Btrfs devel - Nov 2009

Monday November 30 2009
11:41AM 1 "No filesystem could mount root" after adding a second device to fs
Sunday November 29 2009
9:45AM 0 <BUG>can't read superblock
Saturday November 28 2009
1:30PM 6 [wiki] btrfs logo
Friday November 27 2009
8:41PM 5 unexpected raid1 behavior?
Thursday November 26 2009
9:41PM 3 No space left, although 16G are there
9:31AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't add extent 0 to the free space cache v2
Wednesday November 25 2009
3:13PM 0 survey of command line interfaces for working with snapshots
8:55AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't add extent 0 to the free space cache
8:22AM 0 kernel oops when sync after rm a file at full disk
Monday November 23 2009
7:01PM 0 32-bit readdir off_t problem again
3:47PM 2 Re: A file cloned with "cp --reflink" different from the original one?
9:26AM 1 A file cloned with "--reflink" different from the original one?
Saturday November 21 2009
2:33PM 5 [PATCH 0/2] btrfs-progs: mounted filesystems checks
Friday November 20 2009
6:50PM 8 [RFC] proposal for a btrfs filesystem layout
6:31AM 1 fsck.btrfs assertion failure with large number of disks in fs
Thursday November 19 2009
11:05PM 6 btrfsctl -d race with df -h causes hang?
7:26PM 10 Unable to mount loopback devices in RAID mode
1:16PM 2 kernel oops when trying to compile kernel on btrfs part
6:01AM 0 Recent btrfs segfault
Wednesday November 18 2009
9:31PM 1 To loop or not to loop with btrfs
9:28PM 3 (Little) Patch about null dereference with acl and posix.
9:20PM 1 Shrinking oops
Tuesday November 17 2009
8:48PM 2 Somewhat borked filesystem in need of fixing
5:00PM 1 RFC: Btrfs snapshots feature proposal for Fedora 13
Monday November 16 2009
10:26PM 0 New perf results
6:45PM 7 UI issues around RAID1
4:22PM 4 nodatacsum broken?
3:48PM 0 some -o discard performance numbers
8:15AM 1 btrfs failed to delete reference
6:55AM 1 kernel oops when btrfs-vol remove a device
1:42AM 11 [PATCH] Snapshot/subvolume listing feature
Saturday November 14 2009
6:44PM 2 [PATCH] btrfs-progs: Check mount status of multidevice filesystems
Friday November 13 2009
8:12PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: fix possible panic on unmount V2.
5:06PM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix possible panic on unmount
10:32AM 1 BTRFS: unreachable code found
Thursday November 12 2009
9:37AM 0 [PATCH 06/12] Btrfs: Avoid orphan inodes cleanup during committing transaction
9:36AM 0 [PATCH 12/12] Btrfs: Fix per root used space accounting
9:36AM 0 [PATCH 11/12] Btrfs: Fix btrfs_drop_extent_cache for skip pinned case
9:36AM 0 [PATCH 10/12] Btrfs: Add delayed iput
9:35AM 0 [PATCH 08/12] Btrfs: Make truncate(2) more ENOSPC friendly
9:35AM 0 [PATCH 09/12] Btrfs: Pass transaction handle to security and ACL initialization functions
9:34AM 0 [PATCH 07/12] Btrfs: Make fallocate(2) more ENOSPC friendly
9:34AM 0 [PATCH 05/12] Btrfs: Avoid orphan inodes cleanup during replaying log
9:34AM 1 [PATCH 04/12] Btrfs: Fix disk_i_size update corner case
9:34AM 0 [PATCH 03/12] Btrfs: Rewrite btrfs_drop_extents
9:33AM 0 [PATCH 02/12] Btrfs: Add btrfs_duplicate_item
9:33AM 0 [PATCH 01/12] Btrfs: Avoid superfluous tree-log writeout
2:08AM 9 btrfsck: checksum verify failed
Wednesday November 11 2009
9:25PM 0 [GIT PULL] Btrfs updates for 2.6.32-rc
3:07PM 2 BUG? a possible race due to the absence of memory barrier
6:16AM 3 btrfsctl exit with 1 when succeed
Tuesday November 10 2009
8:12PM 12 [RFC] big fat transaction ioctl
9:01AM 1 [patch] avoid null deref in unpin_extent_cache()
Monday November 9 2009
3:00PM 4 rootfs snapshots and rollback (i.e. testing updates)
Sunday November 8 2009
2:31PM 1 2.6.32-rc6: kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/volumes.c:1746
Saturday November 7 2009
9:44PM 4 Re: Problem with renaming devices
8:36PM 4 chmod errors compiling on btrfs
1:04PM 1 List of devices added to a btrfs file system
6:19AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fail mount on bad mount options
Friday November 6 2009
3:37PM 0 patchwork
2:33PM 0 [PATCH]don't call btrfs_release_path in btrfs_update_root and btrfs_del_root
Thursday November 5 2009
8:38PM 7 Unexpected ENOSPC on a SSD-drive after day of uptime, kernel 2.6.32-rc5
Wednesday November 4 2009
7:03PM 11 [patch 00/10] btrfs: Error handling/propagation queue
Tuesday November 3 2009
4:10PM 2 [PATCH]] Btrfs: fix destroy snapshot to get the right parent dentry
3:45PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix some metadata enospc issues V2
3:16PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: cleanup transaction starting and fix current->journal_info setting
3:01PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't set current->journal_info for ioctl trans handles
6:06AM 2 Re: ext3/jbd oops in journal_start
Monday November 2 2009
8:47PM 1 Implement the incremental backup
8:25PM 4 announcement of deduplication in Sun ZFS
7:42PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: find ideal block group for caching
7:41PM 0 [PATCH 2/3] Btrfs: fix data allocation hint start
7:40PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: Fix cluster window start
10:04AM 1 [PATCH 12/27] BKL: Remove BKL from btrfs
10:04AM 0 [PATCH 01/27] BKL: Push down BKL from do_new_mount() to the filesystems get_sb/fill_super operation
9:20AM 0 [PATCH 8/8] Make truncate(2) more ENOSPC friendly
9:20AM 0 [PATCH 7/8] Make fallocate(2) more ENOSPC friendly
9:20AM 0 [PATCH 6/8] Avoid orphan inodes cleanup during replaying log
9:20AM 0 [PATCH 5/8] Avoid orphan inodes cleanup during committing transaction
9:20AM 0 [PATCH 4/8] Fix disk_i_size update corner case.
9:20AM 0 [PATCH 3/8] Rewrite btrfs_drop_extents
9:19AM 0 [PATCH 2/8] Add btrfs_duplicate_item
9:19AM 0 [PATCH 1/8] Avoid superfluous tree-log writeout