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2004 Jul 19
why won''t rq draw lines?
I''ve been trying to draw quantile linear regression lines across a scatterplot of my data using attach(forrq) plot(PREGNANT,DAY8,xlab="pregnant EPDS",ylab="postnatal EPDS",cex=.5) taus <- c(.05,.1,.25,.75,.9,.95) xx <- seq(min(PREGNANT),max(PREGNANT),100) for(tau in taus){ f <- coef(rq(DAY8~PREGNANT,tau=tau)) yy
2018 Feb 23
Quantile regression with some parameters fixed across tau..
Hi, I would like to fit the following model with quantile regression: y ~ alpha + beta where both alpha and beta are factors. The conceptual model I have in my head is that alpha is a constant set of values, that should be independent of the quantile, tau and that all of the variability arises due to beta. If I just fit the model using the quantreg package like so: mdl <- rq( y ~ alpha
2006 Jun 19
Problems loading Rails-generated pages in Flash using IE?
Hey all, I''ve got a weird problem that I''m having trouble resolving. Basically I seem to be having an issue loading Rails-generated content into a Flash movie if I run the movie with IE. This problem isn''t happening in Firefox, or any other browser I can see, and, surprisingly, it isn''t happening in IE 7 Beta 2, either. We''re using Flash player 8.
2001 Aug 28
df not showing ext3 partition
Is there an updated version of the fileutils df that will show mounted ext3 partitions? I''m using fileutils-4.1. -- Curtis Hogg [] ---------------------------------------------- T-shirt Of The Day: I''m the person your mother warned you about. ---------------------------------------------- Email 1 - Email 2 -
2008 May 23
Evaluation "conflict" in combination of replicate() and rexp()as variable inside a function
Dear userRs, "playing around" with combinations of replicate() and random number generating functions inside a self-defined "wrapper" function I encounterd a puzzling behaviour. The following are intentionally simple (and rather nonsense-) examples to isolate the relevant aspects. Please, note the seemingly "inconsistent" behaviour for the second call of
2011 Oct 06
apply and functions with many arguments
Dear all, I would like to use the following function fitdist(data, distr, method=c("mle", "mme", "qme", "mge"), start=NULL, fix.arg=NULL, ...) for many different distr values like distr=c("norm","lnorm","pois") (just a small example) and take back into a list the parameter name which is what is inside distr plus what the
2017 Aug 27
Fwd: Find maxima of a function
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: niharika singhal <niharikasinghal1990 at> Date: Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 11:57 AM Subject: Re: Find maxima of a function To: "David Winsemius [via R]" <ml+s789695n4745009h56 at>, "Ismail SEZEN [via R]" <ml+s789695n4744993h60 at>, Ulrik Stervbo <ulrik.stervbo at>
2011 Sep 21
problem with function "Truncate" in package "distr"
Hello all, Can someone tell me why the following mixture of two log-normal distributions does not get truncated? What puzzles me is that the function works almost always, but for certain combinations (like the one below), it does not. # R code example library(distr) mix<-UnivarMixingDistribution(Lnorm(3.2,0.5),Lnorm(5.4,0.6),mixCoeff=c(0.3,0.7))
2018 Jan 29
Replacing a third data node with an arbiter one
On 01/29/2018 08:56 PM, Hoggins! wrote: > Thank you, for that, however I have a problem. > > Le 26/01/2018 ? 02:35, Ravishankar N a ?crit?: >> Yes, you would need to reduce it to replica 2 and then convert it to >> arbiter. >> 1. Ensure there are no pending heals, i.e. heal info shows zero entries. >> 2. gluster volume remove-brick thedude replica 2
2017 Aug 27
Fwd: Find maxima of a function
Dear Niharika, As I said before, the problem is basically an optimization issue. You should isolate the problematic part from the rest of your study. Sometimes, more information does not help to solution. All the answers from us (Ulrik, David, me) are more or less are correct to find a maximum point. Newton?s method is also correct. But after answers, you only say, it didn?t find the right
2017 Nov 22
function pointers?
We have a project that calls for the creation of a list of many distribution objects. Distributions can be of various types, with various parameters, but we ran into some problems. I started testing on a simple list of rnorm-based objects. I was a little surprised at the RAM storage requirements, here's an example: N <- 10000 closureList <- vector("list", N) nsize = sample(x
2001 Sep 06
Changing root journal data mode
Hi, I''m running 2.4.9-ac7 with ext3 compiled in, and I ran across this problem. Now that I look back, it makes sence, but it wasn''t obvious at first... I wanted to change the journal mode on my / partition, so I changed my fstab to: /dev/hda1 / ext3 defaults,errors=remount-ro,data=journal 0 1 as well as several other partitions, and rebooted. After rebooting
2011 Nov 14
Samba, RDP
Hello, please immediately Sorry, I do not know the English translation made by google. Encountered the following problem in the Samba. There is a server that is spinning Samba, there are three general spheres, and each user has a curve ball that is visible only to him, they are connected through this configuration include: [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = FS encrypt passwords = yes
2017 Aug 27
Fwd: Find maxima of a function
I have not followed the history of this thread, but I am quite flummoxed as to why the OP is rewriting code to estimate parameters from an univariate Gaussian mixture model when alternatives such as EMCluster (which generally appears to handle initialization better than MClust) exist. Or perhaps there is more to it in which case I apologize. But I thought that I would make the OP aware of the
2017 Aug 26
Find maxima of a function
> On 26 Aug 2017, at 16:39, niharika singhal <niharikasinghal1990 at> wrote: > > Hi, > > Thanks for your mail, and time > > It is not working for some arguments, when mean value is like >6. > > > case > > mc0 <- c(0.08844446,0.1744455,0.1379778,0.1209769,0.1573065,0. > 1134463,0.2074027) > > rv
2009 Feb 12
Problem at Lingvo 12 installation
Hello all, at an installation of ABYYY Lingvo 12 programm with Wine 1.1.13 the one generated the follows: Code: err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles Failed to copy L"Z:\\media\\Portable_hd\\Soft\\Distr\\LINGVO_12\\ABBYY Lingvo 12\\Dic\\RELIGI~1.LSD" to L"C:\\Program Files\\ABBYY Lingvo 12\\Dic\\ReligionRuEn.lsd" (5) err:msi:ITERATE_Actions Execution halted, action
2006 Apr 26
cdf of weibull distribution
Hi, I have a data set which is assumed to follow weibull distr''. How can I find of cdf for this data. For example, for normal data I used (package - lmomco) >cdfnor(15,parnor(lmom.ub(c(df$V1)))) Also, lmomco package does not have functions for finding cdf for some of the distributions like lognormal. Is there any other package, which can handle these distributions?
2005 Feb 24
Density of the Multivariate T Distribution
Hi, I am looking for an efficient way to compute the values of the density function of a multivariate T distribution - something like "dmvnorm", but for T distr. Does this exist somewhere? Many thanks, Jan Bulla Goettingen University
2004 Mar 18
Print from windows to linux cups server fails using smb
Cups admin manual says it is just to have smb.conf to include printing = cups printcap name = cups I have tried to get a print out from a windows client to the linux hosted server for weeks now... Printer: Lexmark-z53 on usb Linux distr: Suse 9.0 Kernel: 2.4.21-166 Samba: 2.2.8a-139 Cups: 1.1.19-85 Windows XP client. cups error_log never gets the print command. Cups works fine when printing
2001 Sep 03
ext3 and df don''t agree ?
I''ve taken my RH7.1 system, rebuild kernel (2.4.9 with ext3 patches) and followed the ext3 instructions to install. Everything seems to work OK but - df -k doesn''t list the ext3 partition (my root partition). Is this a known problem ? If not, how best can I gather diagnostics to identify the source of the problem ? Thanks -- Philip Nelson (