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2002 Sep 17
Problems compiling patched bridge-utils
Hello, I''ve applied ``bridge-utils-0.9.5-ipmode-1.diff'''' to be able to use my shaper as bridge and don''t lose the netfilter capabilities, the patch applies with no error messages, which makes me supose everything is working fine. But when i try to recompile the bridge-utils utilities i get the message transcript below:
2005 May 10
Hi, I'm trying to install bwm on my Centos box without joy so far. # yum check-update # yum install bwm Gathering header information file(s) from server(s) Server: CentOS-3 - Addons Server: CentOS-3 - Base Server: CentOS-3 - Extras Server: CentOS-3 - Updates Finding updated packages Downloading needed headers Cannot find a package matching bwm No actions to take # yum search bwm Gathering
2020 Jul 12
pedido de ayuda
Hace días escribí......creo que se perdió mi mensaje, voy de nuevo con mi pedido de ayuda... Buenas, soy novata en R, estoy comenzando con RCmdr y quisiera saber si pudieran ayudarme dándome algunas pistas para bajar los paquetes que se necesitan para activar muchas de las funciones que aparecen en la pestaña de Análisis y empezar a aplicar algunos análisis. Yo sé que tal vez se dediquen sólo a
2007 Feb 08
Best phone for easy provisioning
Does anyone have any recommendations for a phone that has easy to understand/implement central provisioning? I've used CISCO 79XX phones, and they're great (but too expensive). I like Grandstream phones, but their provisioning sucks. What is everybody else using in large environments where individual config is not an option? ---------------------------------------- Rod Bacon
2004 Apr 30
Configuration on a Vonage Motorola VT-1000
Maybe somebody can help me. I'm testing my brand new [*], interconnecting it with several networks, but only via softphones up to now. I do have a VT1000 CPE from vonage, with a vonage line on the first FXS port, and would like to use the second FXS port to connect it to my [*] This is my question: My vonage VT1000 is connected between the cablemodem and a home gateway. Therefore, I
2005 Jan 13
Bandwidth management under linux
In my search to control bandwidth on my network I found 2 projects.. 1. TC 2. BWM Tools - This brings me to 2 questions... Firstly, can TC control bandwidth in both directions? I read that it can only do 1 direction, which one I cant remember. Can you monitor the load on the queues you define? Does TC support IPv6? Secondly, BWM Tools
2003 Jul 29
[Bug 622] Problem with configuring Summary: Problem with configuring Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 3.6.1p2 Platform: Other OS/Version: AIX Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P2 Component: Build system AssignedTo: openssh-bugs at ReportedBy:
2013 Apr 15
Imputation with SOM using kohonen package
I have a data set with 10 variables, and about 8000 instances (or objects/rows/samples). In addition I have one more ('class') variable that I have about 10 instances for, but for which I wish to impute values for. I am a little confused how to go about doing this, mostly as I'm not well-versed in it. Do I train the SOM with a data object that contains just the first 10
2011 Oct 26
mount.cifs - 4.8.1 -- server side restart - CIFS VFS: No repsonse for cmd
Samba list: We are mounting a share provided by a Unisys MCP mainframe with the following fstab entry.... /etc/fstab: // /mnt/staging cifs rw,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775,uid=4051,gid=4053,credentials=/etc/nx-credentials.txt,_netdev 0 0 The mount is established just fine and works with the exception that the
2002 May 13
bw console monitoring
Hi, I want to see bandwidth every ip address in the local network that passing my linux gateway in the console, may be it''s similar like mrtg (web based version) It''s possible ? Best regards, >--<Kristiadi Himawan>--<
2005 Jan 23
Shaping traffic with high priority hosts
Dear all My current setup is the following: Normal Hosts --------+ eth0 eth1 | +----------+ +-<->| F/W box |--<-> Internet | +----------+ High priority hosts--+ My eth0 is a normal 100MBps LAN and my Internet connection is a 1Mbps ADSL line. What I want to achieve is to have normal hosts to share a big
2015 Jan 02
using feature from applicationmap while ringing in queue
Hello fellow asterisk users, I'm trying to use feature application defined in application map. it's defined as follows: lbxvml => 1,self/caller,Macro,Jump2Voicemail It's working properly when called party answers the call, but I'd like to have feature usable while call is still ringing in queue but this just does not work.. Is this a bug or feature? Is there a way to
2001 Feb 21
further problems with OpenSSH 2.5.1p1 on RH 6.2
I'm finding another problem with OpenSSH 2.5.1p1 on RH 6.2 (at least, I think it's the linux box that is the problem). I'm ssh'ing to a RH 6.2 box from a Solaris 7 server (scp also... seems like the same problem). I'm using authorized_keys and files to do it automagically, and all works well when it's from user to user, where the username is the same, but if
2004 Feb 09
pdbedit and password expiry
Hi guys/girls, How are you ? I've been struggling to get my users' passwords to expire. My configuration is samba-3.0 running with the standard smbpasswd back-end. Everything that I can find on the web says I should set the following to expire my users passwords after 28 days.: pdbedit -v -P 'minimum password age' -C 300 pdbedit -v -P 'maximum password age' -C 2419200
2002 May 22
[OT] Ports bandwidth manager
Hi, I search a tool to view bandwidth usage switch tcp ports, like bandwidth usage for port 80, for FTP port, etc I know "bwm" which is a good tool to see bandwidth usage for a device. Is it possible to saw it with /proc ?? Thx in advance. -- Grégory
2008 Sep 15
Network Help
I have searched the internet, and have tried some things I have found, but cannot resolve my issue. Hoping to find some help here. I have a peer to peer network static IP on all workstations, approximately 100 computers running Windows XP pro, and Windows 2000 pro. My desktop, Ubuntu, and one Linux Server, running Red Hat 9. The RH9 machine has Samba v2.27 running as WINS. It is set as
2005 Aug 27
Samba clients can't see partitions mounted via loop device from image files
Is there something special about filesystems mounted via the loop device, which prevents Samba from sharing them? I have a small LAN with several PCs on it. It has a few Windows machines, and a Linux machine running Mandrake 10 (kernel 2.6.3), which shares out its root ("/") read-only as "c". (Temporarily, for testing, it is shared with full write permissions, which I
2004 Aug 21
Wondershaper in internal network
I''ve gotten wondershaper to work in my linux box, which is part of a 3 computer network that shares the same dsl connection. The linuxbox handles most bulk down and uploading, and the other 2 are mainly for surfing and such. What I need from wiondershaper is that it should perform it''s tasks with all of the traffic to the dsl modem, but do nothing with the internal traffic
2001 Dec 21
Winbind + NIS
Hi, I'm trying to integrate a linux-network with a Nt-network. My PDC is Nt, so i got a linuxbox running a samba+winbind and it's running perfect. Now i got another linuxbox and installed a nis client and put the nis server in the samba server, only that the nis client doesn't see the Nt users. My question is: Is there a way that i can get to my nis client see the Nt users (via
2005 May 29
Error attempting to make Zaptel on Red Hat linux 9.0
Hi All, Newby with problem when attempting to make Zaptel on Red Hat linux 9.0. I have seached Google, VoIP forums etc and cannot resolve issue. (Red Hat 9.0) Linux version 2.4.20-31.9 ( (gcc version 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5)) #1 Tue Apr 13 18:04:23 EDT 2004 All Packages installed per: