dovecot - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
7:45PM 2 64 bit vs 32 Bit
3:38PM 1 v1.2.rc8 released
3:23PM 1 No folders listed in felamimail
2:06PM 2 sieve vacation messages trouble
1:28PM 1 Location of sieve_global_dir setting
Monday June 29 2009
9:17PM 1 Dovecot-1.1.15 panics
8:32PM 2 configure dovecot to invoke pam_setcred() from the same process that accesses ~/Maildir?
12:55PM 1 LDAP Plugin fails to build in 1.2.rc7
12:49PM 2 Recommended Groupware?
9:04AM 2 Problem with sieve and german umlauts
Sunday June 28 2009
4:26PM 3 System users, mbox format and global ACLs
1:04PM 1 Dovecot 1.2rc7 / Sieve Plugin problem / Namespaces
9:25AM 2 sievec error: "fileinto require missing"
3:59AM 2 v1.2.rc7 released
3:01AM 1 automated email setup and white/blacklists
Friday June 26 2009
6:53PM 3 SSL / TLS
8:33AM 2 ACLs, imap and launchd
Thursday June 25 2009
2:07PM 5 Lots of pop3-logins
1:43PM 2 Sieve/ManageSieve integration into pkgsrc
1:40PM 3 Dovecot v1.2 ACL shared-boxes users in SQL, how to remove entries?
12:46PM 2 Dovecot v1.2rc6 dict-server socket path problem & pgsql crash
11:07AM 2 dovecot-acl-list not honouring owner / permissions that are set on dovecot-shared
2:08AM 2 bzip2 compression bug
Wednesday June 24 2009
2:45PM 3 Auth worker max line size
1:38PM 2 dovecot 1.2rc5 fails to authenticate user via GSSAPI
10:06AM 1 Deliver, sieve and duplicate message
6:30AM 1 courier-imap 2 Dovecot Migration
Tuesday June 23 2009
10:00PM 2 Capability COMPRESS implemented?
8:04PM 3 Asked about Dovecot Logging
3:16PM 1 [PATCH] allow disabling libcap support although it's installed
2:42PM 1 strange quota behaviour with dovecot 1.1.7
12:02PM 1 dovecot-antispam problem with sa-learn
8:15AM 2 deliver does not update maildirsize
Monday June 22 2009
6:26PM 1 CRAM-MD5 authentication but plain-md5 password storage.
1:49PM 2 Dovecot v1.2rc6 deliver to shared folder fails
1:21PM 1 Dovecot v1.2 ACL inheritance for new subfolders (aka copying ACLs)
12:49PM 1 Dovecot failing to start
10:49AM 1 A X-Mailbox header?
6:02AM 1 v1.2.rc6 released
12:22AM 2 POP3 -ERR Authentication failed.
Sunday June 21 2009
11:59PM 2 exceeds the global size limit
11:34PM 1 tcp_wrappers
Saturday June 20 2009
8:22PM 2 procmail/dovecot error
5:26PM 1 POP3 flag updates
1:27PM 1 imap signal 6 crash with backtrace (1.2rc5)
12:33AM 1 Transfer incomming email to INBOX
Friday June 19 2009
2:25PM 1 1.1.16 stops authenticating users after several days
11:17AM 2 Managesieve fails to retrieve scripts > 8kB on Dovecot 1.1.16
Thursday June 18 2009
11:01PM 0 Released Sieve v0.1.6 and ManageSieve v0.11.5 for Dovecot v1.2.rc5
10:35PM 2 Problem migration from Courier-Imap to Dovecot
6:11PM 1 compiling dovecot-1.2-sieve-0.1.5 with the latest dovecot-1.2.rc5
5:43PM 1 cross compiling (arm)
2:23PM 1 do_vfs_lock: VFS is out of sync with lock manager!
6:53AM 3 ldap , quotes, upgrade from dovecot-1.0.14 (q2.0)
Wednesday June 17 2009
10:28PM 2 Quota_rules ignored
9:36PM 1 quota for the domain
6:41PM 2 stupid migration from maildir+ to dbox
3:00PM 2 Question about "target is inferior" type of message
2:38PM 3 Dovecot v1.2 share user Maildir problems with %%h
2:21PM 2 1/2 OFF: User friendly Thunderbird Sieve extension
2:15PM 3 quota.
8:24AM 4 trouble to start dovecot when ldap enabled
8:21AM 1 ldap proxy
Tuesday June 16 2009
6:42PM 2 dedup in dovecot?
3:26PM 4 dovecot and vmailmgr/qmail mailboxes
9:40AM 2 dovecot-acl file questions
8:33AM 1 Marking message read after delivering to folder
Monday June 15 2009
7:03PM 1 Dovecot Antispam plugin
6:40PM 1 mixing dovecot and non-dovecot access to mail
4:53PM 0 [Fwd: Re: enourmous amount of disc writes]
1:23PM 2 Dovecot v1.2 assert() in ACL
12:38PM 1 enourmous amount of disc writes
9:18AM 2 Dovecot v1.2 rawlog in dovecot.conf trouble
Sunday June 14 2009
7:42PM 1 v1.2.rc5 imap ignores configuration reloads
1:56PM 1 dovecot-antispam and permissions
Saturday June 13 2009
5:48PM 0 dovecot-1.2-managesieve sieve_dir permissions
5:45PM 1 Dovecot v1.2.rc5 dbox file permissions
2:34PM 3 dovecot-antispam plugin and "Failed to call dspam" message
Friday June 12 2009
11:35PM 1 Error compile dovecot 1.1.16
6:09PM 1 Couldn't open INBOX: Timeout while waiting for lock
3:54PM 1 Dovecot as a (quota) policy server for Postfix
1:45PM 1 auth_cache multiple passwords ?
Thursday June 11 2009
8:33PM 2 gmail pop3 fetcher sets my emails as read
6:43PM 1 Problem with Courier POP3 Migration to dovecot POP3
3:23PM 1 Dovecot Top?
11:14AM 2 Dovecot fails to deliver in mail clients
10:02AM 3 unable to send mails via postfix/dovecot SASL
12:43AM 3 Dovecot Expire doesn't work
Wednesday June 10 2009
11:12PM 0 dovecot Digest, Vol 74, Issue 36
5:20PM 0 dovecot Digest, Vol 74, Issue 35
3:15PM 1 Sendmail + Deliver as an LDA
12:50PM 0 New patch for folder pattern matches
12:31PM 2 Quota over NFS with inode limit
10:00AM 0 1.2rc5, another crash: Backtrace:dovecot-auth
9:59AM 1 1.2rc5 crash: Backtrace:dovecot-auth
Tuesday June 9 2009
9:26PM 1 Archiving feature
4:18PM 2 IMP reading entire mailbox
1:27PM 1 Resync quota to mysql script
12:26PM 0 Dovecot deliver with ACL plugin enabled truble
9:54AM 1 Sieve per virtual mailbox
6:31AM 1 Managesieve
Monday June 8 2009
8:36PM 1 dovecot auth(default): Master request xxxx.xxxx not found
7:58PM 1 SELinux
7:47PM 2 Login processes in Dovecot
2:06PM 2 Corrupted index cache file issues (Corrupted physical size)
1:06PM 0 Dovecot 1.2 + AIX setups
6:58AM 1 General performance of RC5
6:14AM 2 Mailbox isn't a valid mbox file
Sunday June 7 2009
9:01PM 2 Multiple mail locations for a single user
7:02AM 7 Dovecot + FreeBSD-7.2 + ZFS ?
Saturday June 6 2009
6:19PM 13 dovecot and ntp: Fatal: Time just moved backwards
5:55PM 1 LAYOUT=fs vs LAYOUT=maildir++ and quota
5:48PM 1 shared folders in v1.2 with one uid per user
2:18PM 2 1.2rc5 Panic: file virtual-sync.c
1:35PM 2 expire-tool --test: timestamps
12:42AM 3 Expire/Quota error
Friday June 5 2009
4:26PM 1 Multiple Dovecot instances over single mail store
3:23PM 2 sieve/dovecot folder separator inconsistency
3:01PM 1 crash in imap with 1.2rc5
2:02PM 2 Dovecot + DRBD/GFS mailstore
1:26PM 3 Dovecot Problem
2:04AM 4 Under POP attack - now to prevent?
Thursday June 4 2009
10:40PM 1 v1.2.rc5 released
9:52PM 2 feature request - zlib compression via LDA
8:23PM 3 ldap_search() failed "Server Busy"
3:48PM 1 Aging Password
10:22AM 1 imapmagicplus equivalent?
10:16AM 3 Dovecot under brute force attack - nice attacker
6:47AM 5 Password environment variable - logging the password
3:57AM 2 deleteing label (cheating crackers)
Wednesday June 3 2009
11:46PM 3 Lost sub-mailboxes - not showing after upgrading to Dovecot from Courier-IMAP
8:31AM 0 expire tool - individual user/folder?
Tuesday June 2 2009
6:31PM 5 Help please- Post - Login Script--- Migration
5:21PM 2 Running imaptest revision 209:939fa886391a built against dovecot revision 9116:9ae55b68cf61 on AIX 5.3 core dumps
3:34PM 1 Log filenames of saved files to inbox by dovecot-deliver
2:17PM 2 Panic with signal 6 core dump with revision 9116:9ae55b68cf61
1:51PM 2 record points outside file error with dovecot revision 9116:9ae55b68cf61
1:44PM 2 User with multiple domains
8:12AM 1 system accepts my domains without point
Monday June 1 2009
3:03PM 1 uid fetch error with revision 9112:9d634c93d28a
10:43AM 2 IMAP labeling sometimes not taken into account
5:50AM 2 v1.1.16 released