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2013 Apr 24
pglm package: fitted values and residuals
I'm using the package pglm and I'have estimated a "random probit model". I need to save in a vector the fitted values and the residuals of the model but I can not do it. I tried with the command fitted.values using the following procedure without results: library(pglm) m1_S<-pglm(Feed ~ Cons_PC_1 + imp_gen_1 + LGDP_PC_1 + lnEI_1 +
2005 Nov 07
Modifying Internal C Files
Hi All. I want to tweak a few minor things inside of internal C code. I have my Win. XP machine set-up to build packages (including C code), but I'm having problems getting the package to run correctly. In particular, I want to modify a few things inside of pnbeta.c (namely errmax and itrmax), which is what the pbeta() function calls upon when there is a noncentral parameter. I copied the
2013 May 10
PGLM Package: Starting Values for Within-Model
I am currently using the PGLM package and I would like to implement a within-model. Unfortunately, I do not succeed as I am not a big expert in panel regression. I am using the example data set from the PGLM package: library(pglm) data('Unions', package = 'pglm') anb <- pglm(union~wage+exper+rural, Unions, family=binomial('probit'), model="within", method =
2013 May 17
n in pglm() and relogit()
Dear all, How do I obtain the number of countries that my panel models estimated by pglm() and relogit() (the latter one is in the Zelig library) use? I couldn't find any information on that in the help files. Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes
2011 May 26
summing array elements
Hi to everybody I have an array with dimensions 2,4,3,3. Wanting to sum the matrices in the first two dimensions, I'm trying to use the "apply" function, but with no results. Have to say I'm quite new with R syntax. tx in advance marco [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2017 Mar 22
GLM con clusters
Gracias a todos por sus respuestas, perdón si no fui muy claro. Lo que intento replicar es un análisis realizado en Stata, tengo que hacer los mismos cálculos pero en el r. En Stata lo que se hizo fue: xi: logistic i.coord i.v11_sexo, vce (cluster red) *Vce (cluster clustvar) especifica que los errores estándar permiten la correlación intragrupo, relajando el requisito habitual de que las
2006 Jun 30
Random numbers from noncentral t-distribution
Hi there: I'd thought these two versions of noncentral t-distribution are essentially the same: > qqplot(rt(1000,df=20,ncp=3),qt(runif(1000),df=20,ncp=3)) But, the scales of the x-axis and the y-axis are quite different according to the QQ-plot. Did I make any mistakes somewhere? Thanks, Long ---------------------------------
2011 Apr 11
Samba over IPX
I would like to add my case for a wish of IPX support in Samba: We use a number of CNC tool machines whose host is pure DOS based. Don't be surprised that DOS is stilll running somewhere. It is fairly OK when we get to the field of HW and real-time control, unlike Windows and the like... These hosts use IPX to access LAN shares. IPX is here preferable to TCP/IP because of its lower
2006 Dec 10
Noncentral t & F distributions
Dear List: The square of the noncentral t-statistic with noncentrality parameter \delta is a noncentral F with noncentrality parameter \lambda=\delta^2. So, t^2_{\nu,\delta} = F_{1,\nu,\lambda=\delta^2}. Consequently, it should follow that t^2_{1-\alpha/2,\nu,\delta} = f_{1-alpha,1,\vu,\lambda=\delta^2}. However, this is not what is happening with the following code. The central
2010 Sep 01
3Com 3102 Phones
Has any advancement been made to get 3102 operational in either a SIP or H323 asterisk environment. A post back in time mentioned a downloader service. >From the posts and articles I have read, the NCP is acting like a bootp and tftp server which uploads the configuration to the phone?? Am I close? if so, where does one get the SIP image for he 3102 and 2102 phones? I had 8 donated, but they
2005 Jun 15
Chi square convolution?
Hi, I want to determine the confidence interval on the sum of two sigma's. Is there an easy way to do this in R? I guess I have to use some sort of chisquare convolution algorithm??? Thanx, Roy -- The information contained in this communication and any atta...{{dropped}}
2012 Feb 11
How to see a R function's code
I was wondering how do I actually see what's inside a function, say, density of t distribution, dt()? I know for some, I can type the function name inside R and the code will be displayed. But for dt(), I get > dt function (x, df, ncp, log = FALSE) { if (missing(ncp)) .Internal(dt(x, df, log)) else .Internal(dnt(x, df, ncp, log)) } <environment: namespace:stats> I
2008 Aug 27
Combo Select Filter Data
Hi, this is my second post ( sorry for my language ) need yours helps with my problem. i need filter my model by an option in a Combo select i thing, "i should be" with observe_field and render partial, but i have a problem, when past to the second page, the application give me an error. about ID thx for your helps! -- Posted via
2004 Oct 05
wbinfo -a always failing with NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
Hello! Please help! I have been googling and experimenting for the past few days, but I can't get user authentications to work with my AD domain. Fedora Core 2 running Samba 3.0.7-2.FC2 Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition After much fuss, I was able to get it to join the domain (had to disable client signing). "wbinfo -u" and "wbinfo -g" both work fine, and I can see
2006 Jan 17
how can i locate the source code of a module quickly?
I have dowloaded the Source Code of R,and I want to know the process of chi-sqared test,but how can I found it? [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2007 Aug 07
Virtualisation of Netware?
Hi, I am hoping someone can kick me up the learning curve (!) on Virtualization: We have an old piece of data logging software that was written in Turbo Pascal 6 using a file I/O module tuned to Netware and so it expects its data files to be on a Netware server and will not access them locally or via an MS/Samba share - essentially, it uses direct NCP calls for parts of its data access.
2008 Oct 20
folded normal distribution in R
Dear R useRs, i wanted to ask if the folded normal destribution (Y = abs(X) with X normal distributed) with density and random number generator is implemented in R or in any R-related package so far? Maybe i can use the non-central chi-square distribution and rchisq(n, df=1, ncp>0) here? Thanks and best regards Andreas
2011 Dec 17
Problem with reproducing log likelihood estimated with ghyp package
I was playing around with the ghyp package and simulated series of t-distributed variables when suddenly i was not able to reproduce the log likelihood values reported by the package. When trying to reproduce the likelihood values, I summed the log(dt(x,v)) values and it worked with some simulated series but not all. Is there any obvious flaws with this script? library("ghyp")
2005 Nov 04
NCP, nprint and ncpfs
Hi everyone, I tried to use yum to search for ncpfs-2.2.1-1.i386.rpm, but it couldn't find it. I googled and found this package is included with redhat,but i'm not sure if it's included with CentOS 4.2. Any idea where I can find and install it using yum? Thanks JC
2008 Sep 22
question about render
Hi there, i have a question respect to the "render" when use render in the controller def create @contacto =[:contacto]) respond_to do |format| if flash[:notice] = ''Su Consulta ha sido enviada'' crear_correo(@contacto) format.html { redirect_to(:action => :new) } else format.html