zfs discuss - Nov 2011

Wednesday November 30 2011
5:01PM 6 Scrub found error in metadata:0x0, is that always fatal? No checks um errors now...
11:27AM 22 HP JBOD D2700 - ok?
Tuesday November 29 2011
9:01PM 5 gaining access to var from a live cd
4:46PM 2 ZFS smb/cifs shares in Solaris 11 (some observations)
4:28PM 7 bug moving files between two zfs filesystems (too many open files)
Sunday November 27 2011
1:24AM 1 Confusing zfs error message
Friday November 25 2011
3:22AM 1 Recovering from kernel panic / reboot cycle importing pool.
Wednesday November 23 2011
7:43PM 8 grrr, How to get rid of mis-touched file named `-c'
4:14PM 2 ZFS forensics
3:39AM 6 Compression
Tuesday November 22 2011
10:11PM 3 SUMMARY: mounting datasets from a read-only pool with aid of tmpfs
4:26AM 14 virtualbox rawdisk discrepancy
Monday November 21 2011
8:03PM 3 early save the date: What's New and What's Coming in ZFS for illumos, Jan 10
Saturday November 19 2011
10:55PM 1 After update to S11, zfs reports some disks as 'corrupted data'
12:59AM 0 "zfs hold" and "zfs send" on a readonly pool
Tuesday November 15 2011
11:05PM 13 slow zfs send/recv speed
12:20AM 1 aclmode=mask
Friday November 11 2011
7:23PM 0 zfs xattr not supported prevents smb mount
Thursday November 10 2011
1:41PM 0 Reversing fdisk changes
1:11AM 14 how to set up solaris os and cache within one SSD
Wednesday November 9 2011
3:13AM 3 Data distribution not even between vdevs
Tuesday November 8 2011
6:30PM 1 Single-disk rpool with inconsistent checksums, import fails
5:05PM 6 Couple of questions about ZFS on laptops
2:38PM 21 zfs sync=disabled property
12:21PM 4 zpool scrub bad block list
Saturday November 5 2011
6:35PM 4 ZFS Recovery: What do I try next?
Friday November 4 2011
10:12PM 2 zfs send/receive scenario problem w/ auto-snap service
Thursday November 3 2011
9:29PM 1 sd_max_throttle
12:35PM 15 Remove corrupt files from snapshot
2:51AM 0 How do you clear the faulted status on a disk on an exported pool?
Wednesday November 2 2011
1:52AM 3 (OT) forums and email was RE: Log disk with all ssd pool?
Tuesday November 1 2011
2:36PM 1 status iCore