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2017 Sep 05
Interesting behavior of lm() with small, problematic data sets
Tim, I think what you're seeing is Cheers, Mark From: "Glover, Tim" <Tim.Glover at> To: "r-help at" <r-help at> Date: 09/05/2017 11:37 AM Subject: [R] Interesting behavior of lm() with small, problematic data sets Sent by:
2007 Jul 11
Previously saved workspace restored
hi there, i an beginner of R. some one have sent me a file (extension is .Rdata). i have installed R in my computer and i just double clicked the data. then it automatically opened R programme and displayed that [previously saved workspace restored]. the following message was displayed. Type ''demo()'' for some demos, ''help()'' for on-line help,
2016 Apr 20
simulation in R
I realized that there was a typo error. I mean "Monte Carlo Simulation" ________________________________________ From: R-help <r-help-bounces at> on behalf of Kristi Glover <kristi.glover at> Sent: April 19, 2016 11:48 PM To: R-help Subject: [R] simulation in R Hi R user, Would you mind to help me to find the range with stochastic events? For
2006 May 27
ActiveSupport JSON working?
Hi, I am trying to convert a hash to JSON using ActiveSupports built in .to_json. I am doing similar to the example below but are there certain strings that could go in place of ''bar'' or ''rez'' that will break the to_json method? I am using a very long string from rjs output in place of ''bar''. Perhaps .to_json is not ready yet? Thanks, Peter
2007 Aug 07
"badly formed JSON" exception
I tried to implement the "Rendering JSON in actions" example from : @headers["Content-Type"] = "text/plain; charset=utf-8" data = { :foo => ''bar'', :etc => ''rez'' } render :text => data.to_json When I try to decode this in javascript with
2012 Sep 20
how can I give same name to column and row?
Hi R User, I calculated a correlation matrix and I was trying to give a same name for rows and columns (heading) in the correlation matrix. But, I was not able to do so. Would you mind let me know how I can assign the same name for the heading of row and columns in the matrix? I appreciate for your help. cheers, K [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2016 Apr 20
simulation in R
Hi R user, Would you mind to help me to find the range with stochastic events? For example, daT<-structure(list(sn = 1:14, growthrate = c(0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.99, 0.1, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.4, 0.3, 0.43)), .Names = c("sn", "growthrate"), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -14L)) I want to find the ranges of growth rate of the above data using Mote
2013 Jun 23
Which is the final model for a Boosted Regression Trees (GBM)?
Hi R User, I was trying to find a final model in the following example by using the Boosted regression trees (GBM). The program gives the fitted values but I wanted to calculate the fitted value by hand to understand in depth. Would you give moe some hints on what is the final model for this example? Thanks KG ------- The following script I used #----------------------- library(dismo)
2009 Apr 07
mongrel server core dump on Sun Solaris
I am running my Mongrel Web Server 1.1.5 on Sun Solaris 10 server with Apache 2.2 proxy running with single Mongrel instance to handle my RoR Web Applications request. My RoR web application was developped on Windows plateform, once I svn my RoR souce codes to Sun Solaris Web Application server and run the application through web browser. My Mongrel Web server most time may die and a core dump
2011 May 23
[PATCH] Indexing mail attachments with Dovecot + Solr
Indexing mail attachments with Dovecot + Solr. This patch has been tested with these versions: * dovecot 2.0.9 * apache-solr 1.4.1 This is a patch for the fts-solr plugin (that indexes mail messages for Dovecot with Solr). In main stream, the plugin does not index attachments; With this patch, you can index mails and their attachments (pdf, docs, openoffice docs...) . You can get others
2008 Dec 13
Need Help in converting php encryption decryption code to ruby on rails
Hi guys i found this encryption decryption in php and try to convert it in rails but i am unable to successfully convert it. So plz help me. I you write the whole conversion code then it will be great. PHP code is like this ================ # #/********************************************** #** #** MD5 block cypher #** #** Author..: leapinglangoor [
2009 Dec 28
How to get parameters to controller from view using <input tag?
Hello! I''m everywhere searching the answer for my question. How to get parameters to controller from view using <input tag. But I want to do this without db. I have the code: class TranslateController < ApplicationController def start @time = end def result @rez = params[:name] end end <html> <head> <title> Translate numbers from 10 to
2003 Apr 17
Odd error: Physical size does not match superblock size
Hello, I had something interesting happen on a RH8 ext3 system I setup.I am at a loss to understand what happened. Info: This system has two IDE disks, partitioned identically, and the largest partition on each (/dev/hda3 and /dev/hdb3, 96GB each) was mirrored in a linux software RAID-1 configuration. It was running fine for many months. Then I updated the kernel and needed to
2008 Feb 21
Save a group of matrix
Hello, I''m creating a loop to work with vegan, to get a species abundance curve. Here I send the script I''ve created and also an excel file to prove what it can do. Well, I have a database with 20 years, and each year we have sampled 19 stratum, and in each estratum we have carry out some sumpling. Then, with the script that I''ve sent I''ve got to calculate the
2010 Dec 28
Can dovecot+solr search on attachments?
I remember to read that dovecot+solr support search on mail attachment Is this true? Maybe, is needed to improve the basic solr schema to do this? -- Antonio P?rez-Aranda Alcaide aperezaranda at Yaco Sistemas S.L. C/ Rioja 5, 41001 Sevilla Tel?fono +34 954 50 00 57 Fax ? ? ?+34 954 50 09 29
2005 Sep 20
building initrd.img with updated drivers
Can someone point me to instructions on how to build a pxeboot/initrd.img with updated drivers. I would like to pxe boot and install rh8 on a newer machine, and the pxeboot files that come with rh8 (2.4.20-8) don''t support my e1000 NIC. I believe that the newer 2.4.20-28.8 drivers will, but I''m having trouble finding instructions in rebuilding the pxeboot initrd.img +
2002 May 06
Upgrade to 1.5.0
Hi all! my apologies if this is too elementary: I upgraded to 1.5.0. I copied my library folder on version 1.4.1 to the library folder on 1.5.0. When I try to upload a package via the menu I get this: Error in sort(.packages(all.available = TRUE)) : 1 argument passed to "sort" which requires 2. do I have to copy any other file from the previous version?. Thanks in
2005 Dec 04
Problems with multiboot DVD and isolinux > 3.07
Hi, some time ago I tried to boot an isolinux boot loader from another one to be able to boot e.g. a Knoppix CD with its original boot loader and menus from a "main" isolinux on a multiboot DVD. This works for isolinux <= 3.07 now! However, newer isolinux boot loaders have some problems and the isolinux (e.g. of the Knoppix CD) loaded from the multiboot DVD''s main
2009 Jan 15
32 bit Win 2003 Server Enterprise Edition don''t recognize > than 3.75 GB RAM
Hi everybody. I have a xen full virtualized guest running with 32 bit WIN 2003 Enterprise edition with 8 GB RAM assigned to it, but when the Virtual Machine starts only recognize 3,75 GB. I Have edit boot.ini with /PAE switch but still don''t work. In addition,when i set pae value = 1 in the guest config file, the system gave me a blue screen after the windows splash screen. Kind
2009 Jul 02
lpSolve: how to allow variables to become negative
Dear all, I am interested in solving a MIP problem with binary outcomes and continuous variables, which ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO BE NEGATIVE. In particular, Max {z1,z2,z3,b1} z1 + z2 + z3 (s.t.) # 7 z1 + 0 z2 + 0 z3 + b1 <= 5 # 0 z1 + 8 z2 + 0 z3 - b1 <= 5 # 0 z1 + 0 z2 + 6 z3 + b1 <= 7 # z1, z2, z3 BINARY {0,1} # -5<= b1 <=5 (i.e. b1 <= 5; -b1 <= 5 ) Using