zfs discuss - Jan 2012

Tuesday January 31 2012
8:44PM 5 need hint on pool setup
7:13PM 1 RAM failure led to data corruption
6:21PM 0 (gang?)block layout question, and how to decipher ZDB output?
5:52PM 1 Bad performance (Seagate drive related?)
5:20PM 1 snv_123 to S10U10
12:20PM 3 GUI to set ACLs
Saturday January 28 2012
5:52PM 4 Oddly-persistent file error on ZFS root pool
Friday January 27 2012
4:25AM 3 zfs and iscsi performance help
Tuesday January 24 2012
3:50PM 9 What is your data error rate?
12:03PM 14 unable to access the zpool after issue a reboot
9:05AM 5 zfs send recv without uncompressing data stream
Saturday January 21 2012
10:46AM 2 patching a solaris server with zones on zfs file systems
Tuesday January 17 2012
4:43PM 0 ZDB returning strange values
2:16PM 2 zfs disapeare on FreeBSD.
12:11PM 6 Failing WD desktop drive in mirror, how to identify?
12:06AM 2 Windows 8 ReFS (OT)
Sunday January 15 2012
3:19PM 0 ZFS Metadata on-disk grouping
3:04PM 22 Does raidzN actually protect against bitrot? If yes - how?
2:28PM 2 RaidzN + mirror
Saturday January 14 2012
4:15PM 1 2.5" to 3.5" bracket for SSD
2:36PM 13 Data loss by memory corruption?
12:49AM 2 L2ARC, block based or file based?
Friday January 13 2012
1:00AM 5 Injection of ZFS snapshots into existing data, and replacement of older snapshots with zfs recv without truncating newer ones
12:12AM 17 ZFS Dedup and bad checksums
Thursday January 12 2012
2:51PM 5 Do the disks in a zpool have a private region that I can read to get a zpool name or id?
Wednesday January 11 2012
6:29PM 0 Clarifications wanted for ZFS spec
3:16PM 11 Idea: ZFS and on-disk ECC for blocks
1:01PM 1 How many "rollback" TXGs in a ring for 4k drives?
11:48AM 2 RFE: add an option/attribute to import ZFS pool without automounting/sharing ZFS datasets
2:07AM 3 Unable to allocate dma memory for extra SGL
Tuesday January 10 2012
4:54PM 2 making network configuration sticky in nexenta core/napp-it
Sunday January 8 2012
10:26PM 0 Pool faulted in a bad way
Saturday January 7 2012
4:59PM 14 zfs read-ahead and L2ARC
2:50PM 14 zfs defragmentation via resilvering?
12:47PM 9 ZIL on a dedicated HDD slice (1-2 disk systems)
Friday January 6 2012
11:33PM 11 ZFS and spread-spares (kinda like GPFS declustered RAID)?
5:32AM 9 Thinking about spliting a zpool in "system" and "data"
3:17AM 4 ZFS Upgrade
1:28AM 3 ZFS + Dell MD1200's - MD3200 necessary?
Wednesday January 4 2012
10:59PM 9 Stress test zfs
Tuesday January 3 2012
10:01PM 10 arc_no_grow is set to 1 and never set back to 0
6:15PM 0 reminder: illumos meetup next Tuesday, January 10
2:35PM 8 Any HP Servers recommendation for Openindiana (Capacity Server) ?