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2013 Apr 24
pglm package: fitted values and residuals
I'm using the package pglm and I'have estimated a "random probit model". I need to save in a vector the fitted values and the residuals of the model but I can not do it. I tried with the command fitted.values using the following procedure without results: library(pglm) m1_S<-pglm(Feed ~ Cons_PC_1 + imp_gen_1 + LGDP_PC_1 + lnEI_1 +
2010 Jul 15
Warning message in summary of PGLM
Dear Sir, When requesting the summary of pglm analyses in R, I encounter repeatedly the following warning message: "Warning message: In pf(Fstat, object$k - 1, object$n - object$k, ncp = 0, lower.tail = FALSE, : full precision was not achieved in 'pnbeta'" This message appears both with the pglm estimate of Lambda and with Lambda set to 0. Could you tell me what
2013 May 17
n in pglm() and relogit()
Dear all, How do I obtain the number of countries that my panel models estimated by pglm() and relogit() (the latter one is in the Zelig library) use? I couldn't find any information on that in the help files. Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes
2011 Aug 24
problema de selección de valores iniciales en nlm
Hola a todos, Necesito estimar dos parametros utilizando la función nlm; fit<-nlm(hood2par,c(x01[i],x02[j]),iterlim=300, catch=x[,c(3,4,5)],sp=.5) donde hood2par es una logística modificada. Pero en mi caso, la convergencia de nlm depende de los valores iniciales de dichos parámetros. Para buscar dichos valores iniciales de manera automática, genero dos vectores de valores iniciales
2013 Sep 22
Por favor ver comentario con las las letras mayúsculas data("CPS1985", package = "AER") cps <- CPS1985 cps [1:10,] dim( cps) names( cps) library("quantreg") #regresion usual cps_lm <- lm(log(wage) ~ experience + I(experience^2) + + education, data = cps) #regresion por quantiles, tau son los cuantiles
2011 Apr 10
maxLik package.
Dear Sir/ Madam,   I have some enquiry in R about maxLik package where, in this package we have the usage  maxLik(logLik, grad, hess, start, method, iterlim, print.level)   when I used this with print.level equals to 3 I could have estimates of parameters at each iteration but I do not know how can I call the information in the level. Is there any way can help me to call the information
1999 Jun 07
RedHat 6.0, /dev/pts permissions bug when using xterm (fwd)
[Mod: forwarded from BUGTRAQ -- alex] ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 19:15:05 +0000 From: noc-wage <wage@IDIRECT.CA> To: BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG Subject: RedHat 6.0, /dev/pts permissions bug when using xterm Once again I''ve come up with another trivial Denial of Service flaw, (wow, I seem to be good at this Conseal Firewall, +++ath0, ppp
2009 Jan 21
trouble switching to 'plm' from 'xtabond' and Stata
Hello, I am switching to R from Stata and I am having particular trouble with the transition from Stata's 'xtabond' and 'ivreg' commands to the "plm" package. I am trying to replicate some of the dynamic panel data work using the UK Employment data in Arellano and Bond (1991) and available as 'EmplUK' under the 'plm' package. I have been
2007 Apr 09
R:Maximum likelihood estimation using BHHH and BFGS
Dear R users, I am new to R. I would like to find *maximum likelihood estimators for psi and alpha* based on the following *log likelihood function*, c is consumption data comprising 148 entries: fn<-function(c,psi,alpha) { s1<-sum(for(i in 1:n){(c[i]-(psi^(-1/alpha)*(lag(c[i],-1))))^2* (lag(c[i],-1)^((-2)*(alpha+1)) )}); s2<- sum(for(m in
1999 Nov 25
tapply and weighted.mean
I am trying to use tapply to estimate the average wage in a set of Year*Education cells using sampling weights, as well as some other other statistics using the weights). I am having trouble trying to figure out how to pass the weights to the function, using: > tapply(wage,list(Educc,Year),weighted.mean, w=weight) whieh produces warnings of the type: 3: longer object length is not a
2010 Mar 25
*** caught segfault *** address 0x18, cause 'memory not mapped'
Hello R Community, I've been run the following codes. However, I've been getting an unusual segfault that I'm unable to trace its origin. Please give me a light to decipher the "caught segfault" Thanks for you attention. Bernardo. > options(STERM='iESS', editor='emacsclient') > rm(list = ls()) > > source("fgenIGLD.R") #RNG
2012 Nov 29
instrumental variables regression using ivreg (AER) or tsls (sem)
Dear friends, I am trying to understand and implement instrumental variables regression using R. I found a small (simple) example here which purportedly illustrates the mechanics (using 2-stage least-squares): Basically, here are the R commands (reproducible example) from that site: # ------ begin R
1999 Jun 04
Forw: 2.2.x kernel vulnerability
below. Dan ___________________________________________________________________________ Dan Yocum | Phone: (630) 840-8525 Linux/Unix System Administrator | Fax: (630) 840-6345 Computing Division OSS/FSS | email: .~. L Fermi National Accelerator Lab | WWW: /V\ I P.O. Box 500
2012 Mar 08
Panel models: Fixed effects & random coefficients in plm
Hello, I am using {plm} to estimate panel models. I want to estimate a model that includes fixed effects for time and individual, but has a random individual effect for the coefficient on the independent variable. That is, I would like to estimate the model: Y_it = a_i + a_t + B_i * X_it + e_it Where i denotes individuals, t denotes time, X is my independent variable, and B (beta) is the
2009 Jul 27
help about package "reldist" (Relative Distribution)
Dear R users: i try to use package "reldist" to measure wage distribution. In package "reldist" : y mean sample from comparison distribution yo mean sample from reference distribution but I would like to compare more than two years ( total of fifteen years, from 1979, 1981, 2007) how should i correct my programs, then i could compare fifteen year's
2013 Sep 22
¿ como se pueden cambiar estos colores, gray.colors a otros library("KernSmooth") cps_bkde <- bkde2D(cbind(cps$experience, log(cps$wage)), bandwidth = c(3.5, 0.5), gridsize = c(200, 200)) image(cps_bkde$x1, cps_bkde$x2, cps_bkde$fhat, col = rev(gray.colors(10, gamma = 1)), #### pregunta?como se pueden cambiar estos colores xlab =
2009 Mar 30
pgmm (Blundell-Bond) sample needed)
Dear Ivo, dear list, (see: Message: 70 Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 21:39:19 +0000 From: ivowel at Subject: [R] pgmm (Blundell-Bond) sample needed) I think I finally figured out how to replicate your supersimple GMM example with pgmm() so as to get the very same results as Stata. Having no other regressors in the formula initially drove me crazy. This was a case where simpler models are
2008 Jan 15
Viewing source code for .Internal functions
I am trying to view the source code of the function nlm in the stats package of R 2.4.1. I downloaded the source from CRAN and opened nlm.R, and it calls a .Internal function: .Internal(nlm(function(x) f(x, ...), p, hessian, typsize, fscale, msg, ndigit, gradtol, stepmax, steptol, iterlim)) This is the same thing I saw when entering the function name at the R command
2003 Dec 08
trouble with predict.l1ce
Dear R-help, I am having trouble with the predict function in lasso2. For example: > data(Iowa) > l1c.I <- l1ce(Yield ~ ., Iowa, bound = 10, absolute.t=TRUE) > predict (l1c.I) # this works is fine > predict (l1c.I,Iowa) Error in eval(exper,envir, enclos) : couldn't find function "Yield" And I have similar trouble whenever I use the newdata argument in
2014 Sep 08
Bug#760563: Bug#760563: xen-hypervisor-4.4-amd64: Xen >=4.1 not booting on IBM HS20
Hi, First of all, thanks for your help. I have made some test with this results debian testing with xen 4.4 can run if we add mmcfg=0 as boot options to kernel boot parameters !!! Remember that with xen kernel <=4.0 works perfect without to add mmcfg=0 I have tried to install citrix xenserver 5.6 and works perfect (remember that this is xen 3 branch) Also we have tried to install xenserver