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2007 Sep 18
[LLVMdev] 2.1 Pre-Release Available (testers needed)
On Saturday 15 September 2007, Tanya Lattner wrote: > 2) Download llvm-2.1, llvm-test-2.1, and the llvm-gcc4.0 source. > Compile everything. Run "make check" and the full llvm-test suite > (make TEST=nightly report). I tried to do this, but ran into trouble. LLVM itself compiled fine. GCC compilation is broken when Java support is enabled. I can file a detailed bug report
2008 Jan 16
old prevents dovecot startup
Summary ======= After an unclean shutdown the file /var/run/dovecot/ remained behind. This prevented dovecot from starting, and gave a misleading error message. To be more resilient and fault-tolerant, I recommend that dovecot also check the validity of the PID in /var/run/dovecot/ in order to determine whether or not another dovecot process is
2006 Mar 02
keeppxe - documentation recommendation
Summary ======= I have a recommendation for a minor documentation change regarding 'keeppxe'. I lost some time on this and think that a clarification could save other people time in the future. pxelinux.doc should be tweaked to explicitly say that the "keeppxe" option should be given on the kernel command line through the APPEND statemen Detail ====== pxelinux.doc line 356
2007 Sep 15
[LLVMdev] 2.1 Pre-Release Available (testers needed)
LLVMers, The 2.1 pre-release (version 1) is available for testing: I'm looking for members of the LLVM community to test the 2.1 release. There are 2 ways you can help: 1) Download llvm-2.1, llvm-test-2.1, and the appropriate llvm-gcc4.0 binary. Run "make check" and the full llvm-test suite (make TEST=nightly
2010 Aug 28
star models
Hi, I am traying to implement an STAR model, but I have some problems. I am following the instruction of the model, that they are in: that they are from: The model is: star(x, m=2, noRegimes, d = 1, steps = d, series, rob =
2006 Jul 19
Hosting a Ruby App From Home - Approach?
Hi, Any advice/comments on the potential for hosting some personal Ruby applications from home? (i.e. for learning, sharing with friends etc) Would the basic concept be: * Need to buy a static IP address from you ISP * By a domain name and point it to the static IP address * Run Apache as the front end web server - Q: What basic lockdown/security steps should one take? * Perform
2006 Jan 23
Web Hosting Options?
Can someone recommend a good web host for ROR? -- Posted via
2000 Dec 31
R as a daemon?
I have a GNU/Linux / Unix application in which I'd like to have an R process running in a persistant state, while receiving instructions (and data) from another process, and returning results to this process. My initial thoughts are to set something up with named pipes or such, but I believe that the R process will terminate when it reads EOF (^D) from the input pipe. The client
2009 Sep 28
[LLVMdev] Appending linkage
This is an issue I raised a while ago, but I wanted to know if the situation had improved at all recently. The issue is determining the number of elements in an array that has appending linkage. The obvious course would be to use a constant GEP. Suppose we have N modules, each containing a global variable with appending linkage whose initializer is an array of size M containing elements of type
2004 Jul 06
Disabling MEMDISK
I have added instructions to memdisk.doc for how to disable MEMDISK. However, it's unlikely that this will work if you're running under DOS, since DOS will be very unhappy about drives changing underneath it. Anyway, until the next (pre)release comes out, here are the instructions: --- memdisk.doc 27 Apr 2004 06:49:36 -0000 1.10 +++ memdisk.doc 6 Jul 2004 01:29:03 -0000 @@ -122,5
2004 Jul 20
PRI dead in USA?
Hi- Because a majority of my customers are in Europe, I've gotten quite used to working with ISDN (PRI) and BRI on a regular basis. Recently one of my customers asked me if I could terminate a few lines locally here in the USA (California), so I called up SBC to enquire as to how much it would cost to install a BRI here. Although the rates were reasonable (except the installation), I got
2009 Dec 07
[PATCH] memdisk: "safe hook" and mBFT
Two additions to MEMDISK to support OS drivers. The "safe hook" structure ("Safe Master Boot Record INT 13h Hook Routines") is a means for an OS driver to follow a chain of INT 13h hooks, examining the hooks'' vendors and assuming responsibility for hook functionality along the way. For MEMDISK, we guarantee an additional field which holds the physical address for the
2004 Dec 21
Caller ID - TE405P - Telstra Onramp 10 - Australia
I am having problems getting incoming caller id to work on a Telstra Onramp 10. I have changed "/DEFAULT_CIDRINGS 2"/ Is there something i'm missing ? My Cisco 7960 just shows "asterisk" Thanks, Nathan [zapata.conf] context=incoming usecallingpres=yes relaxdtmf=no rxgain=0.0 txgain=0.0 busydetect=no pridialplan=local usecallerid=yes callerid=asreceived
2006 Aug 02
[PATCH 0/6] htb: cleanup
The HTB scheduler code is a mess, this patch set does some basic house cleaning. The first four should cause no code change, but the last two need more testing. -- Stephen Hemminger <> "And in the Packet there writ down that doome" - To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe netdev" in the body of a message to
2000 Dec 05
R or Splus?
It's been suggested I use R, I suppose because my employer is too skint to pay for a copy of Splus. But.... it doesn't seem to be stable. I was trying to do some ordinary regression and stepping through a model. I was trying to set up a model ('kitchen_sink') in which to put all my model parameters. Then I wanted to use step() to see what it would reduce the model to. I
2012 May 17
[PATCH] libxl: do not overwrite user supplied config when running bootloader
# HG changeset patch # User Ian Campbell <> # Date 1337273492 -3600 # Node ID cdb947baea102aa6a1d53472f8a3e5f2d6cc485e # Parent ac45608496cd85b0bf1aed6e5b869b4a86ca672f libxl: do not overwrite user supplied config when running bootloader. Currently when running the bootloader libxl will update b_info->u.pv.kernel, .ramdisk, .cmdline and .bootloader. This can
2000 Nov 13
Rcgi mailing list
Rcgi is a CGI WWW interface to R. Recent versions have the ability to use "embedded code": you can mix user input and code, allowing the HTML author to do anything from load in data sets to enter most of the commands for users without writing CGI scripts. Graphical output is possible in PostScript or GIF formats and the executed code is presented to the user for revision.
2000 Oct 24
R: R-1.1.1 for Debian 2.2
>MJ Ray <mjr at> writes: > >> Griffith Feeney <gfeeney at> writes: >> > I couldn't get 'apt-get install r-base' to work at step 2: it installs the >> > older version of R rather than 1.1.1 and complains incessantly about not >> > being able to stat source package list. This apt-get command did result in
2006 Oct 23
Project Manager - VMWare, Free/Open DSB, Redhat & SQL, Role available ....
Dear all, Jo?o from Brazil kindly informed me that there was a typo in my previous message... Please find corrected message below : I am looking for a VMWare, Free/Open BSD, Redhat & SQL Project Manager. Does anyone know of a suitable individual? UK Based (Berkshire) so Ideally an EU candidate. 3-6 mth contract paying ?350/400 per day going to permanent role @
2012 Jul 04
[PATCH 00 of 10 v3] Automatic NUMA placement for xl
Hello, Third version of the NUMA placement series Xen 4.2. All the comments received during v2''s review have been addressed (more details in single changelogs). The most notable changes are the following: - the libxl_cpumap --> libxl_bitmap renaming has been rebased on top of the recent patches that allows us to allocate bitmaps of different sizes; - the heuristics for deciding