Btrfs devel - Nov 2010

Tuesday November 30 2010
8:30PM 2 [PATCH] btrfs: Correct printing of sector_t
4:46PM 6 [PATCH] Btrfs: dynamically remove unused block groups
4:30PM 0 Your Email Id has won £1,000,000.00. in the British Xmas Grant Promo. send your
1:31PM 2 [PATCH] btrfs - fix memory leak on finding existing super
7:52AM 1 R: Re: [PATCH 5/5] btrfs: Add ioctl to set snapshot readonly/writable
Monday November 29 2010
9:02PM 2 Errors during defragmentation
8:02PM 8 Default to read-only on snapshot creation and have a flag if snapshot should be writable (was: [PATCH 0/5] btrfs: Readonly snapshots)
7:11PM 0 Re: [PATCH 1/5] btrfs: Make async snapshot ioctl more generic
4:00PM 0 [GIT PULL] Btrfs updates for 2.6.37-rc
8:02AM 12 [PATCH 0/5] btrfs: Readonly snapshots
Sunday November 28 2010
3:19AM 5 mounting arbitrary directories
Saturday November 27 2010
10:53PM 1 [next-rc] Compile Error fs/btrfs/diskio.c
11:24AM 0 unmountable filesystem...
Thursday November 25 2010
10:19AM 3 VFS support for fast copy on deduplicating FSes
9:56AM 0 [RFC PATCH 4/4] Btrfs: deal with filesystem state at mount, umount and remount
9:55AM 2 [RFC PATCH 3/4] Btrfs add readonly support for error handle
9:54AM 0 [RFC PATCH 2/4] Btrfs: add MS_RDONLY to avoid backgroud writeback
9:53AM 0 [RFC PATCH 1/4] Btrfs: add filesystem state for error handle
9:52AM 7 [RFC PATCH 0/4] Add readonly support to replace BUG_ON phrase
Wednesday November 24 2010
10:07PM 8 hard links across snapshots/subvolumes are actually a bad idea.
6:45PM 0 Link exchange request with
10:58AM 0 Recover from drive failure on raid10
5:57AM 0 Gentoo amd64 based rescue cd supporting nilfs2 and btrfs
Tuesday November 23 2010
7:50PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: update inode ctime when using links
7:36PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix fiemap
6:09PM 0 Alignment to MD stripes possible?
10:02AM 22 [patch] fs: fix deadlocks in writeback_if_idle
Monday November 22 2010
11:19PM 9 btrfs problems and fedora 14
6:55PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: make sure new inode size is ok in fallocate
6:50PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix typo in fallocate to make it honor actual size
3:04AM 4 [PATCH -V2 3/3] btrfs: fix panic caused by direct IO
3:02AM 0 [PATCH -V2 2/3] btrfs: cleanup similar source code
3:01AM 0 [PATCH -V2 1/3] btrfs: fix free dip and dip->csums twice
Sunday November 21 2010
12:24PM 0 [JFS] Kernel oops when tried to access mounted but unplugged storage
Saturday November 20 2010
12:03PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: make 1-bit signed fileds unsigned
Friday November 19 2010
8:36PM 4 Btrfs: fix dentry->d_parent abuses V2
7:59PM 8 [PATCH] Btrfs: setup blank root and fs_info for mount time
3:05PM 0 [PATCH] mkfs should initialize unused fields properly
2:33PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not loop through raid types when looking for free extent V2
1:40PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: handle the space_cache option properly
11:40AM 0 possible bug with space_cache 2.6.37-rc2
7:21AM 1 Btrfs_truncate ?
4:34AM 1 tiny btrfs bug.....
2:18AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix more ESTALE problems with NFS
1:36AM 3 [PATCH 1/2] btrfs: Check if dest_offset is block-size aligned before cloning file
Thursday November 18 2010
11:54PM 1 Symlinks' device numbers differ from regular files'
1:13PM 4 SI units
6:19AM 9 Interesting problem with write data.
6:14AM 3 Root fs on raid1
5:03AM 11 ls & flush-btrfs-1 sit at 100% sys
2:08AM 15 [GIT PULL][PATCH v2 0/6] btrfs: Add lzo compression support
1:46AM 8 Hole Punching V3
Wednesday November 17 2010
10:27PM 5 A little confused about what remains to make a stable release
6:54PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: handle NFS lookups properly
4:23AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] btrfs: fix panic caused by direct IO
4:23AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] btrfs: restructure btrfs_merge_bio_hook()
4:18AM 8 [PATCH 1/3] direct-io: add a hook for the fs to provide its own bio merging check function
3:19AM 14 Update to Project_ideas wiki page
1:07AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs-progs: setting of time to the root directory
Tuesday November 16 2010
9:22PM 6 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not loop through raid types when looking for free extent
11:00AM 38 [patch] fix up lock order reversal in writeback
6:38AM 2 [Btrfs-Progs] Update for lzo support
Monday November 15 2010
8:51PM 1 lockdep warnings
5:14PM 9 Hole Punching V2
4:32PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs-progs: Update man page for mixed data+metadata option.
Sunday November 14 2010
5:31PM 1 btrfs crash
Saturday November 13 2010
3:15PM 1 Reproducible kernel (2.6.36) oops with several simultaneus btrfs mounts
3:25AM 11 Poor performance unlinking hard-linked files
2:07AM 0 [PATCH] kmem_cache_alloc doesn't return ERR_PTR so no need to check for it.
Friday November 12 2010
11:17PM 1 [PATCH] 'unused' calculated with wrong sign.
10:59AM 0 Linear (JBOD) Array Mode
12:36AM 13 [PATCH v2 0/2] Balance management, kernel side
12:23AM 3 [PATCH v2 0/3] Balance management, userspace side
Thursday November 11 2010
10:49PM 0 new lockdep warnings in 2.6.37-rc1
9:27PM 0 [RFC][PATCH] Be more verbose when a ioctl returns an error
8:04PM 5 Unhelpful error message from "btrfs" tool
7:27PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs-progs: avoid to scan cdrom and floppy
Wednesday November 10 2010
6:02PM 11 Btrfs-progs: Update man page for mixed data+metadata option.
11:44AM 0 btrfs review
11:04AM 3 migrating drives (device delete)
7:40AM 8 labelling
4:53AM 2 NFS support
Tuesday November 9 2010
11:52PM 0 btrfs_block_rsv_check warning in syslog
5:41PM 1 Btrfs-progs: add support for mixed data+metadata block groups V4
3:11PM 2 Option "user_xattr"
3:09PM 2 time for "balance"
5:51AM 0 hello
5:25AM 1 btrfs: unlinked 34 orphans
Monday November 8 2010
11:33PM 2 btrfs filesystem defragment error
8:32PM 23 [PATCH 1/6] fs: add hole punching to fallocate
6:13PM 0 [RFC][PATCH2] exporting info via sysfs
5:10PM 21 Oops while rebalancing, now unmountable.
3:01PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix dentry->d_parent abuses V2
2:58PM 89 Re: DM-CRYPT: Scale to multiple CPUs v3 on 2.6.37-rc* ?
2:23PM 5 Questions regarding COW-related behaviors
7:22AM 6 mkfs.btrfs on 24 disks in parallel crashes kernel
Sunday November 7 2010
9:30PM 0 btrfs: potential null derefs
8:10AM 0 Re: btrfs tool return codes
7:16AM 13 On Removing BUG_ON macros
1:08AM 5 postgresql activity causes crash,
Saturday November 6 2010
11:03AM 4 [PATCH] Log parent inode if it is newer than the last commit
12:27AM 0 bug: cannot delete an empty directory (the directory is NOT a subvolume)
Friday November 5 2010
3:28PM 0 R: Re: RFC: exporting info via sysfs [was Re: [patch 0/2] Control filesystem balances (kernel side)]
4:34AM 0 Finding Fragmentation on a Btrfs Volume
Wednesday November 3 2010
10:27AM 0 R: Patch to provide "btrfs subvolume last-gen".
9:23AM 1 Patch to provide "btrfs subvolume last-gen".
Tuesday November 2 2010
12:18PM 2 [RFC][PATCH] direct-io: btrfs: avoid splitting dio requests for non-btrfs filesystems
8:14AM 0 raid0 corruption, how to restore?
Monday November 1 2010
9:45PM 0 btrfs debug messages useless?
4:34PM 7 [PATCH] btrfs-progs: ioctl: add may_alias to btrfs_ioctl_search_header
2:30PM 3 btrfs benchmark with 2.6.37-rc1
11:06AM 0 Re: btrfs and apt package manager in ubuntu (discard stalls)
10:17AM 3 How to see raid level?!