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2007 Jan 19
Merb Init Script
I''m trying to emulate the mongrel_cluster_ctl but it takes a -c conf_file option... meaning I can run it from anywhere as long as I tell it where the conf file is. Merb doesn''t have that capability does it? (it has an additional/supplemental config like mup.conf etc) Do I have to be under the merb_app root /path/to/merb/app/ to be able to run merb? Let
2007 Jan 12
Rails session parasite...
All, I see this item on the merb-0.0.8 release notes Added rails session parasite mode. I am assuming merbs can piggy back off the rails current session. How does one achieve that ? Thanks Fernand -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2007 May 14
Help a newb with 0.3.1
Hi, first off thanks Ezra for Merb - it''s certainly interesting and I''m keen to have a play. However, I''m having difficulties in getting started. I''ve followed the docs for setting up mrblog and everything seems to be installed correctly, and merb appears to start fine: $ merb you must install the markaby gem to use .mab templates you must install the
2007 May 31
Sample Merb App
I put together a sample app to help people learn Merb: I also blogged about it here: -- Zack Chandler
2007 Mar 13
running merb locally
Stupid question, but is there a way to run merb locally, without installing it as a gem? I don''t mean freezing it into a merb app, but checking out merb and being able to run it without installing the gem first. The reason I ask is that I''m working on some debugging stuff and it''d be helpful to be able to modify the source code, run it, modify, run, and so on. (And yes,
2006 Dec 01
ActiveRecord Sessions
I am considering using merb to process file uploads. For the most part I''m going to keep it lean and mean. I would however like to access my active_record_session from my Rails app. Is this built into merb yet? Or is it OK to just add require ''action_controller/session/ active_record_store'' to merb_init.rb and then create my own session object
2007 Jan 03
Using helpers...
All, I am getting an undefined method exception while trying to use a helper method in a xerb file. I am running version 0.0.8 module Merb module FredHelper def blee( args ) .... end end end In the xerb template I have xml.bobo blee( args ) At runtime I am getting undefined method ''blee'' I tryied
2006 Dec 27
ARSession Woes!
I''m having an issue with ARsessions... I have a rails app AND a merb app both under the same domain... I have redirects working for this to be seamless... however, the session started on merb is different than the session started in the rails app... like so.. Any ideas why? The only difference I see, but dunno where to
2006 Dec 04
Merb on Win32 Platform
I''m trying to get Merb running on Windows XP SP2 and am experiencing some difficulties. I load http://localhost:4000/posts/new in my browser expecting to see the contents of new.herb rendered. However the following error is reported: Request: PATH_INFO: /posts/new Params: {"action"=>"new", "id"=>nil,
2006 Dec 03
How To Create Database Tables With Merb 0.0.7?
Howdy, I just gem unpacked merb and have configured the sample_app to use an sqlite3 database. I see that the Rakefile has a task named "schema", but it points to /dist/schema/schema1.rb", which doesn''t exist. I copied /dist/schema/schema1.rb to /dist/schema/schema.rb then ran "rake schema". What''s the recommended way
2006 Dec 26
Rubygems and Fastthread problem
Heya Folks- This is mainly for Zed and Mentalguy. I have been playing with the new release of rubygems and I have a major problem with the requirement that fastthread needs to be required before thread. Just requiring rubygems and then requiring fastthread right after that will throw the error: ez _blog $ ruby require ''rubygems'' require
2007 May 04
Rspec on Merb Plugin - Initial thoughts?
A couple days ago I submitted a patch, that was committed by Ezra, to the MrBlog project for the Rspec on Merb plugin. So far, it only works with ActiveRecord including fixtures. Has any played with it? If so, did you get it to work? I''m going to be submitting a patch for Controller specs soon. It will be very bare bones, given my current lack of understanding of Merb controller
2007 Mar 12
Clarification of how controllers and views work together...
Hi, So I''ve started mucking about with Merb. I''m doing some experimenting with some product ideas. Things are working out quite well, Merb is a pleasure to use. It seems very fast too. A couple of rough spots but that might be me, if they are still chaffing after a few more days I''ll mention them. One thing... I wrote a controller and a view with several
2007 Feb 15
wrong startup information in production environment
Hi, I check out the last codes from merb repository. And the startup information for production environment just like that: ====================================================== dev:/var/www/apps/upload_merb/current/log# /etc/init.d/merb_init start Merb started with these options: --- :template_ext: :html: :herb :js: :jerb :xml: :xerb :config:
2007 Mar 07
Is there a thread safe ActiveRecord replacement?
I''m using merb as an application server backend for a client application, the goal is to be able to handle thousands of parallell sessions (not parallell requests). It will use sendfile to send files. The controller uses an singleton that saves sessions in a hash that is memory resident cross requests, but isn''t persistent otherwise. I''m using ActiveRecord since there
2006 Dec 23
Generating a merb app skeleton...
I have just started playing with merb. I think this framework has great potential so ATTA BOYS are in order !! Perhaps I missed something in the readme file, but how do I generate a default app in merb. I was looking for something like the cmd below to generate the app hierarchy ?? > merb myapp -Fernand -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Oct 17
Merb, Mongrel+Erb
Hey there folks- I''m happy to announce the first useable release of my new pocket- framework Merb. Merb is a mongrel handler with built in controller and view templating with erb. It has a nice routing system similar to rails but much simpler. It uses some of the code from the camping handler and the rails handler and then some of its own secret sauce to form imho a nice fast
2006 Dec 03
File Upload Unix Only?
I tried the upload feature in merb 0.0.7 using http://localhost:4000/files I get the following: Permission denied - D:/Temp/Merb.5172.0 or E:/Dev/Ruby/merb-0.0.7/examples/sample_app/dist/public/files/foobar.jpg - (Errno::EACCES) C:/Ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:501:in `rename''
2007 Jan 02
Hi, I am just starting playing with merb and was wondering if there is any caching strategy available. I was planning on using the action caching plugin but I am quiet sure what is the merb plan with dealing with plugins... Any idea or suggestions ? Regards, Fernand -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2007 Jun 19
Plugin Requirements
I like the style of the Merb plugin manager....installing gems straight from RubyForge. However, the current implementation in trunk wants to find an install script and a Rakefile.merb. Many gems would still be useful without this and could be easily packaged with a Merb app for deployment. Right now it wil "rescue nil" if no uninstall script is found, but the others are required. Is