CentOS - Aug 2010

Tuesday August 31 2010
9:31PM 0 korganizer missing alarms
9:00PM 1 CESA-2010:0659 Moderate CentOS 5 i386 httpd Update
9:00PM 0 problem about editing keypad
1:14PM 4 e2fsck with millions of files
10:35AM 1 Partitioning production server
9:43AM 3 Automatically detecting LUNs without a reboot
1:56AM 2 netinstlal question
1:18AM 2 Centos 5.5, not booting latest kernel but older one instead
Monday August 30 2010
5:27PM 1 pam changes - service restart reqd?
4:53PM 0 kvm boot options
4:02AM 0 Web VNC Tool
Sunday August 29 2010
12:10PM 1 Ignorant question on pam_shield
11:03AM 2 how to install oracle on centos 5.3
Saturday August 28 2010
11:29PM 2 qemu
3:29PM 2 why flash the terminal interface when loading the linux system?
11:52AM 1 [OT] Label Printer Recommendations
Friday August 27 2010
5:23PM 2 phpMyAdmin can't connect to remote server
4:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 66, Issue 9
3:38PM 1 Freezing gnome terminals...
3:26PM 3 PAE Kernel
2:19PM 3 slightly OT: dban
12:11AM 2 cfengine vs. puppet
Thursday August 26 2010
10:15PM 2 miro from rpmforge appears to have dep solving issues
5:40PM 2 Backing up pass words
4:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 66, Issue 8
2:35PM 2 Set default file/dir permissions?
9:30AM 0 Help with Linux offline cached credentials on a Windows domain
Wednesday August 25 2010
9:39PM 3 System beeps in kernel 2.6.18-194
4:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 66, Issue 7
12:14PM 4 Updates offered annoyance
12:08PM 0 aide rpm requirement
12:05PM 1 process eggcups
Tuesday August 24 2010
11:23PM 1 best way something thinks to upgrade dovecot to 1.2.* 2.0.* via atrpms, atrpms-testing
8:12PM 3 CENTOS DHCP Server and windows computer/host name ISSUE
4:20PM 4 OT: redhat training and RHES6
3:29PM 3 PAM_shield locking me out?
1:37PM 1 Booting CentOS 5.5 (KVM) from a second disk
8:35AM 0 [OT] DevOps Days 2010 - call for papers.
8:04AM 3 is there a mplayer yum website?
1:46AM 3 I have a question about the 389 ds
1:06AM 2 ATI, Catalyst and a new kernel
Monday August 23 2010
5:07PM 1 CentOS 5.5 flex == Fedora 6 flex ?
4:36PM 1 The screenSaver is blocked in my centos5.3
12:12PM 2 Slow domain resolution problem
12:08PM 2 i can't install centos on my poweredge 2950
9:58AM 1 Dovecot attack
9:11AM 2 server is extremly slugish - unable to troubleshoot..
Sunday August 22 2010
10:48PM 6 CentOS or other Linux Internet Router/Gateway
10:47PM 1 Screensaver timer failure
7:18PM 3 Guidance on Linux Kernel/OS Programming for Beginners
1:53PM 2 Strange Apache log entry
11:46AM 1 how to install oracle 10 on the centos?
2:04AM 3 rexec error - where are you
Friday August 20 2010
9:35PM 1 dual heads, Radeon
6:48PM 3 Load at 5, no CPU I/O or swap in use
6:16PM 5 tools one could to use to troubleshoot for Apache
5:57PM 2 how to check the number of thread on apache server
4:12PM 1 can i config/build/boot a new kernel on centos 5.5 with LVM?
2:18PM 3 securing a remotely hosted machine
12:55PM 2 The system is pseudo dead when hang-up system in the centos 5.3 .
7:34AM 1 Understanding FS ACLs
7:15AM 2 Cannot set MTU != 1500 on Intel NIC
3:44AM 2 Which disk file format are you used in removable disk between xp and linux ?
12:56AM 2 Two display cards problem
Thursday August 19 2010
9:11PM 1 Installing on Intel EFI system
8:48PM 2 Install CentOS with degraded raid
7:45PM 1 odd situation slightly off topic (sending file descriptors to another process)
7:39PM 1 dmesg- bnx2i: iSCSI not supported, dev=eth0
5:44PM 3 too many open files
2:29PM 9 OpenVPN throughput
5:43AM 2 SCIM service does not start
Wednesday August 18 2010
11:22PM 3 how to setup account which can 'su" to another account (NON-root)?
6:57PM 2 Power failure diagnosis?
7:18AM 3 Wrong disk size problem.
Tuesday August 17 2010
11:23PM 3 SDA and HDA
5:14PM 5 apache rewrite
5:47AM 2 how to use dhcpd and bind with windows 2008 ad domain model?
1:56AM 2 When does %POST kick in in Kickstart?
Monday August 16 2010
6:50PM 4 Need tip on an inexpensive printer for college student using CentOS 5.5
5:11PM 1 kernel: bnx2i: iSCSI not supported, dev=ethX
2:08AM 1 Mark facility in CentOS
Sunday August 15 2010
11:09PM 1 Yum broken after x86_64 upgrade
8:45PM 6 how many folks are *seriously* using ACLs?
3:17PM 4 FreeNx doesn't work?
Saturday August 14 2010
7:51PM 6 best ways to do mysql backup
3:07AM 2 uuid problem while compiling glue
Friday August 13 2010
10:37AM 1 Retrieving POP mail from server to server
7:50AM 5 upgrading storage on hardware RAID 10 possible?
Thursday August 12 2010
9:56PM 2 Problem resizing partition of nfs volume
9:22PM 2 Ext3 undelete
4:08PM 2 Is oprofile still working?
4:01PM 1 CentOS 4 Kernel Update
2:22PM 2 preupgrade
12:56PM 3 Ethernet Quad
12:11PM 2 tar - ssh - standard out
11:07AM 2 Date drift and ntpd
8:55AM 6 NTFS is more resilient than ext3? Or is it hardware issue?
6:55AM 1 system shutdown - turning off quotas takes a long time
Wednesday August 11 2010
5:40PM 1 Latest BackupPC release in CentOS testing repo
4:31PM 1 ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470
4:18PM 1 DHCP problem with virtual interfaces
3:38PM 1 sshd bug?
12:40PM 1 manage (iscsi storage) LVM
11:45AM 2 need help about top command and this deb ug message
7:33AM 1 OpenOffice.org 3.1.1 Calc autofill does not work
Tuesday August 10 2010
11:35PM 1 CentOS 5, gnome-screensaver and password amnesia?
8:30PM 5 Iptables questions
3:48PM 1 GFS/GFS2 on CentOS
3:19PM 1 Automounter problem in C5.5?
1:24PM 1 problems with yum_priorities on CentOS5/RHEL5
1:19PM 1 CentOS IRC logs
12:23PM 1 dovecot IMAP Server
11:04AM 1 Xen machines fail to reboot
10:09AM 2 error on yum install of perl-File-Temp -- Transaction Check Error
Monday August 9 2010
10:44PM 0 OT: Package to truncate .mp3 file [Solved]
7:59PM 3 finding out the time of the second-to-last reboot
6:40PM 1 XEN virtualization of a Windows installation
6:06PM 4 xen vs kvm for virtualization on centos/rhel?
6:06PM 3 Downgrade libgcc & gcc packages (is there a clean way)
6:08AM 1 (no subject)
6:08AM 1 (no subject)
5:47AM 4 Moving users from Debian-based distro to CentOS
5:15AM 4 dhcp server
12:38AM 1 fail2ban behavior
Sunday August 8 2010
9:29PM 5 OT: Package to truncate .mp3 file
4:27PM 5 Encrypted remote backup?
4:11PM 3 what people really mean when they say they're running "5.3"?
Saturday August 7 2010
11:39PM 2 Stuttering sound
6:05PM 1 CentOS 5.5 : Installing Sources where they are visible to system(VBOX driver install)
3:50PM 6 ext4?
1:12PM 3 how to ensure systems users strong passwdors enabled
8:13AM 1 iocharset, codepage issue in CentOS 5.5
Friday August 6 2010
8:24AM 3 Remote nautilus, X display forwarding problem
6:48AM 3 yum-fastestmirror inconsistent exclude behavior
Thursday August 5 2010
9:59PM 3 OT: Programming Need
2:24PM 2 CentOS to RedHat and vice versa
1:44PM 3 mirrors down?
1:08AM 6 access to file system through web browser
Wednesday August 4 2010
6:53PM 0 Kerberized NFS4 w/AD 2008 R2
3:30PM 2 Introduction and request for help with virtualization
2:44PM 1 Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD and dual monitors
Tuesday August 3 2010
11:07AM 2 how to dual boot centos with redhat?
10:36AM 1 yum doesn't exit
8:48AM 4 force b/w printing
4:07AM 4 Manually mounting partitions in "linux rescue" mode
Monday August 2 2010
10:00PM 1 who uses Lustre in production with virtual machines?
8:51PM 1 how to install Atheros AR5008 on CentOS 5.5 in console-only mode?
4:45PM 2 NAT via /etc/sysconfig/iptables
4:13PM 1 kernel panic not syncing fatal exception due to reiserfs -- rebooted properly on ext3
2:07PM 3 OT -- apcupsd messages
12:28PM 1 JBD: failed to read block at offset
9:11AM 4 how to reformat a partition to ntfs?
5:29AM 1 How to dual boot Linux (CentOS 5.3) and Windows 7
3:00AM 2 CentOS 5.5 latest revisions seem really slow
Sunday August 1 2010
5:29PM 1 Unable to mount devices in rescue mode
5:28PM 1 Boot message about "resume device"
2:34PM 2 /bin/su wont work inside a chroot?