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2007 Apr 25
How to identify and exclude the outliers with R?
Hello, everyone, I want to ask a simple question. If I have a set of data,and I want to identify how many outliers there are in the data.Which packages and functions can I use? Thanks. Shao chunxuan. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Jul 29
Crash report: projection pursuit & predict
Folks, The projection pursuit regression function in the base R seems to crash when the optimization level is set to zero, i.e. the initial ridge terms are accepted without refitting. I encountered this problem in an out-of-sample prediction exercise using predict. But further investigation suggests the issue is with the ppr fit and predict just sppeds up the crash. The other optlevels seem to be
2010 Jun 08
type conversion with apply or not
Folks, i thought it should be straightforward but after a few hours poking around, I decided it's best to post my question on this list. I have a data frame consisting of a (large) number of date columns, which are read in from a csv file as character string. I want to convert them to Date type. Following is an example, where the first column is of integer type, while the rest are type
2009 Jan 15
Zoo Plot Can't Get Rid of Box
Hi, I apologise for the stupid question but how to you get rid of the box around a plot in the package zoo? I can't seem to find an equivalent for bty="l" i.e. just x and y axis. Cheers James -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2010 Jan 28
Using tcltk or other graphical widgets to view zoo time series objects
Dear all, I am looking at the R-help entry below: I have a more complicatedt problem. I have a zoo time series frame with 100+ sequences. I want to cycle through them back and forth and compare them to the 1st column at any time. I need also a button to click when I need the viewed-selected sequence (that is
2008 May 12
RPM-style install (SLED 10.1)
I am trying to install R on a SLED 10.1 machine. R-base-2.7.0-7.1-i586.rpm fails with stas at linux-6b8s:~/RPMs> rpm -Uvh R-base-2.7.0-7.1.i586.rpm warning: R-base-2.7.0-7.1.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 14ec5930 error: Failed dependencies: is needed by R-base-2.7.0-7.1.i586 I tried to trick it into believing there's the library by setting
2005 Apr 14
Multiple copies of attached packages
I have noticed that after I ran a batch script multiple times I get multiple copies of a package's name when I call search(). Is this a problem? > search() [1] ".GlobalEnv" "DF" "DF" [4] "DF" "DF" "DF" multiple copies here ... [13] "DF" "DF"
2017 Dec 02
source files in temp environment
Hi all, I often keep code in separate files for organizational purposes, and source() that code from higher level scripts. One problem is that those sourced files often create temporary variables that I don't want to keep around. I could clean up after myself with lots of rm()'s, but that's a pain, and is messy. I'm wondering if one solution might be to source the code in a
2004 May 11
installing mgcv (Knoppix/Debian unstable)
Just in case anyone cares or is hitting the same problem: to install current mgcv (1.0-5) on 1.9.0 on Knoppix/Debian unstable I had to: # cd /usr/lib # ln -s /usr/lib/atlas/ # ln -s /usr/lib/atlas/ Otherwise compilation couldn't find -lblas-3 or -llapack-3 (I could have gotten away with the
2001 Aug 29
Missing functions in package e1071(Win*)
Hi! After unziping the CRAN file on my Win95 library directory, I start R and type >library(e1071) After that, help commands of the e1071 functions work (i.e., help(read.pnm), BUT some functions themselves are not available: > read.pnm Error: Object "read.pnm" not found I've looked at the file library/R/e1071 with an ascii editor and it seems like the
2017 Dec 02
source files in temp environment
On 02/12/2017 5:48 AM, Alexander Shenkin wrote: > Hi all, > > I often keep code in separate files for organizational purposes, and > source() that code from higher level scripts. One problem is that those > sourced files often create temporary variables that I don't want to keep > around. I could clean up after myself with lots of rm()'s, but that's a >
2008 Nov 07
Encoding() and strsplit()
Dear All, Encoding() goes beyond my understanding. See the example. I would expect from reading the help for Encoding() that strsplit preserves the encoding for each resulting element, but for simple letters it gets lost. Also it seems that an Encoding() cannot be declared for simple letters. They remain in any case "unknown". In paste() "latin1" seems to dominate
2007 May 03
Install SciView under Windows Vista
Hello- I have been trying to install SciView under Windows Vista (Home Premium version, 32 bit OS, Intel Core Duo 2.13GHz, 2Gig RAM). I am getting an error, apparently related to the R2HTML package (version 1.54) as you will see in the R information below my signature. I have tried to email directly to for support but have had my message returned as undeliverable. Your help
2011 Oct 04
Adonis and nmds help and questions for a novice.
Hi, forgive me if someone has already posted about this but I have had a look and cannot find the answer, also I am very new to R and been getting the grips with this. I have been trying to use Adonis to find out if there are significant difference between groups on data that I have analyses with NMDS, and have been struggling with getting this to work and understanding what is going on. I am
2008 Oct 07
vectorization of a loop for mahalanobis distance calculation
Dear all, We have a data frame x with n people as rows and k variables as columns. Now, for each person (i.e., each row) we want to calculate a distance between him/her and EACH other person in x. In other words, we want to create a n x n matrix with distances (with zeros in the diagonal). However, we do not want to calculate Euclidian distances. We want to calculate Mahalanobis distances,
1999 Dec 20
nonlinear least square optimization
Hi, I've been using "nlregb" routine in splus3.4, but cannot find it here in R. Is it hidden in some library? Or there is a routine equivalent to it but with a different name? I'm planning to move part of my from S to R so that I can work comfortablely at home. Any suggestion is highly appreciated. regards, Tony -- \|||/ Q o o Q ==========================oooQ= ( -
2008 Mar 13
Warned about these "three little maids"...
Greetings all: Newcomer to R as I work on learning it to transfer my college classroom stats training to something more useful and accurate then that spreadsheet from Redmond which shall remain nameless. I'm running v2.6.2 on a Win XP Home system that I keep up to date with all the called for patches. Haven't added much to the basic install other than the bits and bobs needed to run
2006 Jan 06
Daylight Savings Time unknown in R-2.2.1
Under R-2.2.1, a POSIXlt date created with "strptime" has an unknown Daylight Savings Time flag: > strptime(20051208, "%Y%m%d")$isdst [1] -1 This is true on both Linux (details below) and Windows. It did not occur under R-2.1.0. Any ideas? TIA! > Sys.getenv("TZ") TZ "" Version: platform = i686-pc-linux-gnu arch = i686 os = linux-gnu
2011 Feb 24
Cannot connect to the internet
I cannot connect to the INTERNET via my stand alone computer or my wireless laptop with the /etc/shorewall/interface setting I have. What Interface setting will allow me to connect to the Internet? Please see attached document for more details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Free Software Download: Index, Search & Analyze Logs and
2013 May 02
loading of an unwanted namespace
I have a debugging environment for the survival package, perhaps unique to me, but I find it works very well. To wit, a separate directory with copies of the source code but none of the package accuements of DESCRIPTION, NAMESPACE, etc. This separate space does NOT contain a copy of src/init.c Within this I use R --vanilla, attach my .RData file, file, and away we go. That is,