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2012 Jan 30
Quantum scalar i40 tape partitions
Hi All, I have a Quantum scalar i40 tape library. I need to configure it to TWO tape partition libraries, e.g., library_a and library_b, so that each library has its own tape drive. Then connect this physical tape library to two different CentOS servers so that each server can see its own media changer and tape drive. I once had a successful configuration on one host but NOT on the other. One
2004 Nov 25
Avoiding for-loops
Hello R-users, I have a symmetric matrix of numerical values and I want to obtain those values in the upper or lower triangle of the matrix in a vector. I tried to do the job by using two for-loops but it doens't seem to be a clever way, and I'd like to know a more efficient code for a large matrix of thousands of rows and columns. Below is my code for your reference. Thanks a lot.
2010 Nov 07
How do I order xyplot line points?
I have the following xyplot figure: The data are organized in a matrix file as follows: Type Elements Chromosome Time bedGz 12000000 chr1 14.240 bedGz 12000000 chr2 7.949 bedGz 12000000 chr3 5.103 bedGz 12000000 chr4 5.290 bedGz 12000000 chr5 5.161 ... The x-axis labels in the Chromosome
2008 Apr 11
Command to get tape capacity status?
I have an Overland tape library connected, via SCSI card, to an out-of-box, full install of C5 install on an old PC. I have a script that uses tar to archive data to tape and mtx to change tapes. What I don't know, if possible, is to obtain the status of how much tape is left in the drive. If I get a write failure, I'd like to know if the tape is bad or has run out of space. I
2007 Nov 16
Efficient way to compute power of a sparse matrix
Dear all, I would like to compute power of a square non symmetric matrix. This is a part of a simulation study. Matrices are quite large (e.g., 900 by 900), and contains many 0 (more than 99 %). I have try the function mtx.exp of the Biodem package: library(Biodem) m <- matrix(0, 900, 900) i <- sample(1:900, 3000, replace = T) j <- sample(1:900, 3000, replace = T) for(x in 1:3000)
2005 Feb 18
Two-factorial Huynh-Feldt-Test
Hi, I'm currently working on porting some SAS scripts to R, and hence need to do the same calculation (and get the same results) as SAS in order to make the transition easier for users of the script. In the script, I'm dealing with a two-factorial repeated-measures anova. I'll try to give you a short overview of the setup: - two between-cell factors: facBetweenROI (numbering
2004 May 27
Tape drive problems
Hi, Hi, I have been googling, and can't find anything that will help me: mt -f /dev/st0 status /dev/st0: No such device or address Any suggestion? I am using CentOS 3 [RHEL ES3 without the licenses] The tape drive is recognized at boot [from dmesg] scsi0 : Adaptec AIC7XXX EISA/VLB/PCI SCSI HBA DRIVER, Rev 6.2.36 <Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI
2009 Feb 24
Polycom Spectralink 8002 Configuration
I have a new Polycom Spectralink 8002 and am having trouble with the configuration or the unit but I can't see what's wrong. The unit does not seem to even attempt to register with the Asterisk proxy but I can make calls to it. I have viewed the syslog from the device which it will actually write to the asterisk server so I know it can be reached. I have also run a sip debug and
2003 Oct 18
Outgoing call to IVR not being "answered"
I don't know if this is a problem with my cisco sip IP Phones or asterisk but I thought I would post here in case someone else has experienced this issue. When I make a call from my SIP cisco IP Phone to some remote IVRs I never get the rest of my soft keys, only the "End Call" soft key, and also DTMF doesn't work... its like the phone is acting like the remote end hasn't
2019 Feb 07
persistent generic device for tape changer
Hello, mtx and therefor amanda use generic device /dev/sg<x> for tape changer. These devices change on reboot. How to make them persistent? /dev/sch0 and /dev/sch1 seem to be persistent. /dev/tape/by-id/ shows links from WWID to generic device An UDEV rule could help? I have not found any example. -- Viele Gr??e Helmut Drodofsky Internet XS
2019 Oct 29
udev on CEntOS7 - can't get a match, looking for tips...
Thanks, I did catch the mistype (after IU posted). Still no match with the typo fixed... :-( Thanks, John H. Nyhuis Desk: (206)-685-8334 jnyhuis at Box 359461, 15th floor, 106 On 10/29/2019 4:03 AM, Tony Mountifield wrote: > In article <7025a0a8-1471-530d-dad0-3770e902ca31 at>, > John H Nyhuis <jnyhuis at> wrote: >> The mtx binary requires
2019 Oct 28
udev on CEntOS7 - can't get a match, looking for tips...
The mtx binary requires my tape library to be assigned a sg# driver, but the kernel periodically renumbers the sg devices. Normally, we would write a udev rule to manually assign a persistent name, but it looks like things have changed as I can't seem to get a match on CEntOS7. I'd appreciate any feedback or pointers to help me get my rule working. My two attempts are below. cat
2003 Aug 06
Semi-newbie question "Softswitch" and Asterisk - Is there a difference?
I've been working in the VoIP industry for just a bit over a year now... Mostly taking care of the underlying systems. I've now reached the point where I'm being drawn more and more into the call processing side of things. My background is in computer and "classic" telephony systems (DMS250/MTX, DSC 400, T1, channel banks. telabs analog echo supressor modules and
2008 May 14
PWGL in wine, problems
Hello, I'm new on this list. First of all, thank you to all the developers of this great project! At the moment there is only an application that keeps me on both macos and windows, its name is PWGL a free environment for computer assisted composition in openGL. ( I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 and wine 0.9.59. I have to say that I also installed
2019 Oct 29
udev on CEntOS7 - can't get a match, looking for tips...
hmmm, I thought := assigned a key just like +=, except := locked it so it could not be changed later. Am I misunderstanding the man page for udev? Thanks, John H. Nyhuis Desk: (206)-685-8334 jnyhuis at Box 359461, 15th floor, 106 On 10/29/2019 4:31 PM, Leon Fauster via CentOS wrote: > Am 29.10.19 um 23:41 schrieb John H Nyhuis: >> Thanks, I did catch the mistype (after
2011 Jul 05
HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller Driver
Hi I am trying to install CentOS 5.6 on HP DL 180 G6 which has HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller Driver. I have 4 * 500 GB SATA HDD and configured RAID 1+0 using System BIOS, the BIOS detects usable disk space as 940GB disk space, when i start installing the OS, it does not detect HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller Driver As per
2005 Aug 17
power of a matrix
Dear all, I have a population with three age-classes, at time t=0 the population is: <- c(1,0,0) I have a transition matrix A which denotes "fertility" and "survival": A <- matrix(c(0,1,5, 0.3,0,0, 0,0.5,0), ncol=3, byrow=TRUE) To obtain the population at t=1, I calculate: A %*% To obtain the population t=2, I calculate: A %*% (A %*% ... and so
2010 Aug 02
Multibyte characters in (row) names
I have an array with names which contain multibyte characters. ?When I try to write the array to a file using write.table and row.names = T I receive an error message when the first such name is encountered, saying that I have not specified the option to generate NA instead. ?I really would be satisfied if the row name in the file were exactly what is displayed when I print the array on the
2012 Jan 19
[LLVMdev] Best way to interface with MSVC _ftol2 runtime function for fptoui?
On Jan 18, 2012, at 8:56 PM, Joe Groff wrote: > 2012/1/18 Jakob Stoklund Olesen <stoklund at>: >> This should work: >> %1 = call i64 asm "call __ftol2", "=A,{st},~{dirflag},~{fpsr},~{flags},~{st}" (double %x) nounwind > > Forgive me for being slow, but what would be the best way to implement > the equivalent of that inline asm as a
2013 Jun 14
IMAP MOVE and lazy_expunge_only_last_instance
Hello! im testing lazy_expunge_only_last_instance here and it seems it works wrong with IMAP MOVE IN: 14 uid move 13 "INBOX" OUT: * OK [COPYUID 1188569061 13 34] Moved UIDs. * 5 EXPUNGE 14 OK Move completed. dovecot.log: 2013-06-14 10:56:06 imap(test13 at Info: copy from Test: box=INBOX, uid=34, msgid=<1294858169.32435.3.camel at>, size=996,