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2006 Sep 15
yam help
I am trying to use yam to create a repo based on the 4.4 CDs. I have copied the contents of the CDs to /var/dist/CentOS-4.4-i386. No matter what I try, yam always creates an emtpy repo. This is my current yam.conf file: [main] srcdir = /var/yam wwwdir = /var/www/yam arc...
2006 Mar 14
Using up2date to download channels on rhn
Hi all, i have a problem with centos's up2date tool. I have setup a central update server with yam ( under CentOS-4. When yam calls t up2date to download updates, up2date returns this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/yam", line 1099, in ? main() File "/usr/bin/yam...
2006 Sep 05
Yam not generating repomd.xml
I think I have obeyed the docs. Metadata in yam conf says repomd (formerly createrepo but led to "unexisting --update option" message). Conf is otherwise pretty close to examples. I have downloaded Centos 4.4 ISOs, I have done yam -gv, ISO files are correctly mounted and published via HTTP, etc but no xml files are generated anywhere u...
2011 Nov 16
[Bug 761] New: Bug in ICMPv6 type and code fields processing
...n: unspecified Platform: i386 OS/Version: Gentoo Status: NEW Severity: major Priority: P5 Component: default AssignedTo: netfilter-buglog at ReportedBy: sabitov at Estimated Hours: 0.0 yam ~ # uname -a Linux yam 3.0.6-gentoo #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct 28 10:15:37 NOVT 2011 i686 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux yam ~ # ipset -V ipset v6.9.1, protocol version: 6 I'm not sure is it a bug in ipset util or in kernel module, but something swaps ty...
2005 Apr 06
yam at
I had yam working with until the things changed when centos seperated the two projects. Now I can't get it to work. This is what I am trying to use but it says "nothing to do". updates = rsync://$release/$repo/$arch/RPMS/ T...
2010 Sep 07
numeric key in yam file to be used by config file
I am using a YAML file for my app config, loading it : ---- raw_config = + "/config/app_config.yml") APP_CONFIG = YAML.load(raw_config)[RAILS_ENV].symbolize_keys --- It''s running well as long as I use alpha keys development: seve: api_token: e09cba865348974...
2006 Jan 30
Creating my own YUM repository
I have already 6 Centos machines here and it is getting strange having to pull down updates to each system. Seems like I should set up one system to pull updates and then all other systems to point to it. How? Plus then I would want to add to this repository. Say that a number of my systems use tomcat which is only available via rpm. I would like to be able to add it to my repository, and
2005 Dec 19
Installing CentOS via HTTP
When, after starting the install, you get a list of places for the distribution, listing things like: CDrom, NFS, FTP, HTTP, Local hard drive What is expected on the HTTP url? The ISO images? Help please, as the system I am installing on, boots off of CDrom, but then the CDrom seems to be so old (Toshiba NW24XCD), that there is no Linux driver for it in the base install. And I cannot
2005 Mar 24
Yum problem CentOS 3.3?
I''m still using CentOS 3.3 as our install mechanism, then adding some packages from a tarball of RPMs we need. Then I run # yum update yum which sometimes takes a while. Yesterday it took many hours. I like to run these from behind a firewall in our office before taking the server to the datacenter, but the delay meant a whole day''s delay in our trip to the datacenter
2004 Dec 23
local yum repository
bit off topic, but.... I've set up my first Centos gateway server and now setting up another server on internal network. I thought it would be nice to use the gateway servers "/var/cache/yum" as a local repository for any internal servers since it would be up to date with the lastest packages and save bandwidth. So... I created a sym link to create a repository through
2005 Feb 26
Packages on demmand
...tOS 3.4 and one with CentOS 4 for testing). I would like to do a partial package mirror with os, updates, contrib branches and so on. Anybody knows if exists any tool for redhat based distros, like apt-proxy in debian world ( that donwloads packages on demmand), that supports this feature?? I see yam tool from dag repository, but it needs that do a full mirror ... and I don?t have as much disk space. Thank you for your _________________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Informaci?n de Estados Unidos y Am?rica Latina, en Yahoo! Noticias. Vis?tanos en http://noticia...
2016 Jun 01
HFSPlus Question it with dd. I see that Elrepo has kmod-hfsplus and hfsplus-tools, will these work with the Plus kernel? I still have to pull the drive from that infernal iMac case, so can't test yet. Thank you for any clues, my Google-foo isn't finding anything on the Plus kernel and HFSPlus. --- I yam Popeye of the Borg. Prepares ta beez askimiligrated.
2018 Jan 28
C7 Plus Kernel
A new kernel for Centos 7.4.1708 was released several days ago, version 3.10.0-693.17.1. Will there be a matching CentOS Plus kernel? Thanks for all the effort in providing that. Also, is there an announce list for Plus updates? -- I yam Popeye of the Borg. Prepares ta beez askimiligrated. Albert McCann albert.mccann at
2006 Aug 29
Updating Centos Machines
Hi, I have few machines with Centos 4 I 386. Are there any programs which manage the updates centrally sitting on an intranet? I would like to avoid down loading the upgrades individually for each machine. I am looking for an open source version. Thanks Rajeev -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Jul 03
how to create a local update server.
could someone please point me in the right direction for creating a local repository for centos updates. Scenario: I have one centos server connected to the internet, it provides ntpd, httpd, and other services to both internal and external clients (only httpd is serving external clients). the clients are connected to the first centos server and it functions as a NAT router for internet
2006 May 02
Freenx Install problems
Hi All, I am new to Centos so please bare with me :-( I installed Freenx using yam install freenx Everything worked fine (or so it seemed) When I ran 'nxserver start' I got NX> 100 NXSERVER - Version 1.4.0-44 OS (GPL) NX> 500 Error: Function start not implemented yet. NX> 999 Bye I have restarted sshd but it still doesn't work. Anyone have a Howto for Ce...
2006 Feb 28
Updating my install directory
Maybe YAM is the 'only' way to do this, and if so, well then its got to wait a while.... Situation: Right now the only usable disk space to locate the install CD files for an FTP/HTTP install is a Win2000 server. Accessed via FTP/HTTP. So when I do an install from it, I then need to do...
2005 Nov 17
migration from redhat AS3/4
We have 30 or so boxes that are currently running either redhat as3 or as4 and would like to migrate them to Centos 4.2. We have a local centos 4.2 repository using yam. I have in the past updated es3 to as3 by removing the redhat-release rpm and installing the other redhat rpm. I realize there are virtually no differences in es and as3, except for access to additional packages. In any case, on the AS4 boxes would we be able to do the same thing? Remove the re...
2005 Sep 18
Being very new to yum, I have to ask the question, where do you locate the various yum repositories, and once you know where they are, is there a standard configure file per-se, that needs to be added to the yum.conf. Any pointers appreciated. Sam -- Snowman
2010 Oct 31
Rails application Webservices
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