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2017 Oct 09
example of geom_contour() with function argument
library(mvtnorm) # you were misusing "require"... only use require if you plan to library(ggplot2) # test the return value and fail gracefully when the package is missing set.seed( 1234 ) xx <- data.frame( rmvt( 100, df = c( 13, 13 ) ) ) xx2 <- expand.grid( X1 = seq( -5, 5, 0.1 ) # all combinations... could be used to fill a matrix , X2 = seq( -5, 5, 0.1 ) ) # compute density as a function of the grid of points xx2$d <- dmvt( as.matrix( xx2[,1:2] ) ) # feels weird not specifying measures of...
2009 Jun 29
How to read a list into R??
Dear R helpers: I have tried many times to find some way to read a list into R. But I faid. Here is an example: I have a file ''List.txt'' which includes data as follows: [[1]] [1] 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 [19] 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 [[2]] [1] 0.0000000 0.5000000 0.0000000
1999 Feb 16
Missing tick marks bug on alpha solved
...,axes=FALSE) > axis(1,1:2) The problem is in X11_Line(...) from .../src/unix/devX11.c, which is so short I've included the whole function below: static void X11_Line(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, int coords, DevDesc *dd) { double xx1, yy1, xx2, yy2; <----------- should be int! x11Desc *xd = (x11Desc *) dd->deviceSpecific; /* In-place conversion ok */ GConvert(&x1, &y1, coords, DEVICE, dd); GConvert(&x2, &y2, coords, DEVICE, dd); xx1 = (int) x1; yy1 = (int) y1; xx2 =...
2007 Jan 30
dev IFB, few questions
I''ve made some tests... eth2 is my internal interface, LAN is connected here. Before I had IMQ device in AB mode... PREROUTING [A]fter NAT, POSTROUTING [B]efore NAT. I want the same situation on ifb. I do this in this way: --- # incoming traffic here from LAN is before NAT tc qdisc add dev eth2 handle ffff: ingress # outcoming traffic here from WAN is after NAT tc qdisc add dev eth2
2003 Jul 08
Can anybody help me on this?
Hi there: I have this configuration: |-----[Server 2] | [Internet]--------[Router]----------[Switch]------------ [Server 1] | |-----[PC1] | |-----[PC2] | |-----[PC3] Server 1 has IP 216.251.XXX.XX1 Server 2 has IP 216.251.XXX.XX2 PC1 has IP 216.251.XXX.XX3 PC2 has IP 192.168.XXX.1 PC3 has IP 192.168.XXX.2 How do I configure shorewall in SERVER 2 to block to/from the Internet Port 22 (ssh), but do not block port 22 from PC1 and PC2 and PC3 ??? Currently I have shorewall confufured like "quick-guide one interface e...
2010 Oct 14
AMD/Supermicro machine - AS-2022G-URF
...86 (AuthenticAMD 100F91 family 16 model 9 step 1 clock 2100 MHz) AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6172 [ Socket: G34 ] # zpool list NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT rpool 928G 13.5G 914G 1% 1.00x DEGRADED - xxx1 14.5T 1.41T 13.1T 9% 4.54x ONLINE - xx2 7.25T 109G 7.14T 1% 1.00x ONLINE - # zpool status pool: rpool state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices could not be opened. Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue functioning in a degraded state. action: Attach the missing device and online it using '...
2008 Oct 01
xpred.rpart() in library(mvpart)$Mileage)^2 apply(xerr, 2, sum) # cross-validated error estimate # approx same result as rel. error from printcp(fit) apply(xerr, 2, sum)/var(car.test.frame$Mileage) printcp(fit) I carried out the R object: function () { # library(mvpart) xx1 <- c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) xx2 <- c(5,2,1,4,3,6,2,8,2,2) xx3 <- c(9,8,3,7,2,3,1,9,1,6) yy <- c(1,8,2,7,4,3,1,2,2,8) data1 <- data.frame(x1=xx1, x2=xx2, x3=xx3, y=yy) set.seed(345) rpart.out1 <- rpart(y~., data=data1) re1 <- rpart.out1$cptable[,"rel error"] print("re1") print(...
2017 Oct 09
example of geom_contour() with function argument
Hi, This is not a HW problem, sadly: I was last in a classroom 30 years ago, and can no longer run off to the instructor :-( I apologize but I cut and paste the wrong snippet earlier and made a typo in doing so, but the result is the same with the more appropriate snippet. require(mvtnorm) require(ggplot2) set.seed(1234) xx <- data.frame(rmvt(100, df = c(13, 13))) v <- ggplot(data = xx,
2007 May 11
model seleciton by leave-one-out cross-validation following: > xx=matrix(rnorm(20*3),ncol=3) > bb=c(1,2,0) > yy=xx%*%bb+rnorm(20,0,0.001)+0 > summary(,split=nrow(xx)-1,monte.carlo=2*nrow(xx),verbose=T), num.max=1)[[1]] dimension of the split subsample set to default value = 9 (Intercept) xx1 xx2 xx3 cv 0.000000e+00 1.000000e+00 1.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.292513e-06 So does anybody know how to do linear model selection by leave-one-out cross-validation? I''ve written one function, but it runs toooooo slow~~~ Thanks firstly This is my super slow function: ##...
1997 Sep 12
Dynamic Configuration Values et al.
...4P.FC#%R5XEDK6EA)C M6($4),''EZ=LF/)EVNVT)[PL/9\V(3&08LJ;B:B&4>4+65Q$N>+U5PP\#SQ>) MERSE_''$8+E1IREF++S_(V23.M96L,X.H-4"UWK,G)SAA9ID"[(0L*0USL&=! MPV,>/,72?Z!L`ZL#2!MRL27).[6NRF32]J9M_&:C\5"Y+2+!Y<)7>%O&01.^ M#!CYCH,8K;#XX2)J&M+%(\%":!:3V/%\C#!,K3/.IRV&R<1UXMAS;GF+6$DG M=EP9?VA.?*UM$;O<G[^"I;Q9\XE@W[XQ@<Z!Z=1`^RF)Y+L4LO9I[OF\F;D: M^YVUT5R`"^Y6\]`1,UB+V42$[`5[Y[U''YIO_#39IIFP@WI2SU=00C+0WCW&$ M0U<D(3=0L#_@D+1**I<HV*EN8E5/HQ)LS>/`\9NS`%*0<<2F/...
2007 Mar 20
centos 4.4 dns problem -
I''ve just installed Centos 4.4 on a computer, replacing FC6, and the first thing I find is that DNS does not work no matter what I have in /etc/resolv.conf. It should at least work with my ISP''s assigned server but doesn''t. Numerical URL''s work via the browser and ping. Is there something else I need to attend to? I hope this is the right list
2013 Aug 31
ERROR: Log level INFO requires LOG Target in your kernel and iptables
Hi, I have 2 Debian testing boxes running a very similar setup (both running the latest aptosid kernel); on one of them, since the iptables/libxtables10 packages have been upgraded from to 1.4.20-2, shorewall-init can''t start shorewall anymore and for this reason ifupdown also fails triggering firewall up. Shorewall can be successfully started later on, and ifupdown