asterisk users - Aug 2014

Sunday August 31 2014
4:44PM 0 I can't get through Canada codesi
Saturday August 30 2014
7:18AM 0 transfering call to dialplan without disconnecting.
Friday August 29 2014
8:37PM 0 Feature wishes for Asterisk 14
2:51PM 2 XMPP + Asterisk integration - a practical and simple example
12:03PM 1 POSSA CID Superfecta to query a CardDAV server ?
9:26AM 1 asterisk multiple ip
Thursday August 28 2014
10:21PM 0 Asterisk and UniMRCP Licensing
2:50PM 1 Asterisk-eSpeak and Asterisk 12
12:29PM 1 asterisk SugarCrm integration
9:57AM 1 RDNIS with tel: vs. sip: header
9:45AM 1 Asterisk segfault
Wednesday August 27 2014
8:20PM 1 features.conf and mixmonitor stop and start
5:41AM 0 auto authentication for voip client
Tuesday August 26 2014
2:45PM 4 OT: Question on Caller ID (Spoofing calls with Asterisk)
8:33AM 1 Echo Cancellation on VoIP networks
2:05AM 0 cmd Dial with U option
Monday August 25 2014
3:06PM 1 Understanding local channels
1:11PM 0 WebRTC / Rejecting secure audio stream errors
Saturday August 23 2014
8:33PM 0 force_avp ignored?
7:56AM 0 Asterisk Crash
Friday August 22 2014
11:00PM 1 Can't hangup channel from CLI
9:55PM 2 diagnostic info for a segfault
6:40PM 1 AMI CoreShowChannel missing Application field
5:04PM 1 Asterisk 12 - queue variables not passed to local channel
11:48AM 1 help
8:54AM 0 Asterisk rejects sdp from webrtc client
Thursday August 21 2014
11:34PM 1 DPMA: No provider found for label CustomPresence
9:42PM 0 DPMA: User SIP settings missing or invalid
8:13PM 1 Billing software: Other than A2Billing because of the problem with the analogue channels
3:54PM 0 [DAHDI] qozap instead of wcb4xxp
2:19PM 1 Dynamic Parking Lots. Music on Hold Class
Wednesday August 20 2014
8:53PM 1 Dispatching calls question
4:08PM 0 Asterisk listening on undefined IP as per bindaddr
2:47PM 1 customizing internal calls
Tuesday August 19 2014
9:56PM 3 PRI timing settings
8:07PM 0 HangupRequest Infinite Loop
7:38PM 1 Asterisk 12.5.0 Now Available
7:38PM 0 Asterisk 11.12.0 Now Available
7:38PM 0 Asterisk Now Available
5:00PM 1 Way to dump PRI settings?
11:34AM 0 Alternative billing for A2Billing because of using Dial function with analogue lines
Monday August 18 2014
5:14PM 1 Error opening file for reading: Permission denied
8:27AM 2 AMI & Elastix
4:15AM 1 log caller hangup events
Sunday August 17 2014
3:03PM 1 Overriding global voicemail options on a per-mailbox basis
Saturday August 16 2014
3:21PM 2 Asterisk peer definition registration
Friday August 15 2014
12:50AM 1 Question about SIP Dial
Thursday August 14 2014
11:42PM 1 Possible handle leak in PJSIP
3:22PM 1 Copying menuselect options
1:38PM 0 How to master Asterisk version when cloning PJPROJECT ? [SOLVED]
1:11PM 0 missing asterisk now rpm for centos5
8:11AM 1 How to master Asterisk version when cloning PJPROJECT ?
7:53AM 0 Asterisk 12 on Debian Wheezy [SOLVED]
Wednesday August 13 2014
8:36PM 0 DAHDI-Linux and DAHDI-Tools 2.10.0 Now Available
4:37PM 0 Concurrent Calls via Manager Originate
1:31PM 2 Better info on call failure
12:58PM 0 SRTP only from asterisk to extention possible
9:28AM 0 WARNING[17634]: chan_sip.c:3906 __sip_xmit: sip_xmit of 0x7fe394006590 (len 609) to returned -2: Success
8:10AM 1 Asterisk on CentOS7
Tuesday August 12 2014
6:32PM 1 stasis_app_exec: Stasis app 'MyhApp' not registered
4:38PM 2 Asterisk 12 on Debian Wheezy
4:16PM 0 Asterisk 11.11 with TCP/TLS SRTP and Grandstream gxp1450 not working
2:43PM 1 Calls to voicemail drops after 41 seconds due to no rtp packets
2:19PM 1 How to read RTP ports from CLI ?
11:49AM 1 Asterisk seding 2 INVITEs all of a sudden
7:25AM 1 [OT] Split a recording based on a presence of beep sound
6:33AM 1 Asterisk 12.4 "Agent Busy" message on AgentRequest
Monday August 11 2014
9:45PM 1 Asterisk 13.0.0-beta1 Now Available!
3:57PM 1 401 Unathorized
3:46PM 3 Asterisk support for Bittorrent Bleep
2:50PM 0 NotifyCID to see who is calling for call pickup
1:39PM 2 Sending and receiving fax with Digium FFA
11:31AM 0 MeetMe - Howto put in talk only mode using CLI/AMI
8:45AM 1 Letting rtp profiles be handled by rtpengine instead of Asterisk
Sunday August 10 2014
10:02PM 1 Error: 'LENGTH' is not a recognized built-in function name
4:00AM 1 Asterisk not honoring astetcdir
Saturday August 9 2014
5:18PM 0 chan_motif - Unable to create Jingle Session
10:23AM 1 why not forwarding to this number?
Friday August 8 2014
5:56PM 1 How to tell the diff. between a fax and an audio call on outbound calls
12:58PM 0 Call Deflection on PRI
2:00AM 1 asterisk too many files or memory leak???
Thursday August 7 2014
8:55PM 2 agi get_data noanswer
7:55PM 1 The plain old PBX functionality
6:53PM 1 multicastRTp
2:12PM 2 Calls not hanging up
10:10AM 1 Dahdi > CAPI migration
7:30AM 1 Is it possible to set asterisk's VoIP authentication to be based on EAP-SIM auth of freeradius?
7:29AM 2 enable features
4:37AM 1 Moving from Redfone's Fonebridge to Allo 2nd Gen PRI card
Wednesday August 6 2014
9:47PM 0 Planned maintenance for community services today, Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
6:27PM 0 Asterisk IP7960 and MWI Issue
2:52PM 1 Anyone have any experience with inbound SIP trunks from Simwood?
10:28AM 1 From and To headers contain same account in INVITEs
6:12AM 1 different callerid for channels
3:52AM 0 conditional transfer
Tuesday August 5 2014
7:24PM 1 Loud Ringers and paging systems...
7:08PM 0 DAHDI-Linux and DAHDI-Tools 2.10.0-rc1 Now Available
3:44PM 1 Unregistered ports on SPAxxxx
1:53PM 1 Binding SIP on multiple ports [SOLVED])
1:37PM 1 Binding SIP on multiple ports
Monday August 4 2014
6:43PM 0 Connecting Asterisk and BT Versatility PBX via NT BRI
2:29PM 1 Connecting Asterisk and BT Versatility PBX via NT BRI
1:25PM 0 Asterisk websocket with Nginx 502 Gateway error
7:37AM 1 Message Waiting indicator setup in ELASTIX ?
Friday August 1 2014
5:03PM 1 Connecting Asterisk and BT Versatility PBX via NT BRI port
3:27PM 1 Asterisk 12 and DPMA
8:13AM 1 load testing and pattern testing sangoma A116 card