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2007 Dec 18
Massive Dovecot auth errors too strange for me
...authenification lots of hundreds times a day.... but suddenly runs into trouble .. here the logs ... (please take care..., I?m a newbie ;-) Dec 18 10:25:05 server dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected: Inactivity: method=PLAIN, rip=, lip= Dec 18 10:25:07 server deliver(user.yxz at User request from dovecot-auth timed out Dec 18 10:25:07 server postfix/pipe[22156]: 63861180062A7: to=<user.yxz at>, relay=dovecot, delay=60, status=deferred (temporary failure) Dec 18 10:33:09 server dovecot: auth(default): ssha_verify(info at inv...
2009 Dec 17
[fdo] Driving traffic to your website using testimonials
...uot; Dear Sam, I purchased your XYZ product and it benefited me in many ways. First I was having trouble marketing my website Then I applied the principles of your product and overnight I had 25 new sales. And let me tell you it did not stop there because of YXZ product I am having my best month ever. We have had over 500 new sales because of your product. Thank You very much! Anyone who is serious about building their business must get this product." Now see you explained what your business was with your link and you explained how the product benef...