliver virtual user's mail to a specific namespace?
2:08AM 1 Using Push IMAP to trigger POP3 download
1:19AM 1 Recalculate quota usage on demand
Friday January 1 2010
11:19PM 1 What auth ?
10:09PM 3 architecture to handle 1000 messages per second?
11:16AM 1 fedora rpm for 2.0 beta?
7:24AM 1 Dovecot deliver and IMAP - separate user db queries possible?
3:40AM 1 Dovecot LDA with SetUID
12:33AM 1 1.2.9 -llber