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2005 May 31
Loading matrices and other things
Hi all, I'm new to R, so needless to say I have a couple questions (which I hope I haven't missed through the documentation). I have several files in lower triangular matrix form. For each of these matrices, I want to perform some form of hierarchical clustering on each matrix and capture the output of the clustering. The first problem I run into is actually loading the matrix file
2018 Jan 25
Latest CVE's For MySQL
Looks like a series of vulnerability alerts for Oracle MySQL have been issued: CVE-2018-2562, CVE-2018-2647 (both high), CVE-2018-2645, CVE-2018-2646, CVE-2018-2665 (all three medium). This affects versions 5.7.20 and prior. I know CentOS/RedHat usually do backports--anybody know if this is the case, or do we have to go 'outside' now, and get the MySQL repository to use, for the
2018 Jul 05
Any Word On Updates For Security FIx For Firefox?
Just checking to see if we're either getting a Firefox 52.9 or Firefox 60.x for CentOS 6 to address the latest security fix. -- Paul E Virgo Sr. System Administrator Code 610.2 SESDA III - DAAC/DISC Goddard Space Flight Ctr/NASA Greenbelt, MD Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301) 614-5751
2017 Apr 18
Problems With Booting CentOS on Dell T7910
Hello! Does anyone have any experience with installing CentOS 6 (specfically, 6.8), on a Dell T7910? I've tried at least a dozen installs, everything gets configured, and when I have the system reboot, I get 'No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine'. In BIOS, I've enabled AHCI, Legacy boot and modes, and enabled the SAS controller. The disks are seen and
2001 May 31
OpenSSH, sftp problems
Hi - We have been fighting this issue quite some time now and a posting on the general list some months ago did not provide any answers. So I thought the developers may have an insight. We are in a Tru64 4.0F environment, running C2 security and TCP Wrappers. We are using OpenSSH_2.5.1p2 OpenSSL 0.9.5 28 Feb 2000 Zlib 1.1.3 for remote sessions and all works ok with ssh but
2004 Apr 07
Memdisk 2.08 cannot boot an XP boot floppy image (XP appears to use WinME boot files for its bootable floppy). For example: This disk will not boot with Memdisk (Memdisk starts to load the image and then hangs). I'm using Bart's tools to build a boot CD:
2018 May 30
'gnome-daemon-settings' Doesn't Start When Attempting To Make Changes
All, So here's the issue: The system - a Dell Precision M4800 The OS - CentOS 6.9, ver. 2.6.32-696.28.1 The problem - Whenever the user tries to make system changes (display, mouse orientation, etc.), the gnome-settings-daemon pops up and says it can't run, and the changes never occur. I've looked into the /var/log/messages, and have seen some weirdness from
2018 Aug 07
Centos 7.5..and My GDM Greeter/GDM Don't Work Anymore
So, we've updated to 7.5, and for two machines--A Dell Precision M4800, and a Dell Precision 7510..both running Radeon cards--we no longer get the GDM Greeter login box NOR can we switch to virtual text login terminals. It's been driving me nuts. The systems do allow for SSH logins, so that's how we get to them, but I've checked the Xorg.0.log and nothing stands out. Did a
2016 Mar 16
Index corruption in 2.2.18
We are using dbox with lz4 compression and dovecot-lda + sieve for delivery. Mail recieved: Mar 16 06:27:55 mail2 dovecot: lda(svs at sieve: msgid=<20160316032754.4C89D2C4 at>: stored mail into mailbox 'INBOX' Around 08:14:00 user start his thunderbird with local filters. He found one mail without headers. Around that time user do
2006 Nov 23
Xen Dom0 with FibreChannel (FC) can''t export disk to DomU
Hello all, I have a problem with Xen and FibreChannel. The Dom0 can''t export a Disk on a FibreChannel SAN-Box to the DomU''s. In the DomU configuration I try: disk = [ ''phy:/dev/sdb1,/dev/sda1,w'' ] or disk = [ ''file:/mnt/sambashare.img,sda1,w'' ] sambashare.img is a 512MB great Diskimage on a Partition on the
2009 Jul 31
Upgrade fm 4.7 to 5.3: mptscsi module?
First issue: I did an upgrade from 4.7 to 5.3 on an HP DL380G3 box. I got yum working again and upgraded 160+ packages. During that process I saw: ------------------------------------------- Installing : kernel-PAE [157/322] WARNING: No module mptscsi found for kernel 2.6.18-128.2.1.el5PAE, continuing anyway Installing : kernel [158/322]
2008 Feb 27
Samba suddenly not working, and all I did was change hard drives!
Hi, We've had our business server functioning dandy for a long time, with SAMBA acting as a domain controller for our Windows XP pro clients. No issues. All was lovely. We're running Suse 9.3, Kernel 2.6.8-24.14-smp, Samba version Version 3.0.9-2.3. Now, it was time to upgrade hard drives in the RAID controller, to create a 200 gb container (rather than the 100 gb container we had). So,
2004 Feb 16
Memdisk booting XP DOS
Memdisk 2.08 does not appear to be able to boot an XP DOS image (it starts to boot and then hangs). XP DOS appears to be borrowed from WinME (v4.90.3000). I was trying to make a multiple boot CD with Bart's method: but substituting Brads TCP boot disk instead of Barts:
2001 Aug 08
with-tcp-wrappers enable ?
Hello, I try to compile openssh-2.9p1 on a SGI Origin 200 computer under IRIX 6.5 with the option --with-tcp-wrappers enable. I have also compiled tcp-wrapper and have installed the library libwrap.a in /usr/lib and the file tcpd.h in /usr/include. When i run the ./configure script i have a error. The script asked me that the libwrap is missing. How can i resolve this ?
2001 Mar 06
suggestion: saving old binaries during installation
Just as a suggestion, I liked the way the's ssh would move the old binaries to filename.old then install the new that way you have an old copy to revert back to if needed (without copying them all by hand).
2003 May 22
sshd crashing on IRIX (3.6.1p1)
Occasionally, we're noticing that sshd is core dumping on our IRIX 6.5.18f machine. The only time we've really noticed it is when users are logging in with putty from offsite (although I'm not really sure it's a client issue). The user manages to log in, sshd apparently core dumps, but the user is not logged out, the privilege separated user is still running their own
2018 Jul 13
Firefix 60.10-5 ESR Install Problems For CentOS 6
Johnny/et al, Looks like we've run into some issues with incompatible libs for the new Firefox 60 ESR install: > root at gs6102dsclxpub1:~# yum -y update firefox > Loaded plugins: list-data, security > Setting up Update Process > group-centos-adobe | 2.9 kB???? 00:00 > group-centos-bigfix | 2.9 kB???? 00:00 > group-centos-epel | 3.0 kB???? 00:00 >
2001 Mar 01
Expired password handling in openssh-2.5.1p1/2
Are there plans, or does someone have a fix, for having openssh force users to change passwords when they're expired? Right now the program closes the connection....the commercial ssh manages to exec /bin/passwd after they enter their current password. Any ideas?
2009 Mar 25
CentOS won't shutdown ... or do anything else
I started to have problems similar to ones described in the past on this list but could not find any kind of resolution. I did an lsmod, a mount command, and for fun, did an strace on shutdown to see where it is hanging, and an ltrace as well. Any thoughts? Module Size Used by parport_pc 28033 0 lp 15661 0 parport 38153 2
2006 Aug 11
How Xen handles Dom1 interrupts?
Good morning, I am new to Xen, and trying to understand how Xen works. I have some questions about virtualization of interrupts on Xen. Thanks in advance for all helps. 1) From papers about Xen architecture found at Xen homepage, Xen seemingly intercepts interrupts of Dom1 (paravirtualization). So interrupts occur in Dom1''s context are sent to Xen, and Xen handles them. Is that correct?